If I Hear Another “10X Your Results” Webinar Pitch…

I continue to see “10X your success” webinars and events everywhere.

In my opinion, these are nothing more than noise and distractions with one intention only, and that is to sell you.

How do I know this?

Because over the years I’ve been an attendee more times than I care to admit.

Where I was provided with information I either already knew, didn’t help much (if at all), or that was nothing more than a hook to sell me on a course, book, class.. whatever was being sold.

And if I didn’t buy, I was bluntly told I would go back to the horrible, stuck, unproductive, unsuccessful position I was in, never to achieve my goals.

Good stuff right?

Because the only way I could possibly be serious about my goals and success was to purchase their product or service.

Failure to do so obviously meant I wasn’t serious about my work, my goals, my dreams.

You wanna know the best way I have found to 10X my results over the years?

I’ll tell you.

I’ve stopped attending these webinars that I know have no interest in helping me grow and succeed.

Instead, I continue to take consistent action every day towards my goals with all the information I already do have.

I’ve found that the best form of learning doesn’t happen sitting in on a webinar solely designed to sell me.

It happens by doing the work, learning, growing, and getting better.

Focusing on giving 1X more than I did the day before.

Any 10X success I’ve achieved over the years has come from consuming less, and doing more.

Less consuming, more doing.

We live in a world where instant results has become the expectation.

I can work my tail off in the gym and eat nothing but salads for 3 straight days but that won’t give me six pack abs.

I can however work my tail off for 3 straight months.. consistent, disciplined, and patient.

It’s this approach that will get me those six pack abs.

Which by the way, it has.

3 months, not 3 days.

Lots more in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

You’re awesome…



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