My Top 10 Favorite Posts Of 2014

2014 has been an incredible year.

We’ve covered a bunch.

Health & fitness.

Wellness & weight loss.

Challenges & happiness.

It’s been a fun ride so far.

We’re only getting started.


Posting Recap

On April 24th of this year, I made the commitment to publish two blog posts per week.

My posting schedule became every Tuesday and Thursday.

I’m happy to report I’ve successfully stuck to that posting schedule since, never missing a day. 

So far this year, I’ve published 81 posts.

Some I was excited about, some I felt could have been better, and some, looking back now, were just plain bad. You have to start somewhere.


Here’s the top 10 posts I felt stood out from the rest…


7-Day Health Kick-Starter For All Fitness Levels

A seven day kick-start designed to help you build momentum towards your health goals.

Pressed For Time? No Problem. 5 Minute Fitness Routine For Better Health & Energy

An effective 5 minute exercise routine you can do anytime, anywhere.

Here’s My Bucket List! Why You Should Have One Too

Creating a bucket list is fun and adds another layer of happiness and fulfillment to life.

Environment Is Everything. World Domination Summit

My first World Domination Summit experience. A weekend that changed my life forever.

30 Day Wellness Challenge To Help You Start Feeling, Looking, & Living Your Best

A global wellness challenge that consisted of burpees, to mediation, to cold showers.

How To Determine What Type Of Workout Is Right For You

With so many difference workout options, figure out which one is best for you. Here’s how.

Six Reasons Holding You Back From Achieving Your Health Goals & How To Overcome Them

All health goals come with their challenges, especially these six. Here’s how to overcome them.

Top 6 Reasons You’ve Been Unsuccessful With Weight Loss & How To Overcome Each One To Finally Lose The Weight

6 reasons directly attributed to unsuccessful weight loss and what you can do about it.. 

How To Lose Weight With Limited Time & Resources

Time, equipment, and money may be limited, it doesn’t mean your results have to be.

7-Step Process For Creating Health & Happiness

Resources from a health & happiness webinar that was offered. Here it is in post form.


I hope these posts are helpful and provide you with resources to help make a difference in your life. I’d love to know which one or ones you enjoyed and feel are most helpful.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below. I’d also appreciate it big-time if you shared your favorites on Facebook or Twitter – that would be awesome.

Thanks! 🙂

  • My favorite was participating in the wellness challenge! It provided some new adventures for me to do around my city and participate in activities that I would not normally do.

    • Thanks Kristen! It was awesome to have you take part in it and also helped to keep me accountable to make sure I was getting the challenges done 🙂 The variety of wellness challenges seems to be what everyone enjoyed the most. Can’t wait to do it again in the New Year. Cheers!

    • Thanks Maria – it was awesome having you be a part of it and all of the crazy wellness challenges. I love hearing that it motivated and challenged you too…awesome! 🙂

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