Pressed For Time? No Problem. 5 Minute Fitness Routine For Better Health & Energy.

The bad news is, time flies.

The good news is, you’re the pilot.

Ultimately, we decide where and how we spend our time. Even in the situations when the “where” we spend our time is dictated for us such as at our jobs, in traffic, or in a waiting room.

Even during these times we still, to some extent, have control of how we spend our time.


When I had first moved to Southern California, I was working for a company that was located about 25 minutes from where I was living. If you’re not familiar with Southern California traffic, trust me, it’s no fun. My 25 minute commute was more like an hour each way, going to work and then coming home.

Although I was unable to control this obnoxious traffic situation every morning and afternoon, what I could control was how I spent my time during those 60 minutes in the car.

I decided to make the best of it and began listening to books on tape (yes my car had a tape player back in the day). In addition, I kept a dictionary in the car and each day decided to learn a new word that I could add to my vocabulary.


The Way We Spend Our Time Defines Who We Are


Life can get the best of us at times.

Whether it’s your career, your business, family, children, friends, social commitments, personal calendars. Unfortunately, it’s usually here that exercise and fitness ends up taking a back seat to everything else that needs to get done and taken care of.

It’s here that making the necessary 45 to 60 minute time commitment for exercise becomes most challenging.




We often think that we need to spend an hour or more in the gym for it to be beneficial otherwise it’s a waste of time and there’s no sense even going. It’s all or none. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


It’s Quality, Not Quantity That Counts.


Some exercise will always be better than no exercise. If you can’t commit to getting in your normal fitness routine for whatever reason, some is always better than none.

WARNING: If five minutes is too much or too long of a commitment for you to make to yourself and to your health, you may want to consider than not reading any further.

If on the other hand, you’re looking to improve your health and increase your energy but more often than not you find yourself pressed for time and just can’t seem to make it to the gym or get in a full workout, than this new fitness routine I’ve created is for you.



I highly recommended that you complete the following 5 exercises in 5 minutes daily every morning. Completing these in the morning will contribute to an increased metabolic rate (better health) and higher levels of energy throughout the day.

Perform each one of the following exercises for one minute in the exact order they are listed.

1. Jumping Jack

2. Alternating Lunges

3. Squats Thrusts

4. Push Ups

5. Abdominal Bicycles


For further instruction, please click on each individual exercise that will link you to a demonstration of the exercise. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here.


When you’re pressed for time, what are some strategies that you how found success with to maintain a consistent exercise schedule? Please share your thoughts and ideas with me in the comments below.



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