Some Effort Is Always Better Than No Effort

A little effort now is better than any effort later.

It’s quite possible that it’s because later may be too late.

Some effort, any effort now will always be much better than no effort at all.

Unfortunately we sometimes tend to believe that a small effort holds the same value as no effort. It’s this belief that keeps us from acting and slowly building upon each of these small actions which is how and when we build momentum.


Success is the sum of all our small efforts added up over time.

By no means am I encouraging you to give less than 100% of your time and effort to all that is of importance in your life. I’m merely suggesting that during the times you feel like making no effort at all that you make the conscience decision to make some effort versus no effort. It’s during these pivotal moments and decisions that you either progress and move closer towards your goals, your happiness, and the life you want to be living or you digress, moving further away from it all.


Some Is Always Better Than None


This concept of some is always better than none is a concept I’ve always chosen to use in my own life and in the lives of the people I have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years. A valuable concept that holds true not only in the world of health and fitness, but in all areas of our lives.

Let’s dive into this thought and concept a bit more.

Whenever we make the slightest of effort versus making no effort at all, it’s a success, a positive that we can hang our hat on and build upon. It discourages us from throwing all caution to the wind for the time being or worse yet, throwing in the towel all together.

Let’s take a look now at how the concept of some is always better than none applies to several areas in our lives.



I hear it all the time, “what’s 15 minutes of exercise going to do for me” or “why eat a healthy dinner when I already ate pizza for lunch, the day is already ruined”.

Some exercise, even if it’s just 15 minutes, will still provide you benefits such as increased metabolism, more energy, and a positive sense of accomplishment regardless of how small the accomplishment was. Eating a healthy dinner after having pizza for lunch will still provide you with the nutrients your body needs that day to function at its best and make the physical changes you may be looking looking to make overall.



Passing timeSpending time with those who matter most to us will always be better than spending no time.

Whether it’s spending 5-10 minutes at night reading your child a story, or taking 5 minutes to call your mom and dad. Maybe it’s dropping by your grandparents  home for a quick visit or spending a few minutes in the morning over a cup of coffee with your spouse or significant other talking about the day ahead, the weekend, or an upcoming trip.


Some quality time spent with those who mean the most to us is always better than no time.



This is definitely one that took me a while to understand and appreciate myself. Putting money away in a savings account whether it’s weekly or monthly, as little as it may be, adds up overtime. In the short term it may not seem like much but after 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, you’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up. Throw some compound interest in there and holy smokes, our savings are now adding up quicker than we could ever have imaged.

Some savings will lead to lots more savings whereas no savings will always lead to no savings. 



Whether it’s family, friends, your spouse or significant other, it’s important that you make some effort in any or all of these relationships regardless of how busy you are, how long you’ve been married or dating, how frustrated you may get or tired you may be.

If you receive a call, email, or text from anyone you value in your life, put in the small, simple effort to respond regardless of how brief and quick the response may be. Some response is always better than no response.

Leaving your spouse or significant other a quick note letting them know you love them and appreciate them takes less than a minute or a few minutes at most. Regardless of how busy we all are, these small efforts are a must versus no effort.



Regardless of what career you’re currently in, the some versus none concept applies to them all.

Writers know the concept of writers block all too well. The only way to get through writers block is to start writing, something, anything. The whole idea it to give it some effort versus no effort and before long, they ideas, the content, the momentum begins to build, all stemming from some effort versus no effort.

If you aspire to start your own business but aren’t sure where to start, begin by reading a book, looking online and researching how others have gone about starting a business, taking a class or a course, or talking with someone who is currently in the business you’re looking to get into. Give it some effort versus no effort otherwise you’ll never get any closer to starting your own business without taking some action.



peace3The smallest efforts often pack the biggest punches. As we’ve all heard it said, “it’s the little things”.

Smiling at someone, holding the door for someone, letting someone into your lane when driving, carrying grocery bags to the car for elderly folks, buying a stranger a cup of coffee, listening, telling someone you appreciate them,  the list of little things goes on and on.

To make a difference in the lives of others and in this world we live in is a step, a small step, a small effort, but still a step. A step in the the right direction.

One small single step closer to a better world, to world peace.

Some is always better than none.


“For Those Who Are Willing To Make An Effort, Great Miracles And Wonderful Treasures Are In Store.”


Please share with me in the comments below the small efforts you make on a daily basis in any of the categories I’ve mentioned above or in any of your own. I’d love to hear about them.


Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Harrison


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