Creating Motivating Thoughts

I was recently on an 8 mile run.

At mile 6 my body began to feel tired and fatigued.

I hadn’t taken in enough calories and the tasty old fashioned drinks I had the night before weren’t helping my cause either.

Two miles to go.

I was determined to run the entire 8 miles.

I knew the only way that was going to happen was if I changed my thinking and the thoughts I was having.

“Just walk, you’ve already ran 6 miles… what are you trying to prove and to who?”

“It’s really hot out here, it’s probably best that you just call it a day at 6 miles.”

“There’s no way I’ll be able to run another 2 miles at this pace with how fatigued I’m feeling right now.”

It was at this point I turned to the one strategy that’s helped me so many times before when I’ve been in this same situation.

The strategy?

To think thoughts that motivate me, inspire me, make me happy, make me smile, give me goosebumps.

Thoughts that give me the energy to keep going when I think I’m done, finished, and can’t keep going.

You know what those thoughts are for me? I’ll tell you.

You may laugh at me, and that’s OK 🙂 but it works for me, which is what matters most.

I think of being on an small island resort (Caribbean or Fiji perhaps) with my family and close friends.

My business is doing well and because of this, I’m able to pay everyone’s way to the island for a week sun, sand, snorkeling, dancing, eating, drinking, swimming, laughing; making memories that’ll last us all a lifetime.

We’re all sitting beneath a thatched tiki bar when music, the kind that makes you just wanna get up and dance, comes on.

I make my way to the dance floor, which is pretty much the sand at our feet, taking my girlfriend with me.

It isn’t long before my sisters join in too, bringing mom with them, and my brother-in-law who isn’t a dancer but on this day, he’s out there smiling, dancing, singing.. having the time of his life.

We get our beautiful friendly wait staff to put down their trays and join us as well.

Before you know it, everyone is up dancing, including the resort manager (why not) who we manage to get to join us as well.

Everyone is laughing, dancing, singing… creating a moment that will be forever etched into our minds, our souls, and all we are.

On this day, there are no worries.

On this day, there is no pain.

On this day, there is no suffering.

On this day, there is nothing but music, love, connection.

“Time, one hour and three minutes… average pace 7:47 minute per mile.”

My running app is talking to me, I made it.

I completed all 8 miles of my run.

I can’t believe it.

Not just that I was able to finish the last two miles of my run when everything in me said “No way”, but also because I don’t remember running those last two miles.

I was on an island, with family, friends, music, drinks, a tiki bar, sunshine, sand, palm trees… I wasn’t running.

I look at my running app to make sure I really did complete all 8 miles and discover not only did I complete all 8 miles, but my last two miles were my fastest.

The two miles where I had nothing left, where I thought “No way”, I can’t finish this run.

The same two miles I found myself thinking and dreaming of all that can be, will be, must be.

Of all I can create, will create, must create.

I heard it said, “change your thoughts, change your life.”

On this day, my thoughts changed my run.

Something tells me though that if I keep thinking these thoughts (which I have every intention to do), it won’t be long before I’m making my way to that sandy dance floor.

What we think about is what we feel which is awesome since we are 100% in control of our thoughts and what we think.

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…


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