Living My Fears vs. Living My Dreams

A few months ago, out of curiosity, I asked the following question on my Facebook page… 

What do you feel holds people back from doing what they want to do? 

I figured I’d get some responses, but not many. 

31 people responded. 

The most responses I’ve ever gotten to any question I’ve ever posted. 

Almost everyone said they believed it’s fear that keeps people from going after what it is they want. 

Whether it’s weight loss, a new career, starting a business, moving somewhere new, traveling, finding love. 

Having lived my fears for many years, I’d have to agree. 

Fear is definitely a major reason why many of us (including myself) live our fears and not our dreams. 

Especially if we’ve experienced failure previously. 

It doesn’t feel good. 

It absolutely sucks and feels terrible. 

I know because I’ve been there many times myself. 

Failed businesses, relationships, careers, investments. 

Why would I ever want to put myself in a position to potentially feel that way again? 

And there lies the problem. 

The thought that if I do try and go for it again, that I’m going to fail and experience those horrible feelings again. 

The fear of feeling that way again is paralyzing. 

But what if I don’t fail again? 

What if I do succeed? 

What if the business I start works out? 

How good will I feel? 

How happy will I be? 

How much different, better will I live? 

What if travel or moving somewhere new works out? 

What will my new place look like? 

Who will I meet? 

What new adventures will I experience? 

What if I do find love again? 

How incredible will it be to feel those butterflies in my stomach again? 

How awesome will it feel to be excited and nervous to see someone? 

To hold their hand, go to dinner, watch the sunset together? 

There’s no fear in these last few scenarios. 

Only happiness, excitement, and a belief in all that’s possible if we give ourselves a chance to experience any one of these scenarios. 

To live our dreams, not our fears. 

Focusing on all that could go right versus all that could go wrong. 

It wasn’t until I made this shift in my focus that I stopped living my fears and began living my dreams. 

Wish I would have done this sooner in life but you know what…

Better late than never.

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…



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