Jump Rope Challenge / Change Your Body, Change Your Mind.

What if I told you just 10 minutes a day can and will start changing your body, your mind, your thoughts, your whole being, your life as you know it. It’s true and I’m about to tell you how. We all have 10 minutes available in our day to commit to ourselves, our health, our happiness, there’s no excuse. 10 minutes a day, that’s it.

I created this jump rope challenge with the end goal being, the ability to jump rope for 10 minutes straight. Tough, definitely. Possible, absolutely.

First, let’s discuss how building up to jump roping 10 minutes a day can and will change your body. When you build to 10 minutes of nonstop rope jumping a day, it can provide the same benefits as doing the following:

30 minutes of jogging
2 sets of tennis singles
30 minutes of racquetball
720 yards of swimming

Just imagine doing any one of these 4 exercises above every single day. Do you think that by doing so it would begin to change and completely reshape your body? The answer here is YES, it most certainly can and will.

Now let’s take a look at how building up to jump roping 10 minutes a day will change your mind. Jump roping has been categorized by several health organizations as a healthy exercise that can produce positive changes in the body and brain.

Jump roping 10 minutes a day will increase your cardiovascular health which means, more blood flow throughout your body, more oxygen, and more endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals, and when they are released through exercise such as jump roping, our mood is boosted naturally.

With our mood now boosted from our increased endorphin levels, we begin to experience feelings of euphoria and a general state of well-being. Our stress levels decrease and our ability to think clearly begins to improve drastically.

In addition, your commitment to seeing this challenge through and getting yourself to being able to jump rope for 10 minutes straight will begin to stimulate feelings in you of achievement, excellence, optimism, the ability to do whatever it is you commit to and put your mind to.

10 minutes a day will create all of this and more for you. So, you ready? It’s go time! Oh and for the record, I personally cannot jump rope 10 minutes straight. I know I can’t because I have tried so therefore I too will be completing this challenge along with all of you. Let’s do this, together!




Day 1 – 1 minute
Day 2 – 1 minute
Day 3 – 1 minute
Day 4 – 1 minute 20 seconds
Day 5 – 1 minute 40 seconds
Day 6 – 2 minutes
Day 7 – 2 minutes 20 seconds
Day 8 – 2 minutes 40 seconds
Day 9 – 3 minutes
Day 10 – 3 minutes 20 seconds
Day 11 – 3 minutes 40 seconds
Day 12 – 4 minutes
Day 13 – 4 minutes 20 seconds
Day 14 – 4 minutes 40 seconds
Day 15 – 5 minutes
Day 16 – 5 minutes 20 seconds
Day 17 – 5 minutes 40 seconds
Day 18 – 6 minutes
Day 19 – 6 minutes 20 seconds
Day 20 – 6 minutes 40 seconds
Day 21 – 7 minutes
Day 22 – 7 minutes 20 seconds
Day 23 – 7 minutes 40
Day 24 – 8 minutes
Day 25 – 8 minutes 20 seconds
Day 26 – 8 minutes 40 seconds
Day 27 – 9 minutes
Day 28 – 9 minutes 20 seconds
Day 29 – 9 minutes 40 seconds
Day 30 – 10 minutes

A few modifications to consider:

1. If you cannot get your hands on a jump rope, complete the challenge by doing jumping jacks instead.

2. If it’s too much, too soon, make it a 10 week challenge and increase a full minute per week instead.


Now that you have worked your way up to being able to jump rope for 10 minutes straight, continue to do so every single day. Remember, it’s ONLY 10 minutes. Make it happen, no excuses. I recommend doing so in the morning so that you get it done and so that you also start your day off with more energy, burning more calories throughout the day, feeling less stressed, more alert, more productive, and with a sense of accomplishment.

10 minutes a day, that’s it. Every day. Let’s continue to think big, but start small. You just have to start straight, just take that first step and you’ll soon be on your way to a feeling and looking your best and creating the state of mind necessary to begin living the type of life you’ve imagined.

Need some additional motivation to get you going, watch this video.

Here’s a little snip it from the video:

“Your successes fuel your ambition.
Your successes give you extra energy.
Your successes pave the way for more successes.
It’s the snowball effect.
With one success your ready to meet another, and another, and another.
And pretty soon, the disciplines that were so difficult in the beginning,
The disciplines that got you going are now part of your philosophy.”


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