The Wellness Bucket Defined

It was September 2013 and the time had come for me to close the door on a very special part of my life. I was closing the door on 13 years of my life that I had lived in San Diego.

In doing so, I was also closing the door on Body Physics Health & Fitness, a health and fitness company I created and operated for 10 years.

It was my pride and joy. It was everything I loved, believed in, and stood for. Health, fitness, exercise, happiness, connecting with people, making a difference in peoples lives.

It was my love, my passion, my everything.


When One Door Closes Another One Opens


The decision to close the door on San Diego and all I had created at Body Physics Health & Wellness was my desire to be closer to family back in New England.


581226_10151879773419044_1005465978_nThis decision also meant closing the door on many of the relationships I had created over the years, everyone I had worked with who trusted and believed in me to help them achieve health and happiness in their lives.

By far, one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.

The feeling that I was letting people down who relied on me and trusted me was terrible.



Change Brings Opportunity

This experience helped to further confirm what I already knew, and that was how much my clients truly meant to me, how much I cared for them and their well being, their happiness, and how much I didn’t like the fact that I was unable to continue to help and support them since I wouldn’t be physically around them anymore.

I vowed that as soon as I got settled into my new surroundings in Boston, I would begin to explore ways of how I could still continue to help my clients, my friends that I had left behind in San Diego.

As I began to brainstorm and think about what I could potentially create that would allow me to continue to help and work with these wonderful people, the thought dawned on me that I not only could create a system, a program, a community to help and benefit my clients, but also anyone, anywhere.

The idea and possibility of being able to help people anywhere throughout the world achieve health, happiness, and more fulfilling lives was all I could think about. I knew I was onto something.




I’m often asked why I didn’t keep the name of the health & fitness business (Body Physics) I originally created and operated in San Diego for many years.

What I realized with working with so many wonderful and inspiring people over the years was that it wasn’t just about losing weight or being leaner but having more confidence and more energy.

It wasn’t just about decreasing body fat and running a faster mile but preparing for pregnancy and setting an example for their children.

These awesome individuals I worked with were looking for lots more than just a healthier body. They were looking for happiness, love, support, and encouragement. They were looking to give themselves a chance at doing more in life, traveling more, tackling their bucket lists, feeling and looking their best along the way.

It wasn’t just about health and fitness, it was about a way of life.

It was about wellness.



[box] The state or condition of being happy. Feeling good about yourself, your body, and your health. Having healthy relationships and a career or business that is fulfilling. Enjoying life by doing more of the things that make you happy. Having and living the life you want.[/box]


Giving the fact that many of the people I got the opportunity to work with were doing more than they ever thought possible, pushing their limits, and striving for more of the things they wanted in their lives, it became clear that along with striving to achieve their health and fitness goals, whether they realized it or not, they were also checking off items on bucket list along the way.

Wellness + Bucket List = The Wellness Bucket

The Wellness Bucket is my personal commitment and mission to help make a positive difference in the lives of people throughout the world by helping them feel their best, look their best, and live their best by building a foundation based on wellness, taking action, and accountability.

Whats The Story Behind The Anchor Logo?

I’ve always been into all things nautical.

I love anchors, compasses, sailboats, ship wheels, the ocean, open air, all of it.

This probably helps explain my obsession with the clothing line Nautica and Sperry Top-Sider shoes. Two nautical brands, what’s not to love?

A permanent sketch on my skin also reminds me daily of my love for all that is nautical. 

There’s something special about being on a sailboat, out on the water, surrounded by nothing but nature and natures elements that’s completely liberating. You look around you, 360 degrees and realize you have the ability to go in whichever direction you choose. All it takes is deciding in which direction you want to go, anchoring up, adjusting the sails, and you’re off.

Sailing & Living

We’re all on our own sailboat with the ability to go in whichever direction we chose.

There’s only one thing holding us back…. ourselves, our anchor.

Don’t Let Your Anchor Keep You From Sailing

An anchor has the ability to anchor you down where you’re not happy and may not want to be. It also has the ability to anchor you down where you are happy and where you do want to be and chose to be. If you aren’t happy with where you’re current anchored down, the power lies within you to anchor up, adjust your sails, and head in the direction of happiness and fulfillment, a place you want to be. It is then and only then that you drop anchor.

You’re in control of your anchor, no one else.

Drop it where you’re most happy.


Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails. 


~ Mark Twain ~

Where have you always dreamed of dropping your anchor? Whether it’s just a dream or something that you’re truly after, please share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Let your imagination run wild.


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