More With Mike Podcast: Why “Pretty Good” Isn’t Good Enough

How’s your eating?” Pretty good.

How are your workouts?” Pretty good.

How’s your water intake?” Pretty good.

How’s your rest and recovery?” Pretty good.

There’s nothing pretty about “pretty good“.

Pretty good is equivalent to average, at best.

And just being average isn’t cool in my book.


Episode #10 Why Being “Pretty Good” Isn’t Good Enough


When it comes to our health and happiness, pretty good is no longer good enough.

I say we deserve more than just “pretty good” when it comes to our health and happiness.

We deserve and must demand of ourselves awesome health and awesome happiness.

I mean, why would we settle for anything less?


Why We Settle On “Pretty Good

It’s crazy to me how we tend to settle on just “pretty good” health and “pretty good” happiness when it comes to ourselves.

Crazy because there’s no way we would ever settle on just “pretty good” when it comes to the health and happiness of those we love and care for.

There’s no way if you’re a parent you’ll settle on just “pretty good” education for your child, or a “pretty good” babysitter, or “pretty good” safety measures – no way.

When it comes to children, parents make it a point to make sure their children are getting the best education possible, the best babysitter possible, and are the safest they can possibly be.

There’s no “pretty good” about it.

Heck, we even do the same for our pets… I know I did.

I use to buy my dog Oliver food that I thought was the best for him and not just pretty good.

Maybe you’ve done the same yourself for your pets, or even board them in a nice doggie hotel and not just in an average “pretty good” kennel when you travel. I did this as well.

If we refuse to settle on “pretty good” for others, those we love and care about, why on earth do we settle on it for ourselves?


You’re Being Selfish

Heaven forbid we take time for ourselves, our health, and our happiness.

By doing so, that would mean taking away from the time we could be investing in someone else’s health and happiness.

So for the sake of others and at the expense of our own health and happiness, let’s put everything and everyone else we care about and love first, and get to ourselves when we get a chance.

If we do get a chance, well then heck, that’s good enough or “pretty good“.

I’m calling bullshit here.

If we truly want to be our best and give our best to those we love and care for most, we will stop settling for just “pretty good” when it comes to our health and happiness.

Because when you’re just “pretty good“, the value, love, care, support, motivation, encouragement… everything you do and offer to those you love and care for will just be, well…  “pretty good“.

When you take the time to invest in yourself, in your health, and in your happiness, it isn’t being selfish.

It’s more like you’re being selfish and inconsiderate if you don’t take time and invest in yourself because when you’re at your best, feeling your best… everything and everyone around you benefits.


Make The Choice To Be Awesome

I say it’s time we make the jump from “pretty good” to “really good” in our lives, especially in the areas of our lives that matter most to us.

Here’s three steps to begin that process immediately…


1) Pick One Area

What’s one area in your life at the moment that you feel is just “pretty good” but that you would like for it to be “awesome” or “really good” and not just “pretty good“?

It could be your health, your career, your relationship with family, friends, or spouse, maybe it’s your finances… whatever it may be.

What area of your life at the moment is just “pretty good” that you would like for it to be awesome?


2) What Must Be Done?

What must be done, meaning, what must you do, to make that area of your life that at the moment is just “pretty good” and make it awesome or really good?

I suggest looking within ourselves too for what must be done and avoid the trap of thinking or saying to ourselves, “Well if so and so would only do this or if this one thing over here would just happen“.

I say we focus on the things that are within our control, that we can influence, adjust, and steer in the direction we want towards the outcome and results we’re looking for.

What must you begin doing so that this area of your life that is currently “pretty good” starts to become “really good“?


3) Are You Willing?

Lastly, after you’ve identified the area in your life you want to be awesome and what must be done to make it awesome, you must then decide, are you willing to do what must be done?

It’s one thing to know what must be done, understand what must be done, and have the ability to do what must be done… it’s another thing to actually commit and be willing to do it.

The great news here is that it’s all completely within your control.

I guess it’s great news depending on how you look at it, meaning…

If you know what you want, what you must do, that it’s completely within your control to do it, yet you’re not willing to do it… well then maybe that’s not such a good thing.


You’re Awesome

I believe in you and believe that you deserve so much more than just “pretty good” for your health, for your happiness, and for your life.

You are ready and capable of doing, creating, and having whatever it is you want.

The only thing that stands in the way of us being really good and not just pretty good, is ourselves and what we are willing to do to have what we must have.

Remember that we don’t get our “wants“… we get our “musts“.

What “must” you have?

What area of your life right now is just “pretty good” that you would like for it to be “really good“?

Identify it, see it, acknowledge it, commit to it, acknowledge what must be done, be willing to do the work, go after it relentlessly, and never look back.

Because you’re more than just “pretty good“…

You’re awesome!



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