You’re Awesome Scott Dinsmore – I’ll Never Forget You

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this blog post as a tribute to the late Scott Dinsmore.

I’m still in disbelief that he’s gone.

That I’ll never see him, speak with him, or get an email from him again.

I’m devastated by his loss as are countless others from all over the world whose lives Scott’s work has impacted.


Living His Legend

Scott and his wife Chelsea were 8 months into a trip of a lifetime. A one year around the world trip they had talked about and planned for years.

While attempting to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with Chelsea, a freak accident (rock slide) claimed Scott’s life. Just like that, gone – forever.

I’m angry, I’m pissed, and still in disbelief.

As sad as I’ve been and as many tears as I’ve shed since getting the word about Scott, I can’t begin to imagine the pain and hurt that his wife Chelsea, family, and close friends must be feeling.

I cringe at the thought of it.


Forever Grateful

I first came across Scott and his work at Live Your Legend about 3 years ago. It wasn’t took long after that I watched his TEDx talk on How to Find an Do Work You Love, which now has nearly 3 million views.

If you’ve never watched it, do yourself a favor and do so right now.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Scott was special, a different type of breed, of a completely different caliber.

His work, writing, messages, all he stood for, and more than anything, how he lived his life, immediately grabbed my attention.

Scott believed that together, we could all change the world by doing work we loved, work that matters to us and surrounding ourselves with the people who could help make it possible.

Scott’s enthusiasm for what he believed was infectious.

Settling for the status quo seemed to never be an option with Scott. He had a knack for motivating and inspiring people, myself included, to ditch their dead-end jobs in favor of finding work they were meant to do, work that mattered to them.

He believed it wasn’t only a privilege to do so, but a right.


Scott Being Scott

Before I ever even met Scott, I reached out to him for guidance via email as I was deciding on what direction to go in long before The Wellness Bucket ever came to be.

To my surprise, he would email me back every single time.

Just about a year later, I would go through his Connect With Anyone course where I not only got to connect more with Scott and develop an awesome friendship with him, but also meet so many amazing people from all over the world whose friendships are still a big part of my world.

I remember before actually taking Scott’s Connect With Anyone course I was also debating attending World Domination Summit. Financially, I wouldn’t be able to do both.

Once again, I reached out to Scott and asked if he were in my shoes, would he take his Connect With Anyone course or attend WDS?

He of course said as much as he’d love to have me take his course, he thought I would be better off attending WDS…as he put it, “it is a mecca for connecting with like minds.

I not only took his advice and attended WDS, but I also decided to do whatever I needed to do financially to register for his course – which I did.

His honesty and humility was incredible.

When I finally did meet him at WDS, as I walked up to him to introduce myself, I can still hear his voice say, “MIKE! Hey man!” With such genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

He knew who I was, remembered my name, and greeted me as if we had been best friends for years.

That was Scott – that’ll always be Scott.


Gone To Soon

I really do wish I would have gotten the opportunity to spend more time with him. I always felt we would have clicked really well as friends and together, done some serious damage in the way of doing good in this world.

I always saw bits of me in Scott – or at least I hoped that to be the case.

I love the fact he did what he wanted to do, always put himself out there, and embraced vulnerability.

He was who he was, no facade.

He cared, he genuinely cared about people and making a difference.

He was giving, grateful, and ridiculously humble – so freakin humble.

We both shared the same birthday (April 3rd) and just recently, I found out that he too was a big Tupac fan (haha) I never knew that. It made me smile.

As silly as it may sound because of the limited time I did hang out and communicate with Scott, to me he was like the brother I never had or always wished that I had.


I Hate That He’s Gone

I rarely, if ever, use the word hate – although in this case, I really do hate the fact that Scott is gone. I hate it.

I know at some point I will break out of this lull I’m currently in. It’s definitely going to take some time.

I am more committed now than ever before to help serve others, to continue doing work that truly matters to me, to help make a positive lasting difference in the lives of others, and to live my legend – the legend that I was put on this earth to live.


So Much Love

It’s amazing to see and read all of the stories, pictures, and personal messages from everyone who was in some way or another, touched, inspired, or affected by who Scott was, the way he lived, and all that he created.

I’ve been glued to his Facebook tribute page and in awe at the surge of messages that continue to pour in honoring him and the legacy he leaves behind.

Many of his closest friends have also written heart felt tributes. Here’s just a few of them:

Scott Dinsmore, I Will Miss You Forever by Corbett Barr

Scott Dinsmore, I Miss You Bro by Jonathan Mead

Scott Dinsmore, I Miss You Deeply by Leo Babauta

When An Internet Friend Dies by Chase Reeves

Scott Dinsmore by Tynan

29 Ways to Live Your Legend Now – A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore by Natalie Sisson

Live Your Legend – For Scott by Jenny Blake


Family & Friends

My deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to his wife Chelsea, her family, Scott’s family, and all of you (all of us) his extended family, all of the LYL communities that span the globe.

It’s a tough time for all of us right now.


Live Your Legend

Scott may be gone but what isn’t gone and never will be, is the messages, memories, and experiences he left behind.

THAT, no one can ever take away from us.

Your ‎legecy‬ will forever live on my friend. I am forever ‎grateful that our paths crossed.

I miss you dearly Scott, my heart hurts at the moment and will for quite some time.

But know this… I am committed to making sure your spirit, your legacy, your legend lives on forever by continuing to challenge what’s possible, as you always did.

I promise to do you proud.

Until we meet again, and as you would always say…



  • It is so hard to believe isn’t it but the one massive silver lining from this is just how much of an impact he’s made and how many people are willing and able to carry on his legacy forever. Thank you for including my tribute here and for writing your own too. It all makes a difference.

    • Hey Natalie – thanks so much for being here and your words, they mean a lot to me and many others I’m sure.. I appreciate it. It’s absolutely my pleasure to include your tribute here along with mine. You’re awesome and I couldn’t agree with you more… it all does make a difference. Thanks again – cheers!

  • I can hear the pain in your words, Mike. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It helps make this loss a little more bearable.
    I am still too numb to put words to paper. What can I even say to honor one of the best people I knew?

    Einstein’s words come to me when I think about Scott,

    “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.”

    • Hey Debashish – thanks so much for being here and for your words. Having great people to speak, connect, and mourn with, great people like you, does help to make this loss a little more bearable. I can see how Einstein’s words come to mind when thinking about Scott – grateful that I got the opportunity to walk upon this earth with him, even if only for a short time. You’re awesome man – cheers to you.

  • Well said Mike. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and especially when that “something” seems so unfair. Scott’s passing seems about as unfair as you can get, and while the pain is intense and raw now, in the future we’ll find something beautiful has emerged and grown in his absence. It may still not take away the pain of his loss, but hopefully provide some comfort and hope, like a rainbow during a rainstorm.

    • Hey Dave – thanks so much for being here man and for your words… they mean a lot to me. I agree, everything does happen for a reason. I know Scott was a big fan of the following Steve Jobs quote as am I – “We can’t connect the dots going forward, we can only connect them looking back.” Definitely unfair although as you mentioned, the future does hold even more beauty within it because of Scott, all he’s created, and the legacy he leaves behind. You’re awesome – cheers!

  • Mike, thank you for your words, wonderful tribute, and it does capture the impact Scott had in your life. So happy you are in our life, because of Scott.

    • Thanks Dorene – I appreciate your comments and you being hear. So very grateful to have you and Troy in my life because of Scott and his work – I’m very fortunate. You’re awesome, thanks again.

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