INTERVIEW: My Sister’s Awesome Weight Loss Success Story.

Losing weight is challenging, very challenging.

Impossible it is not though, since impossible is nothing.

It’s challenging for many reasons, some which include making time to exercise, preparing and eating the right foods consistently throughout the day, dealing with temptations and setbacks, lack of support, just to name a few.

Imagine then trying to do all of this while maintaining a job, taking care of kids, going to school, participating in social events.


Challenging? Yes, very.

Possible? Absolutely!

One of the quickest ways to success is to closely follow suit with those who have already achieved what you yourself are looking to achieve and learning what it was that worked for them and what didn’t.


Fools Learn From Experience.

I Prefer To Learn From The Experience Of Others.

~ Otto Von Bismarck ~


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing someone very special to me. Someone who’s always been there for me, supported me, encouraged me, and more than anything, inspired me.

It’s with a very big smile and a heart full of love and gratitude that I introduce to you my sister, Paula Goncalves.




Q. Alright sis, so what does being healthy mean to you? Why is it important to you?

A. Being healthy to me means more than just being free of disease. For me it’s about maintaining a healthy balance between my mental and physical state of being. When my body and mind are at their optimal health, I feel stronger, more energized, happy, and confident.


Paula Goncalves

Q. What are your current health and fitness goals?

A. My current health and fitness goals consist of drinking more water and increasing my running time and pace. In addition, I am going to complete The Wellness Bucket Plank Challenge for both the mental accomplishment component and to stimulate and challenge new and different muscles.


Q. What would you say has been you greatest achievement thus far?

A. My greatest achievement thus far definitely has been losing 32 pounds and completing my first 5K Run.


Q. What have been your biggest obstacles in the past?

A. My biggest obstacle in the past has been setting time aside to exercise. In addition, I’ve also learned to not eat until feeling full but rather satisfied. Another big and very frustrating obstacle for me since starting my weight loss journey has been the weight plateaus along the way.


Q. How did you overcome these obstacles?

A. When I committed to losing the weight, I knew that in order for me to be successful and reach my goal I would need to put myself first above all else therefore making myself, my health, and my commitment to losing the weight a priority.


Q. What would you say have been the key factors to your successes?

A. Moderate and daily exercise combined with eating smaller and more frequent meals have been an integral part of my weight loss success during the initial phase. It was so exciting to see the pounds come off during my weekly weigh in. I would consistently lose 1.5-2lbs a week. However as you know, after a few months, I became frustrated as the scale wouldn’t budge and my disappointment quickly grew. After talking to you about it and expressing my concern, the plan you created for me worked like a charm and put me right back on track. By incorporating strength training into my daily routine, I was once again on my way to shedding more pounds.


Q. What do you love most about exercising?

A. What I enjoy most about exercising is the “runners high” I get from running. Not only does it lift my mood, but it helps ease anxiety and stress. It helps me feel more energized and also contributes to my physical and mental well being overall.


Q. What do you love least about exercising?

A. What I enjoy least about exercising is finding that extra time every day to fit it into my daily routine, especially when I know it’s a choice to exercise, rather than a must such as going to your job every day. 


Q. Knowing what you know now and having achieved the success you have, what advice would you have given yourself or what would you have done differently a year ago?

A. After achieving the success I have so far, looking back a year ago, I would have told myself “it really is possible”. I would have said “don’t just envision it but do it”. It really is possible to be the person getting the weight loss success compliments and not just being the one giving them. I would have told myself to make it a lifestyle change, set smaller goals such as five pound weight loss intervals at a time rather than looking at it as a total overall number of weight loss.


Q. Does feeling and looking your best contribute to your overall happiness and if so how?

A. Absolutely! I’m so happy and I haven’t even fully achieved my goal yet. When you start looking and feeling better, your whole attitude changes as well. My confidence and self-esteem levels have surely increased.


Q. What advice would you give to others with similar goals to yours that are facing obstacles, struggles, and maybe little to no support from family or friends?

A. Don’t give up, it really is possible. It’s small changes such as exercising more, eating less, and making better food choices with less caloric intake. It is extremely great to have support from family and friends as I have had, however, in the end it will be you reaping all of the benefits. For example, during a marathon, it’s always great to have crowds of people clapping, cheering, and motivating the runners along the way although with or without these cheers, the ultimate goal of any runner will always be to cross that finish line, whether or not they have people cheering from the sidelines.


Q. Favorite Exercise?

A. Running

Q. Favorite Health Food?

A. Sliced apple with one tbsp of peanut butter

Q. Favorite Cheat Food?

A. Sweets, sweets, and more sweets.


Q. Give me a one word answer that comes to mind for each of the following:


Q. Running

A. Runner’s high


Q. Diet

A. Moderation


Q. Happiness

A. Confidence


Q. Impossible

A. Nothing


Q. Future

A. Success


Q. Your Brother

A. Inspiring 🙂


A very special thank you to my awesome sister for taking the time and having the courage to share her story with us.

What weight loss challenges have you faced or are currently facing and what approach did or are you taking to deal with them? Do you have your own success story? Please share these experiences with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear all about them.



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