INTERVIEW: Another Weight Loss Success Story. This Time, It’s My Younger Sister

Anyone who’s ever attempted to lose weight knows first hand just how challenging it is to do.

It take commitment, time, effort, and sacrifice.

It’s a tough challenge, both physically and mentally.

Weight loss is possible, but not easy.

When a client, a friend, a family member, or complete stranger, loses weight, I can’t help but rave about it, because of what it takes to successfully lose weight.


My Three Sisters

I grew up with three sisters and no brothers. While I sometimes wonder how I managed to make it through such an experience, the truth is, these are three of the most wonderful people I know and I’m fortunate to have them, not just as sisters either, but as friends.

With that said, it doesn’t mean my youngest sister had to be born on my exact birth day when I was 4 years old. Especially considering I had my mind made up that she was going to be a boy and I would have a brother to play with. Not the case. I’ve forgiven her over the years. 🙂

I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

It’s this younger sister of mine, who shares my same birthday, who has recently experienced her own amazing weight loss success. I had the pleasure of interviewing my sister Paula back in May of this year about her awesome weight loss success story and now I have the pleasure of doing it again, with another one of my sisters.

This whole weight loss thing is apparently become a family thing.


Another Weight Loss Success Story

It is with a huge smile and a heart full of love and gratitude that I introduce to you my youngest sister for this awesome interview she kindly agreed to (I didn’t give her a choice), welcome Cathy Goncalves!

You’ll hear me refer to Cathy throughout the interview as “Cats”, it’s her nick-name.

Alright, let’s get this interview started.


Here we go!

600284_235703559909245_108743982_nQ. Alright Cats, so what does being healthy mean to you and why is it important?

A. Being healthy to me means feeling and looking good. Waking up in the morning with more energy and spunk. I find that my attitude has changed for the better too. 


Q. Awesome! What is your current health goal?

A. My overall weight loss goal is 20lbs of which I have lost 17lbs in the past 4 months. I’m watching what I eat and although I’m not overly active, I do walk my dogs everyday and do some weight training on a daily basis.


Q. 17lbs!… That’s awesome Cats! Would you say this has been your greatest achievement so far?

A. I would have to say that it’s keeping the weight off that I have lost so far and eating healthier than I ever have before. I’ve never been consistent with drinking water and now I am so that’s definitely been a big achievement for me.


Q. Drinking more water is for sure a huge achievement. What would you say have been the biggest obstacles or challenges you’ve faced?

A. When I first started, the biggest challenge for me was to sticking to my nutrition plan, my diet. Giving up certain carbs was a challenge for me as well.


Q. What did you do then to overcome these challenges?

A. What helped me was putting on clothing that use to fit me snug and feel them beginning to fit me better. Now, they’re too big! I also kept telling myself how good I would feel once my body made these changes. Looking back at old photos helped me to keep working harder too.


Q. All great suggestions Cats, thanks! What would you say have been the key factors so far to your success?

A. The support of my family, my will power, and determination.


10647659_530588203754111_1792057477_nQ. Determination for sure. So what does a typical day look like for you with food and what you eat?

A. For breakfast, I have a Boost shake. For a snack, I have a banana or yogurt. For lunch, I have a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread along with a salad. For dinner, I have chicken or fish with broccoli and wheat rice. An 8 oz glass of white wine too depending on my mood.


Q. You do like your wine! What would you say you love most about exercising?

A. The boost of energy I get afterwards.


Q. What do you love least about exercising?

A. Making the time to exercise and the time it takes. I also don’t like sweating. 


Q. Not liking to sweat and exercising might be a problem, haha! Knowing what you know now and having achieved the success you have so far, what advice would you have given yourself 12 months ago?

A. I’ve wanting to do this for the past 12 months but always thought about how long it would take to accomplish instead of thinking of it as a day by day process. My thinking was that if I didn’t get the result I wanted right away, then it would be a waste of time. If I’m going to be honest, it was my laziness that kept me from getting started. I just had to get motivated and start, just start somewhere.


Q. That is awesome sis, love it! Thanks for your honesty too. Now, would you say losing weight has contributed to your overall confidence and happiness? If so, how?

A. It has without a doubt changed my attitude and my confidence. Not only by being able to wear clothing that I was unable to wear before, but feeling good on the inside too. Physically and mentally, I feel better. I feel healthier! I have lots more energy ever since losing weight.


10531279_501304546682477_540374370_nQ. That makes me so happy to hear. Awesome sis! What advice can you offer others with similar goals of losing weight that are facing challenges, obstacles, and struggles along the way?

A. Today is the day! Once you start you will never look back. The first month was the hardest for me but then again, isn’t it the start of everything else we do in life usually the hardest? This isn’t any different.


Q. So very true. What would you say your favorite exercise is?

A. I would say it’s either the Elliptical or dancing.


Q. Dancing? Nice! How about your favorite, go-to health food?

A. That would have to be carrots dipped in low fat ranch dressing.


Q. What’s your favorite cheat food?

A. Chips.


Alright Cats, let’s have some fun now. Give me a one word answer, the first thing that comes to your mind, for each of the following words I’m about to say. Here we go:


Q. Exercise

A. Time


Q. Diet

A. Determination


Q. Happiness

A. Family


Q. Impossible

A. Possible


Q. Future

A. Healthy


Q. Your Brother

A. Amazing (I swear I didn’t pay her to say that) 🙂


Thank You

You’re awesome sis! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your weight loss success story with me and the entire community here at The Wellness Bucket. It’s awesome and inspiring and I have no doubt it will help to make a difference in the lives of others who may also be working hard to achieve their own personal weight loss goals.

I want to also take this opportunity to also say, Thank You, to my sister for allowing me to use some of her amazing photos she’s taken over the years in several of my blog posts. Cathy loves photography and takes some very cool photos. You can see her awesome photos here.

Thanks again sis!

“Results Will Show Up When You Do.”

~ Jill Koenig ~


Do you have your own success story? What current health goal are you working towards? I would love for you to share your experiences with me in the comments below if you’re comfortable doing so.

    • Thanks Kristen! Speaking with Cathy is always entertaining…. she’s hilarious! The fact that she was honest enough to admit she’s not overly active and doesn’t like seating AND still managed to lose weight is awesome and encouraging for others who too may relate with Cathy’s preferences. 🙂

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