How To Overcome The Feeling Of Overwhelm That Comes With Setting Big Goals

So much to be excited for in 2018.

I’m curious, what are YOU most excited about?

A new healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly perhaps?

More travel?

A new career?

Starting your own business?

Maybe it’s reading more.

Or maybe making more time for date night with your significant other.

Maybe it’s a combination of these or something entirely different.

The 3 biggest things I’m most excited about in 2018 are:

1) Continuing to travel the world with my girlfriend Kristen (goal is to finish at Oktoberfest).

2) Revamping Entrepreneur Fitness Academy, so that it serves more than just entrepreneurs.

3) Publishing an episode of Mornings With Mike podcast every day in 2018.

As I read these I can’t help think to myself….

“OK, these sound awesome and I’m excited about them however, how on earth do I make these all happen?”

Does this happen to you too?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed whenever we set big lofty goals for ourselves.

And we set these goals with the best intentions to follow through – I know I do.

It usually isn’t until a few weeks in (that being the case for me at the moment) that we realize… “Holy smokes, how am I going to get all of this accomplished?”

Maybe if I just focus on these three goals of mine and nothing else, maybe then I have a chance.

You and I both know this approach isn’t reasonable let alone possible for that matter.

Regardless of our goals and how excited we are about them, life happens.

Family, friends, career, responsibilities, illnesses, travel, unexpected circumstances, you name it.

For me it’s traveling.

While it’s an exciting adventure I’m currently on traveling the world, it does make accomplishing the goals I’ve set for myself in 2018 a challenge.

Constantly on the go and unreliable wi-fi are my two biggest challenges.

My guess is you can relate with challenges of your own.

Maybe you have a goal of getting to the gym 5 times a week but there’s kids to tend to and business deadlines to meet.

Maybe you have a goal of reading more but the only time you find you have time to read is in the evening when you can’t keep your eyes open after a long day.

So what do we do?

This is the approach I’ve decided to take and so far so good.

It’s a simple one too and hopefully one you can adopt as well.

OK – here it is…

1) I commit to one small step that I know I can accomplish daily for each goal.

2) If for whatever reason I’m unable to complete the small step, I get right back at it and on track the following day.

The reason I believe this approach works so well is because the small steps are just that, small.

They’re not overwhelming and complicated and so I feel confident I can get these small steps completed.

And if for whatever reason I don’t compete the small step, I don’t beat myself up about it.

I don’t give it much thought at all.

Instead, I focus on getting right back at completing the small step the following day.

Not two days later, not two weeks later, but immediately the very next day.


Because success isn’t a matter of not falling off track, it’s a matter of getting right back on track when we’ve fallen off… and we will fall off.

It’s inevitable and part of the process.

And while I’m currently 12 for 12 on publishing a daily podcast episode, I also realize there’s 353 more days to go in 2018.

The odds of me missing a day or two for whatever reason are high, I know this.

If and when that happens (I’ll continue doing all I can to make sure it doesn’t), but if and when it does, I won’t stew on it (at least not for too long).

Instead, I’ll get right back at it the next day because that’s what success looks like.

So, whatever your 2018 goals are that you’re excited about, stay excited and remember:

1) Commit to one small step that you know you can accomplish daily for each goal.

2) If for whatever reason on any given day you’re unable to complete the small step, get right back at it the following day.

And be OK with the fact you’re not going to be perfect.

Perfection is lame and overrated anyways 🙂

Commit to showing up daily and giving your best.

Because that is as perfect as it gets.

You’re awesome!


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