How I Leveraged The Law Of Attraction To Achieve My Dream

I’ve just spent the last seven days in Fiji.

A place I’ve dreamt of visiting for as long as I can remember.

I’d like to share a personal story with you this week on the power of continuing to believe in your dreams, if that’s OK with you.

About 8 years ago, as I began getting serious about business, life, and the type of future I wanted, I made a promise to myself.

I promised myself that when my business became successful and I reached a million dollars in sales, I would take a trip to an exotic place.

A place I had always dreamt of visiting.

The place?


I was so serious about it that I even called several resorts in the Fijian Islands to let them know of my plan and have them mail me more info on their resort.

I know, crazy right? But hey, it’s what I wanted.

Over the next few weeks I received several brochures.

One in particular caught my eye immediately.

The brochure had a sea plane on it with the name Turtle Airways painted across it.

Here’s an image of that exact sea plane.

On that very day I decided that I would not only visit Fiji, but when I did go, I would fly to my Fijian Island resort of choice via Turtle Airways.

I’ve always wanted to take off and land in a sea plane (a bucket list item of mine) – there’s just something sexy about it to me.

The Turtle Airways sea plane image would become my computer screen saver for years to come.

I would stare at that image every single day, reminding myself of what it was I wanted.

I wrote down my goal to visit Fiji even though at the time, I had no idea when or if it would ever happen.

All I knew is that it was something I really wanted.

Are you familiar with the law of attraction?

If you’re not, the law of attraction states…

“That which you seek is seeking you.”

Simply put, we attract what we think about and focus on most.

It’s been 8 years since I first laid eyes on that sea plane and made it my goal to visit Fiji and fly there via Turtle Airways.

Last week I chartered a Turtle Airways sea plane to Navutu Stars Resort in Fiji.

I did my best to try and capture the experience so that I could share it with you.

Click the video below to take a look.

What I dreamt about, envisioned, wrote down, stared at, and worked towards every single day for eight years final happened.

8 years ago it was nothing more than a dream of mine.

To visit Fiji and take a sea plane flight on Turtle Airways to one of their beautiful islands for vacation.

A goal that at the time, as much as I wanted to believe in, I wasn’t 100% sure it would ever happen.

I had just started a new business.

I had $67,000 in student loan debt, $28,000 in credit card debt.

I’d gone through a divorce a year earlier and just 6 months after that I lost $18,000 on a failed business venture.

So there I was, fresh off several failures, $103,000 in debt, making plans to visit Fiji after my new health and fitness business took off and became a success.

I’m not sure if you’d considered that courageous or just straight up crazy, but that’s what I did.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Despite my circumstances, I refused to stop dreaming.

Despite my failures, I refused to stop believing.

Despite my doubts, I refused to stop showing up and working hard.

I refused to stop.

Whatever your dreams are, your goals and aspirations…

Continue to dream.

Continue to believe.

Continue to show up and work hard.

Refuse to stop.

Especially when all the chips seem like they’re stacked against you.

You may be thinking, “But Mike, it took you 8 years – that’s a long time”.

And you’re right, it did take me 8 years, and that is a long time… but guess what?

The time is going to pass anyways.

Keep dreaming.

Keep believing.

Keep working.

You’re awesome…




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