The Idea That Healthy Eating & Exercise Is A “Lifestyle” Is Bull… (You Know What)

Eating healthy is a lifestyle.

Exercising regularly is a lifestyle.


Pardon the French, but I’m calling bullshit.

Healthy eating is not a lifestyle.

Regular exercise is not a lifestyle.

If it’s not a lifestyle, than what is it?


Healthy Eating and Exercising Regularly Are Choices

Choices we make every single day. 

Not just Monday through Friday choices.

Not just “when I feel like it” choices.

Not just “when it’s convenient for me” choices.

Healthy eating and regular exercise are every single day choices we make.

The whole “it’s a lifestyle” idea is absolute nonsense and personally I’m tired of hearing it.


What Does That Even Mean Anyways, “It’s a Lifestyle”?

Does it mean if you and I start viewing health and exercise as a “lifestyle” is gets easier to eat healthy and exercise regularly?

Does it mean if we begin viewing eating healthy as a “lifestyle” that we’ll no longer have cravings to eat pizza, cupcakes, burgers, burritos, and chocolate?

Yes, I crave all of these pretty much every day.

Does it mean if we begin viewing regular exercise as a “lifestyle” that we’ll no longer struggle to get out of bed in the morning to go workout?

Here’s the answer… absolutely not!

It doesn’t mean any of this because healthy eating and regular exercise, as cute and cliche as calling it a lifestyle it may sound, it’s a fucking choice.

(Yes I dropped an f-bomb – I’m fired up!)


A daily choice to either be weak and adhere to low standards, standards that make us feel like shit day after day both physically and mentally or, higher standards, tough standards, that although tough, make us feel alive, confident, happy, and unstoppable because of the character we develop day after day by making the decision to eat healthy and exercise regularly.


Eating healthy and exercising regularly can be challenging… I know it is for me.

Then again so are careers, raising kids, and relationships.


Here’s A Question?

Is kicking ass in our careers, being the best parents or the best spouse or partner we can be, is that a “lifestyle“?

What do you think?

Commitment, responsibility, priority, discipline, sacrifice…. these are the words that come to mind when I think about careers, parenting, and relationships…not “lifestyle“.

And guess what?

Same goes for our health, our happiness, well being, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

It isn’t a lifestyle.

It’s a choice to be our best, because we can.

It’s a commitment to ourselves.

It’s our body, our lives, our responsibility, no one else’s.

It’s a priority, our own personal priority.

Enough of the “I don’t have time” nonsense too.

There seems to always be time to go to work.

There’s always time to pick up the kids and feed them.

There’s always time to hang with your spouse.

How is it that there’s always time for these things?

I can tell you it’s not because we’ve defined any of these as a “lifestyle“.

It’s because we made the choice to call these what they are, and that is priorities.

In the event however, you do need help creating more time, give this a read.


Our Choices Highlight Our Priorities

Eating healthy isn’t a “lifestyle” it’s a choice.

Exercising regularly isn’t a “lifestyle” it’s a choice.

Your choice.

My choice.

Our choice.

It’s our decision to make.

And it’s not always an easy choice to make either, but I assure you it’s the one that’ll always provide you with the most health, happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of self-worth.

Eat healthy because you’re worth it, not because you have to.

Exercise regularly not because it’s easy and convenient, but because of how awesome you’ll feel about yourself afterwards, both physically and mentally.

Lastly, it’s not a “lifestyle” that creates our choices.

It’s our choices that’ll create our lifestyle.

You’re awesome…




  • Dope article. I like your writing style and like the core message of we all make choices, everyday. I believe those small choices add up and compound over time to make the biggest differences. It has been an ultra cool experience watching you evolve on social media while I am a half a world away haha.

    • Thanks man – great to hear from you! I appreciate your comment and words of support and encouragement… you’re awesome! I couldn’t agree with you more either when it comes to the small choices adding up and compounding overtime to make the biggest differences… absolutely.

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