How To Successfully Follow Through On A Plan So That It Works For You & Not Against You

The weight loss program didn’t work.

The running plan didn’t work.

The career course didn’t work.

The financial guide didn’t work.

The business plan didn’t work.

The relationship didn’t work.

Did you work?


Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

There’s hundreds of different weight loss plans out there that work.

There’s lots of good running plans available that help prepare you for your first half or full marathon.

There are career courses designed to get you a degree in your field of choice.

There are plenty of financial and budgeting guides to help you decrease debt.

There are professionals, books, and courses readily available to provide relationship support.

The tools and resources you need to be successful are available. Many of them at your fingertips. It isn’t a matter of accessibility, it’s a matter of doing the work.


You Only Get Out What You Put In

I was never good in math, particularly Algebra.  I always struggled with it.

The lesson plans were designed to teach me. I followed along but never fully committed to giving it my all and because of that, I was a “C” student at best. I didn’t follow the lesson plan the way it was designed to work and help me. The grade reflected my effort.

Your results are a direct reflection of your efforts.


Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Before anything can happen, you must first identify your priorities. If you don’t know what you priorities are and need help identifying them, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at How To Identify Your Priorities & Take Immediate Action So That You’re Successful Everyday.

Once you’ve identified what your priorities are, there are many great tools and resources available today to help get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

If you want to become location independent and be able to work from anywhere in the world, Location 180 has you covered.

If you want to find work that you’re passionate about and learn how to build a business around it, check out Live Your Legend.

If you’re looking to start your own revolution and begin making your difference in the world, Jonathan Fields is your guy. In fact, this week he released a free workbook/download which you can download here.

The Art of Revolution Manifesto & 18-Step Framework (click to download PDF & Audiobook)

If it’s weight loss and getting back into shape you’re looking for, PX90 and Insanity are still two of the best programs out there.

Having worked with and trained hundreds of clients over the years, I’m often asked what the best nutrition and workout plan is and how to determine what type of exercise is best. My answer is always the same… the one you commit to follow.

Nothing works unless you do.

You can be handed all the best tools and resources available to create whatever it is you want, yet none of that matters if you don’t put in the necessary effort to be successful.


If You Work, It Will Come

If you want to lose weight, pick a weight loss program and follow it to a tee. Give it 100% of your time and effort and it will work. If you begin to modify the program, your success rate begins to diminish. It’s designed the way it is for a reason. Stick to the plan.

(Please trust me here – I see this happen often with my own clients and the results are the same every time – no results).

You can’t expect to earn a degree in Medicine if you begin steering away from the classes necessary to complete such a degree in the same way you can’t expect to lose weight, successfully run a marathon, decrease debt, start a business, or mend a relationship if you’re not following a plan the way it’s been designed to work.

Do the work. Do it right. Do it well.

Good enough isn’t enough. Make it great.

Average effort will get you average results.

If you don’t have the time to do it right the first time, then you’ll have to find the time to do it over.


Don’t Change It

Whatever your out to achieve, either create a plan or find one that you’re comfortable with. There will be dozens to choose from. The best one is the one you decide on, commit to, and follow throug, exactly the way it’s been designed to work. No changes, no modifying.

Stick With It

Go the distance. If you’re following PX90, complete all 90 days. If you’re on a 12 week nutrition plan, stick to it for all 12 weeks, not just 5 days out of the week and exclude weekends. See above – Don’t Change It.

Stop Comparing

There is no benefit in comparing yourself to others. It’s unnecessary and counterproductive. Do not compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 21. Focus on you, your race, your goals, and what you’re out to accomplish. That’s it, nothing else.

Be Honest

You can lie to your personal trainer, running buddies, accountant, or business partner but remember, results don’t lie. Do the work and do it honestly, the results will come as a result of it.

Do what is right, not what is easy, and you’ll achieve all it is you want.


  • Mike, plan the work and work the plan. Great advice. As Jim Rohn says, success is easy, but so is neglect. By the way, are you joining the revolution? This i honestly one of the best presentations I have ever heard. It sounds mind blowing!

    • Hey John! Thanks for your comment and being here. “Plan your work, work your plan” has to be some of the best advice I have ever received. Simple, to the point, effective. Rohn’s quote you mentioned is great as well and so very true. I was fortunate to see Jonathan Fields present his Revolution framework in person. He’s awesome and what he’s created is mind blowing indeed. Just like with any other great plan, nothing happens unless we decide to take action and work the great plan he’s created. Cheers!

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