More With Mike Podcast: How To Tap Into Greatness That Exists In You Right Now

What exactly is greatness?

Can I achieve greatness?

Can you achieve greatness?

Can anyone achieve greatness?

What are the requirements?

Or is greatness just reserved for a select few?

Greatness is available to anyone right now.


Episode #5 How To Tap Into Greatness That Exists In You


Greatness begins the moment we decide to be great.

So you’re probably thinking, “alright Einstein, so when’s that moment?”

I don’t know -you tell me.

Because it isn’t up to me or anyone else to decide when that moment is for you.

No one can decide when that moment is or will be for us other than us.


Greatness Is A Choice

I use to think that greatness was something people achieved.

That is was reserved for only a select few.

Smart people, those with lots of money and who were well connected.

What the hell was I thinking?

That could not be further from the truth.

Greatness exists in all of us right now, at this very moment, regardless of who you are, how old you are, where you live, what you do, how much money you make, who you know… whatever.

None of that matters.

Greatness isn’t flying to the moon or creating a multi-billion dollar company.

It’s not losing 100 pounds or qualifying for the Olympics.

It’s not all these grand things we think about when we think about greatness.

All of these grand things I just mentioned are all bi-products of greatness.


So What’s Greatness Then?

Greatness is all of the small daily steps, habits, disciplines… call them what you will, practiced every single day than when done consistently and long enough, lead to all of the bi-products of greatness.

Without these small daily consistent steps, disciplines, and habits, these bi-products of greatness will never exist – they’ll never come to be.

Greatness Is Small Simple Disciplines Practiced Daily

Anyone who eats right and exercises every single day will lose weight.

Anyone who studies hard, more than expected, every single day, will pass any test.

Anyone who is loving, humble, and respectful every single day will have strong loving relationships.

Anyone who is constantly learning and always giving more than is expected every single day will have a successful business.

Take away these daily disciplines (greatness is disguise) and you can kiss the the results (the bi-products of greatness as I like to call them) goodbye.


The Formula For Greatness Is Easy, It’s The Daily Disciplines That Are Not

There’s no denying that being disciplined with anything on a daily basis is challenging.

Eating healthy.

Exercising regularly.

Reading, writing, studying.


Listening to understand and not just to respond.

Being patient.

The list goes on and on and on.

It is these daily disciplines (not rocket science) but not easy to follow through with either, every single day, that is considered greatness.

And it’s available to all of us, right now!

What’s to stop any one of us from following through on any one of these disciplines I just mentioned above? Anyone of them?

Regardless of where you live, who you are, what you do… all of that?

The answer is nothing.

Nothing stops anyone of us from committing to follow through on any daily habit, discipline that when done, day after day after day, consistently and patiently, will lead to the results we’re looking for.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of anyone who’s achieved any bi-product of greatness without investing consistently, day after day, in daily greatness (disciplines).


3 Ways To Tap Into Your Own



1) Change Your State

If our mindset is a negative one and our thoughts are limiting us, it’s safe to say we aren’t going to get to far.

The quickest way to effect how we think and what we think is to move.

Motion affects our emotion.

Move around, go for a walk, a run, bike ride, a swim, take a cold shower, jump up and down – do whatever you have to do but whatever it is, just move!

The fastest way to change of psychology (how and what we think) is to change of physiology (with movement and exercise).


2) Change Your Story

The only way we have a chance at changing our stories, what we tell ourselves and what we believe, is by first changing our state (change your state – #1).

If we’re hunched over, feeling sad, miserable, and sorry for ourselves, it’s safe to say there’s no way in hell we’re changing our story of what’s possible if that’s the state we’re in.

Take time to recognize how and what you think at different times during the day and even more so, with different events and things that happen to you throughout the day.

Question your thoughts and what you’re thinking and ask yourself, “is this thought I’m having right now serving me or holding me back from being who I want to be and having what I want to have?

If it’s helping you, great! Keep it. If it’s not, get rid of it immediately.

I’m not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough“…. seriously, what good are these bullshit thoughts doing for us? The answer is nothing. They’re doing nothing good for us whatsoever.

These thoughts suck, they really fucking suck and they will no longer occupy your thoughts.


3) Find A Supportive Community

Do a quick audit of who you spend the most time with.

Do these people support, encourage, and motivate you?

Do they believe in you, tell you you’re awesome and listen to you when you speak of things you want to do, see, or maybe even create and tell you to go for it?

Or do they look at you like your nuts, tell you you’re an idiot or to get real and then proceed to list off all the reasons why you can not and will not succeed if you try?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Words to live by right there left behind by my mentor, the late Jim Rohn.

Be picky and very selective with who you spend your time around.


Greatness Isn’t Reserved For A Select Few

It’s reserved for anyone willing to commit to the consistent daily disciplines and habits.

Greatness is a matter of discipline.

The rewards are a matter of patience.

You’re awesome!



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