More With Mike Podcast – Why Weight Loss Strategies Don’t Work

Weight loss strategies alone, do not work.

Did you know that less than two percent of all people who go on a diet to lose weight are successful in losing the weight?

Less than two percent successfully lose weight.

That means over 98% of all people who go on a diet are unsuccessful with losing weight.

How is that even possible?

With so many different resources readily available at our fingertips, how is it possible that so many people are unsuccessful with losing weight?

There’s got to be some sort of mistake there.

I wish that was the case but unfortunately, it’s not.


Episode #3 – Why Weight Loss Strategies Don’t Work


When it comes to losing weight, there are so many different plans and strategies available to help you lose weight, it can actually get quite overwhelming.

Regardless of the amount of information that’s readily available, none of it works.

Yes, you read that correctly… none of it works.

Why? Because there’s two big pieces that are necessary for successful weight loss to occur and must be considered before any weight loss strategy is decided on.

It’s these same two big pieces that are often either missed or looked past which prevents any diet plan or weight loss strategy from working.

OK – so what the heck are these two missing pieces?

I’m glad you asked… let’s talk about it.


3 Steps That Are 100% Necessary To Successfully Lose Weight

A food plan, exercise plan, support groups – none of it will work without doing two things first before deciding on what plan you will use or follow to lose weight.

I made this mistake with my clients for years (which I’m embarrassed to admit and still bothers me today) but it’s the truth.

It’s absolutely crazy (in a good way) the progress my clients are making now since I’ve began adding and focusing on these two pieces before diving into a weight loss plan or strategy.

Having a good weight loss plan and strategy in place is definitely one of the 3 steps necessary to successfully lose weight… but it’s the 3rd and last one in line.

There’s two other steps that must be considered before any weight loss plan is decided on.


Step #1 – State

What does that mean… state?

What that means is, what physical and mental state of mind are you in when you’re thinking about and making the decision to lose weight?

If your physical state is a crappy one where you’re sprawled out on the sofa and thinking to yourself, “man this is hard, I don’t really want to do this but I should“, you’re already losing.

Before any weight loss plan or strategy has a chance to work, you must change your state – both physically and mentally.

In fact, it’d be best if you changed your overall state before even picking a weight loss strategy or plan that you will use and follow to lose weight.

Why is that?

Because if you’re in a crappy, lazy, not-feeling it kind of state when you decide on what weight loss strategy you’re going to use, regardless of what you end up picking, it’s doomed to fail.

Why? Because your state is one of low energy, desire, and confidence.

Before picking or deciding or any weight loss plan or strategy, make it a point to change your state.


How To Change Your State

The best way to change your state is to do anything that’ll get you up, moving around, active ,getting your blood flowing, and energy up.

Anything that will give you a nice zing and get you up, alert, and energized.

It could be going for a run, doing jumping jacks for a few minutes, or even taking a cold shower.

Whatever zaps your system and gets it out of the zone it’s currently in which is one of, “I’m tired, feeling lazy, have no energy, not into it, etc.”


The quickest way to change your psychology (what you believe is possible), is to change your physiology (movement).


State #2 Story

Once you’ve changed your state and are feeling good, energized, and confident, it’s time to challenge and change the negative thoughts and stories that have held you back in the past.

We are all products of the stories we’ve told ourselves over the years.

Stories such as, “I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m failed before and I will probably fail again, I’m just big boned and have always been curvy“… it’s these stories that we must challenge and change.

And the only way we stand a chance at challenging and changing these stories is by first changing the state we’re in.

Laying around, focusing on what didn’t work and what won’t work and that no one else understands you and what you’re going through, are all stories destined for failure, unhappiness, and no fulfillment.

Our thoughts, our actions, our results, our successes are all dictated by what we believe about ourselves, what our stories are.

It’s time to challenge these stories and decide if they’re either serving you and moving you closer to your goal or if they are hindering you and moving you further from your goal.


#3 – Strategy

The only time, and I mean ONLY time to decide on and pick a weight loss strategy, is when you’ve changed your state either through a run, cold shower, some jumping jacks… whatever it may be.

Next up, after you’ve changed your state, it’s time to take a look at your story and what you think about most and believe.

Remember that your believes are merely that, just believes that you’ve formulated in your mind over the years.

Whatever your story may be, it’s time to move past it if it’s not serving you. Stories of, “I can’t, I’ve tried before and failed, I always fall off the wagon, or I just don’t have the energy.

That’s all bull crap and your limiting stories talking.

Cool thing is that it’s possible to change these stories to, “I can and I will, I may have filed before but I will succeed this time, I will not fall off the wagon this time“, simply by first changing your state.

When you’ve changed your state and have changed your story – it’s at this point that you are free to pick whatever weight loss plan you like most and want to follow going forward.

With a new physical and mental state and a newly formulated story, a winning story – regardless of what weight loss plan you decide to use…. you will lose weight and be successful.

No weight loss success will work if your physical and mental states are off AND the stories you’e telling yourself about weight loss and your chances to succeed are also off.

And just an FYI too that this 3 step process not only works with weight loss, but also with any other goal you’re successfully out to accomplish.

Change our state.

Change you story.

Pick your strategy.

Do these three things in this exact order and I assure you, you’ll be well on your way to successfully losing weight and joining the less that two percentage of people who are successful with losing weight.

You’re awesome!


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