Top 6 Reasons You’ve Been Unsuccessful With Weight Loss & How To Overcome Each One To Finally Lose The Weight

Losing weight is challenging, but possible.

It takes time, commitment, and consistent effort.

There’s no quick fix.

You have to be willing to do the work.

There must be a compelling reason.

Unsuccessful weight loss is a common problem.

Here’s why and what you can do about it.


The Weight Loss Struggle

I’ve been involved in the health & fitness industry now for over 15 years.

I’ve worked with, trained, and consulted hundreds of clients over the years looking to lose weight.

I’ve seen the joys of those who push through and finally achieve weight loss, the look, and the feeling they had been after for so long.

I’ve also seen the hard times, struggles, and disappointments of others, who regardless of how hard they tried, just couldn’t seem to lose weight.

It’s these times that bother me the most, witnessing such defeat and disappointment.

Why the struggle, why the failure, why the defeat?

All of these experiences I witnessed first hand helped me to understand and identify why these weight loss failures were occurring, and in many instances, over and over again.


The Problem

Weight loss requires hard work, focus, commitment, dedication, and perseverance. What I find frustrating, is seeing people who put forth all the necessary effort to succeed and yet, still no weight loss.

It became apparent to me that weight loss isn’t just hard work, focus, commitment, dedication, and perseverance, there was more to it than that.

There’s 6 specific reasons I’ve identified throughout the years of working with hundreds of clients, doing multiple case studies and surveys , for unsuccessful weight loss.

These reasons apply to anyone who’s been unsuccessful with losing weight.

If you’re willing and ready to make the necessary adjustments and changes mentioned here, you will lose weight.


Top 6 Reasons For Unsuccessful Weight Loss


1. No Clear Goal

Statements “I just want to feel good” or “I just want to look good in my clothes” won’t work. These are subjective goals that cannot be measured. You must be able to measure your goals, your progress, and over all success.

New Approach

Pick a set amount of weight you want to lose and commit to it. Write it down. The goal must be a defined number value.


2. More Than One Plan

You’re following bits and pieces of several different weight loss plans. When you’re not following just one specific plan, you jeopardize the integrity and effectiveness of each individual plan. In doing so, you end up with zero results. Plans work when they are followed the way they were designed to work, and not modified or added to in any way.

New Approach

Pick a weight loss plan you are most comfortable and feel the best with. Follow this one plan ONLY for the entire duration on your weight loss journey. No mix and matching or modifying. One plan only.


3. No Alignment With Goals

Your thoughts, actions, and decisions are not aligned with your weight loss goal. Sticking to a plan Monday through Thursday and then going off track on the weekends doesn’t work. Convincing yourself you’re too busy or finding a reason not to stick to your weight loss goals exposes your lack of alignment.

New Approach

Every single decision you make must be aligned with your weight loss goals. If it goes against what you are out to accomplish, then it doesn’t happen, end of story. No excuses, no reasons, no convincing – no alignment, no go.


4. No Accountability

There is no one holding you accountable for what you’re suppose to be getting done and have committed to. You can spend lots on money and a perfectly well designed plan ready to go but without accountability, someone or something making sure you’re getting the work done, your chances of weight loss quickly diminish.

New Approach

Identify a person or a group of people you can report to regularly and be held accountable by. Weight Watchers and different running groups are perfect examples of accountability teams and groups.


5. Lack Of Support

Surrounding yourself with people who do not support your weight loss goals. Those who say you can’t, or you won’t, or you’re crazy for trying, or you’ve tried before and failed, or you’re being selfish, are not providing you the support necessary for you to succeed. This type of negative support is a sure recipe for weight loss failure.

New Approach

Find those who care about you, who will support you, who you can share your weight loss goals with and that you know will respect your decision and support you. Friends, family, colleagues, online communities – wherever you can find the support.


6. Wrong Focus

Only focusing on what went wrong, where you fell short, or what you didn’t get done. Not celebrating the successes along the way is another recipe for weight loss failure. Constantly focusing on the negative will keep your mind, your thoughts, and your actions negative.

New Approach

Celebrate success along the way. If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, make it a point to celebrate every time you lose 5 pounds. Reward yourself for a milestone in the right direction.


The sooner you make the commitment to recognize these 6 reasons for unsuccessful weight loss, and put into practice the new approaches mentioned here, the sooner you’ll finally achieve your own weight loss.

As I mentioned above, stick with one plan. Stick with this one plan that I’ve just mentioned right here and do not add to it or modify it in any way. It’s ready to go and designed to work.

Make it happen.

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  • All of these are great focus points! I find that having the support is a step in the right direction. This not only provides positive motivation for you, but will also encourage those around you!

  • These are great observations Mike. Especially #6, focusing on what went wrong rather than what is working well. Thanks for the idea to change the focus…….what has been successful.

    • Thanks Jen, and thanks for being here. There’s no question we need to look at what’s not working and make the necessary changes however, we must also celebrate and recognize what is working and celebrate these successes every chance we get.

  • Hi, very interesting and informative. Yes, we should stick to one plan, sometimes if we keep on changing our minds and trying to do everything, all at the same time, nothing will really work, we have to stay focus, be determined and stick to the plan. Thanks for sharing.

  • I believe you got it right when you say these are the reasons for unsuccessful weight loss. I have seen so many people who have struggled with weight loss and failed. Sticking to one plan, taking responsibility and being accountable for the results are great ways to keep your focus. Surrounding yourself with a support group is also important. great information that many will find useful!

    • Thanks so much for your comments. Committing to one plan and sticking to it is a must if there’s to be any success. Our surroundings and environment is everything. It can help make or break any success we achieve. Thanks for being here… Cheers!

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