Hey there! – I'm Mike G.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had big dreams.


I remember wanting to be a doctor, an NBA player, in a boy band.


Yes a boy band… what can I say, New Kids On The Block were big when I was growing up.


I wanted to make lots of money so that I could give my mom and dad money for taking care of me.


I wanted to buy all of my friends lunches and baseball cards.


I figured if I was successful, I could take better care of people, especially my family and close friends.


“You’re not good enough, smart enough.”


I grew up being told I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to be successful.

I struggled in school and was constantly told by teachers I needed to try harder. I was trying as hard as I could.


For whatever reason, I just could’t seem to grasp the material as quickly as the other kids.


My grades were terrible, my happiness was in the dumps, and my confidence, nonexistent.


I was so scrawny as a kid my mom took me to the doctor to get checked out thinking I must be sick. Turns out I wasn’t sick, just your scrawny average kid.


Raised in a Portuguese household with a stern dad… compassion, support, and encouragement were unfamiliar to me. I began hating school, learning, the smart kids, my dad, money, myself, everything.


How did I go from wanting to be successful, making lots of money, taking care of all my family and friends, to hating everything around me?


For an entire decade, I felt and acted in accordance with who I believed I was. Who I was told I was. A punk and a loser who wasn’t smart enough or good enough to be successful.


And then it happened. A moment that would change the trajectory of my life forever.


I had just finished a personal training session with a client in San Diego. Her name was Barbara Benedict.


She looked me dead in the eyes and asked me… “What are you doing here?”


To which I replied.. “Working, making money.”


This time, with more conviction than I’ve ever heard anyone speak with, she replied…


“You’re so much better than you think.”


Up until that moment, I had never had anyone tell me I was good enough, smart enough for success.


From that moment on, I began questioning what I believed about myself. I began seeking information from books, inspiration from mentors, anything I could get my hands on to create a better life for myself.


Months after my conversation with Barbara, I was promoted to Fitness Manager at the gym I was working at. Something I was told would take years before even being considered for the position. I was promoted after just 6 months.


I started my own personal training business just a few months after that. A six year stint that allowed me to take care of family and friends as I had always dreamt of doing.


I helped my mom and dad fund a home they had just bought, I got married in Maui, and was living in one of the nicest high rise condos in downtown San Diego.


Life was good, really good.


Unfortunately, all of this success would come to an end. In a matter of two years, I would lose my dad to cancer, get divorced, and see my very lucrative personal training business come crashing down.


Now what?


What do I do?


Where do I go from here?


I was broke, broken hearted, and overcome by fear on how to best move forward and get back on my feet (personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, spiritually).


It was at this point that my journey of personal development would begin. A journey I committed to over a decade ago now and have never stopped.


Since beginning this journey, I’ve been able to rebuild and create a successful coaching business that I love, believe in, and am crazy passionate about.


I’ve build an online fitness academy that helps people create a healthy mind, body, and business for themselves. I’ve hosted workshops and have been asked to speak at different events throughout the world.


My Mornings With Mike podcast gets thousands of downloads daily and is in almost 100 countries now.


I’m healthy, happy, and fulfilled.


I believe the ultimate success is being rich in all three of these.


Taking care of our body so that we’re able to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.


Making time for things that make us happy and come alive as we did when we were just kids.


Being true to ourselves, our values, and following our internal compass that seems to always know what’s best.


Living a lifestyle filled with health, happiness, and fulfillment is far more important to me than living a life I don’t love or enjoy just to fit in, survive, and then die.

I grew up being told I wasn’t smart enough to be successful & here I am today helping people
from all over the world create their own success.

My commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those I am fortunate to serve is stronger than it’s ever been.


I teach people how to overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt, the same challenges I faced for over a decade, in order to live a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment every day.


I do this through my coaching services, my daily podcast, videos, blog posts, online courses, live events, and workshops.


It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows along the way, but it’s been exactly what I needed it to be for me to be who I am today, doing what I’m doing today, feeling how I’m feeling today.


Healthy, happy, fulfilled.


I’m blessed for the adversity I’ve faced. It gives me greater appreciation for my life now and the compassion for others who who too have seen their own share of hardship.


I’d love for you to say hi over on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter as I always enjoy hearing from you.

I know times can be challenging, and it may seem like you can’t get out of it, that there’s no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m living proof that there is a light at the end of that tunnel, shining super bright, awaiting your arrival.


If a scrawny Portuguese kid from New Bedford, MA… who was told he wasn’t smart or good enough for success can do it, then so can you!


Your health matters because YOU matter! Your happiness matters because YOU matter! You feeling fulfilled matters because YOU matter!


Together, let’s help you create the life you… one filled with health, happiness, and fulfillment.


You’re awesome, and so much better than you think.


Mike G.