Does Writing Down Your Goals Really Help You Achieve Them?

Is it true that writing down goals helps us to achieve them?

I’ve been hearing this for as long as I can remember.

You probably have as well.

Truth be told, I use to think it was complete BS.

“OK great, I’ll write down my goals, then what?”

Is the paper I wrote my goals on magically going to do the work for me?

Is it going to go to the gym for me and get my workouts done?

Is it going to run my marathon for me?

It is going to get my business started for me?

Is it going to bring me more clients, business, and money?

No, it’s not.

So why waste my time completing this silly task of writing down my goals?

For the longest time, this is how and what I thought about writing down goals.

Waste of time.

As I got older and began reading more in order to better myself physically, mentally, personally and professionally, I began seeing this suggestion more, and more, and more.

Write down your goals.

Write down your goals.

Write down your goals.

After about 20 books or so (yes it took that many books), I began to think to myself…

“Maybe there IS something to this whole ‘write down your goals’ nonsense.”

I decided to give it a try.

I thought, “OK, I’ll write down my goals and wait for them to magically appear.”

I could not have been more sarcastic about it BUT, I decided to go through with it anyways.

And while my goals didn’t magically appear, something magical did happen that day.

For the first time, I admitted to myself (by writing it down), what it was I wanted.

For the first time, my goals weren’t just a thought, they became real when I wrote them out.

For the first time, I could actually see them and read them.

For the first time, my goals actually felt real, alive, and possible to me.

You wanna know what else happened?

Not long after writing out these goals, I found myself telling others about my goals as well which made them even more real.

I started coming up with different plans of how I could achieve each of these goals.

We’re talking everything from running a marathon, to starting a health & fitness business, to paying off all debt, all of which I wanted but never imaged possible.

Here’s the best part…

Since writing down those goals, I’ve gone on to achieve them all.

Another goal I wrote down was to travel the world for an entire year.

I’m currently in Australia, 3 months into my goal of traveling the world.

Another was to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Whitehaven Beach on Whitsundays Island.


I just achieved this goal last week and it felt incredible… and this place looked incredible as well.


As we close out 2017 and get ready for a whole new year ahead of us, I have one ask of you…

Write down your goals.

There’s magic in doing so.

And if you’re like I was and doubt the whole idea of writing down goals, how the whole idea is just silly and a waste of time…

I challenge you to write them down anyways, as I did, in spite of your doubts and hesitations.

Worst that can happen?

Nothing – it’s life as usual.

Best that can happen?

You begin achieving the goals you’ve write down.

I’d bet on the latter.

And if you need a little extra guidance with writing down your goals (what to write, how to write them, where to write them)…

This free 2018 Health & Happiness Planner will help you.



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