Impossible Is Nothing – 10 Minute Abdominal Plank Challenge

Stop thinking that you can’t.

Stop thinking it’s too hard or that you’re not good enough.

Stop thinking you don’t have time.

Stop the excuses.

You can and you will.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


[box] Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.



You’re limited only by what you think you can’t do or others tell you can’t be done.

You’re capable of achieving all it is you want if you just change your thoughts on what’s possible and how you can and will achieve all it is you want instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can’t.

It’s always impossible until someone comes along and does it. Everyone use to think that it was a physical impossibility to run a 4 minute mile until Roger Bannister did it. Sure enough several months later other people began to achieve the same thing.

I created the 10 Minute Abdominal Plank Challenge because it will be challenging. It will be tough. It will push you out of your comfort zone and have you questioning what is possible. You will be told it’s impossible by others if you tell them you’re going to give it a shot. You may have already told yourself it’s impossible just by reading this post.

Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. It’s a dare.

Dare to take on this challenge. Get it done. Prove to yourself that the only things impossible are the things you tell yourself are impossible.




Day 1 – 30 seconds
Day 2 – 45 seconds
Day 3 – 1 minute
Day 4 – 1 minute 30 seconds
Day 5 – 2 minutes
Day 6 – REST
Day 7 – 2 minutes 30 seconds
Day 8 – 3 minutes
Day 9 – REST
Day 10 – 3 minutes 30 seconds
Day 11 – 4 minutes
Day 12 – REST
Day 13 – 4 minutes 30 seconds
Day 14 – 5 minutes
Day 15 – REST
Day 16 – 5 minutes 30 seconds
Day 17 – 6 minutes
Day 18 – REST
Day 19 – 6 minutes 30 seconds
Day 20 – 7 minutes
Day 21 – REST
Day 22 – 7 minutes 30 seconds
Day 23 – 8 minutes
Day 24 – REST
Day 25 – 8 minutes 30 seconds
Day 26 – 9 minutes 
Day 27 – REST
Day 28 – 9 minutes 20 seconds
Day 29 – 9 minutes 40 seconds
Day 30 – 10 minutes

Recommendation: Complete daily plank challenge before completing any other vigorous exercise routine.

plankFrom a push up position, drop down and distribute your weight between your elbows and the balls of your feet. Interlock your hands and ensure that your feet are waist width apart.

It’s important not to let your hips and back sag. Be sure to maintain a flat line from your shoulders to your feet.


You might want to do it in front of a mirror to perfect your stance if that is an option for you.

Modifications to consider:

If performing the plank from your toes is too aggressive to begin with, modify the challenge by doing it from your knees but ultimately working up to your toes.


In addition to the positive psychological effect of completing the 10 Minute Abdominal Plank Challenge will have on all that is possible, physical benefits include overall core strength and stability. The core is made up of a group of muscles that includes the abdominals, internal and external obliques, the glutes and a series of other smaller stabilizing muscles. 

A one minute abdominal plank is considered to be average where a three minute plank is considered to be excellent by several standards and guidelines available throughout the internet.

I’m curious then what a 10 minute abdominal plank is considered.

Impossible perhaps?

We’ll see about that.

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

~ Nelson Mandela ~

What are some impossible feats you either thought you couldn’t do or were told was impossible that you overcame and accomplished? How did it feel? How has it changed your thoughts on what’s possible? Please share your stories with me in the comments below.



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