Stop Comparing Yourself To Others & Start Running Your Own Race.

I can still remember running my very first half marathon as if it were yesterday. It was August 2006 and I had just finished running in San Diego’s 27th Annual America’s Finest City Half Marathon.

I ran the race for my dad who at the time was in a serious battle with lung cancer. He passed away three months later.

I trained as hard and as diligent as I could for that race. I spoke with other runners, read and studied many training schedules and charts. I experimented with different types of supplements to improve my running and overall performance.

As I reflect back on the race, the best advise I can still remember receiving (Thank You Bryce Gibson) and still resonates with me until this day was, “Just Run Your Own Race”.

From the moment the race gun went off until crossing that finish line 13.1 miles later, I must have repeated those words to myself hundreds of times. Whether I was passing others or others were passing me, it didn’t matter and I did my best not to get caught up and distracted on who was passing who. I just kept thinking……


Run Your Own Race.


Compare quoteIt’s this same concept of running my own race that I have chosen to apply to all other aspects of my life. Whether it’s with this very site, or financially, or my travels, my fitness, or community service. I am committed to running my own race in every single one of these areas.

I understand that there are many others running similar races as me, many of which are way, way ahead of me and that’s OK. They’re running their own race and I will run mine.

How many of us are running our own race, focusing on ourselves and not paying attention to the race others are running? If you’re not doing that right now, I challenge you to begin doing so immediately.

Comparing yourself to what others are doing or have accomplished, their relationships, how much weight they’ve lost, how much money they’ve made, how successful they’ve become, where they’ve been or where they’re headed is a complete waste of your valuable time. It’s a waste of time because your focus should and must be on the things you’re currently doing and are out to accomplish.


Focus on yourself, your own goals, and most importantly where you’re headed.


I know this can be tough to do and quite honestly I still struggle with it myself at times. There are many individuals who’s work I respect and follow who are helping and inspiring people from all over the globe to positive changes on a daily basis. I want to be one of those individuals with that type of reach and effect globally. I know I will get there, I just need to continue running my own race, not get discouraged, and inevitably, I too will get there.


 “Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.”


I remember working at a physical therapy clinic when I first completed graduate school and having the clinic administrator tell me to not let each patient we were rehabbing see each other’s progress. She wanted to make sure that our patients weren’t getting discouraged by the progress of others with the same injury.

We all run at our own pace, achieve at our own pace, create at our own pace, heal at our own pace, and succeed at our own pace. Regardless of what’s going on around you and how others are doing, please remember to just continue to…..

 Run Your Own Race.


  • This has been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn and to teach. When we are just beginning our individual journey it can be so easy to see what others are doing to gain inspiration from it, but then the comparison piece comes in. There is a fine line between inspiration and comparison for sure.

    Thanks for this reminder!

    • Great point Lamisha, there’s certainly a fine line between inspiration and comparison. If we are in fact able to notice and identify that we’re feeling this way, it gives us a chance to do something about it. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  • Beautiful, amazing, inspirational reading to date so far!!! As hard as it is, I try to run my own race as well. When I’m at Barre class and I catch myself looking at other women, who are stronger, leaner, taller so on and so on….I quickly turn those thoughts to “hey Maria snap out of it and focus on what you can get your body to do at this moment.” Once I do that I feel content and proud of myself for pushing my body to limits I never knew I could do! I remember you gave me that same advice when I ran my first 5K. To date any race I have ran those exact words, Run Your Own Race, are repeated over and over in my mind until I reach the finish line!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts sis….you’re awesome, and not just because your my sister but your perseverance and determination is truly awesome and inspiring! Keep being you and running your own race!

  • Great stuff Mike…so important to run your own race. Getting caught up with everyone else’s race can make you lose focus on yours. So run your own race, just run faster!

  • I love this! Great concept and beautifully told. It’s easy to compare my work and my writing to others, especially when I see them doing something similar to what I do. But you’re message is so true- I’m on my own track, running my own race, as are they. Our experiences are what gives us our unique perspective= what makes us awesome. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for your nice comments Anne. It’s definitely easy and quite common to compare the work we are doing to others. You’re spot on though, you are indeed on your own track. I love your equation too… (unique perspective = what makes us awesome). That statement is awesome and so very true. Thanks again!

  • I love this Mike!! It has been incredible and inspirational to “hear” your encouragement again! You have been such an impactful person in my life – throughout the years you trained me and every day since. You are so positive, honest and real about health, fitness, and life in general. I appreciate you and the work you do!! Thank you for using this outlet to share your wisdom. This post in particular is so meaningful…we all have so much to contribute to this big, beautiful world and it’s in finding and embracing our own journey that we are most successful! Thank you for the reminder.

    • Hey Jen! Thanks so much for your comments and words. Can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear that the material I am providing on The Wellness Bucket is continuing to encourage you. That is awesome! I’m happy to heat this particular post was meaningful for you and you couldn’t be more spot on when you said “we all have so much to contribute”… so very true. Thanks Jen!

  • Great article! Agree that no two people will have the same stride. I also love the examples you provide, because there is a different race to run with every new and old adventure in your life.

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