How To Stay Motivated & Accountable To Achieving Your Goals In 2018

Well just like that, January 2018 is in the books.

We’re now a full month into a new year.

So you know I have to ask…

How you doing with your 2018 goals so far?

On track?

I’d say I’m at about 70% or so on track.

Not perfect, but not way off track either.

How about you?

Maybe you’re just a bit off track like I am.

If so, no worries.

It happens.

Maybe you’re way off track.

If so, no worries either.

As long as you get yourself right back on track – that’s what matters.

Worst case scenario is you’re way off track and haven’t been able to get yourself back on.

If that’s the situation you currently find yourself in I can assure you, you’re not alone.

Getting off track is going to happen (it happens to all of us).

The goal isn’t not to fall off track.

The goal is to get back on track as quickly as possible.

I know, easier said than done right?

I’m curious, for each of your goals, have you:

1) Written them down

2) Written down WHY you want to achieve each goal

If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so.

These are the first two steps I have my coaching clients complete before we even do or look at anything else.


Because without completing these first two steps, the chances of us achieving any goal diminishes by more than 50%.

More than 50%… that’s crazy right?!

But it’s true – research continues to show us this.

Makes you wonder why anyone wouldn’t complete these two steps.

More often than not it comes down to these two reasons:

1) Lack of Motivation

2) Lack of Accountability

These are the two major components necessary for us to achieve any goal we’re out to achieve.

Motivation and accountability.

Staying motivated to keep doing what must be done, day after day, isn’t and easy thing to do.

Neither is finding the right type of accountability to make sure we’re doing what must be done daily to achieve the goals we’re out to achieve.

Daily motivation and accountability are the two key factors I focus on with all my coaching clients.

It’s what helps keep them on track.

It’s what gets them back on track quickly when they fall off track.

It’s what gets them to do what must be done daily to achieve the goals they’re out to achieve.

Whether it’s weight loss, getting stronger, leaner, more energy, more confidence, less stress and anxiety… whatever it may be.

Daily motivation and accountability is at the forefront of making any of our goals possible.

Having worked with over 200 clients last year alone, the feedback I received was consistent across the board…

“Mike, we want/need more motivation and accountability from you.”

That’s the main reason I created the Mornings With Mike Podcast.

A 5-minute daily dose of motivation & accountability to help you live a healthy, happy, more fulfilling life.

I release a new episode every single day.

Why daily?

Because motivation and accountability isn’t necessary just once or a few times a week.

It’s a daily necessity for all of us if we’re to achieve the goals we’ve set out to achieve.

It’s a daily necessity in order to get back on track when we’ve fallen off.

Motivation and accountability is a daily necessity for all of us.

If you’ve been having a hard time staying motivated and accountable, I have a solution for you to consider.

My 30 day advanced coaching program.

30 days of working with me personally, one-on-one, on a daily basis.

30 days of motivation and accountability, breaking through blocks that may have previously stood in your way of successfully achieving your goals.

30 days of creating the right physical and mental habits necessary to not only achieve your goals, but to also maintain them once you do achieve them.

If January hasn’t started off the way you had hoped or if you’re worried this will yet again be another year that comes and goes without you achieving the goals you’ve set out to achieve…

I say let’s change that.

Together, let’s change that.

Let’s get you feeling, looking, and living the way you want to feel, look, and live and make 2018 an awesome year for you.

If you’re interested in working with me, let me know here.

I’ll reach out to you when you do and we can schedule a call to connect and have an initial chat

Let’s do this!


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