The Fine Line Between Compassion & Compromise When Coaching Clients

I recently received an email from a wellness coaching client of mine letting me know she was not pleased with a previous email I had sent her.

I want to share this exchange we had because I believe it’s important and something we can all relate to and learn from.

The balance between, “life just happening” and deciding to continue to give and be our best regardless.

In my email to her, I pointed out all of the awesome things she did that day along with some not so awesome things and what can be done to improve going forward.

Her email response to me was…

“Mike  – I get it and sometimes stuff gets in the way and my best needs to be good enough.  Yes getting better each day is important however sometimes life just happens, like a late lunch or needing to break up the workout, not ideal I know but my best at that moment.”

There’s no question whatsoever that life can and does get in a the way of us getting what we want to get done sometimes… no question about it.

My response back to her was…

“I know life just happens sometimes although I say we welcome that notion 20% of the time (at most) and the other 80% of the time, we decide and dictate how life happens to us as best we can.

Like any coach who knows he has a star athlete he’s working with, I am going to continue to always encourage my star (you) to push to be better and get better.”


Life Does Just Happen Sometimes

It’s nothing we can control, and that’s OK.

What we can control is how we respond to life and what we do about whatever comes our way. 

I won’t shy away from the fact that I want nothing but the best for you.

There’s a fine line between compassion and compromise.

Let’s for sure always offer ourselves and others compassion for when things don’t go the way we had hoped for without compromising what we’re committed to and out to accomplish.


Compassion Without Compromise

I say we make that our focus going forward.

You’re my star athlete and regardless of what life throws your way, I will continue to encourage my star (you) to push to be better and get better, always.

Even if you do want to strangle me at times because of this as I’m sure my client wanted to do 🙂

I will not compromise my belief in you, your awesomeness, and in all you are capable of doing and achieving.

“A coach is some one who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always known you could be.”

Thanks for being here.




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