My Top Two Daily Success Rituals

Years ago when I first started working with a business coach, she asked me… 

“Why do you brush your teeth every day?” 

I responded, “So I don’t get cavities.” 

She said, “But you don’t have cavities.” 

I said, “I know, because I brush every day.” 

She then asked me why I exercised. 

I responded with, “Because it makes me feel good.. healthy, happy, more confident.” 

She then asked, “Well you must exercise every day then?” 

I responded with, “Not every day but 3–4 times per week.” 

Her reply, “So you want to feel healthy, happy, and confident just 3–4 times per week?” 

I smiled. 

Her point had been made. 

There’s two rituals I complete every day that I attribute to the health, happiness, and fulfillment I’ve been able to create and sustain in my life. 

Exercise and gratitude. 

Whether it’s a 3 mile run, a gym workout, or a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, exercise is a daily ritual that I must get done. 

I have a gratitude journal that I write in every morning as well. 

In it, I give thanks for three things I’m grateful for that day. 

Could be something big like my home or something small like the pen I’m writing with. 

Expressing gratitude is a ritual that I complete every day. 

I can’t always control my external circumstances, I can however always control myself. 

My daily actions and rituals that influence both my physical and mental state. 

Physical through exercise and mental through gratitude. 

Both make me feel great. 

And because it’s a must for me that I feel great every day, exercise and gratitude have become my daily rituals. 

Grateful for my first business coach who made it very clear to me that it’s my daily rituals that’ll determine my outcomes. 

Brush daily, no cavities. 

Exercise daily, feel great. 

Daily gratitude, immense happiness. 

Best part is, because I get to decide what my daily rituals are, that means I get to dictate what my outcomes will be. 

Now that’s pretty cool.

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…


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