How To Identify & Squash Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Feeling Healthy, Losing Weight, And Being Successful

The new year is here and in full swing.

I’m curious, how you doing on your goals and commitments?

Me, well… not so good.

My goal of daily meditation started off strong.

Unfortunately, a bad cold has gotten the best of me.

And now, I’m off track big-time.



Of course.

Am I discouraged? Heck no.

I’m not going spend my time and energy focusing on the fact that I got off track.

Instead, I will focus all of my energy on getting back on track and remaining there.

And I encourage you to do the same.

If for whatever reason you’ve gotten off track from your goals already, don’t sweat it.

Focus on getting back on track immediately.

It’s not about how many times we fall, it’s about how many times we get back up.

I’ve already seen several posts and videos this week poking fun at gym goers who have already started to not show up.

People will joke and laugh about it and truth be told, there was a time I was one of those people who laughed and joked about it.

Until I realized one thing…


Everyone Wants To Feel, Look, Live, And Be Their Absolute Best

I mean seriously, who doesn’t right?

If you or I or anyone else for that matter fall off track, that doesn’t mean we’re no longer interested in feeling awesome and energized, confident, and proud of ourselves.

All it means is we have fallen off track.

Instead of beating ourselves up (no need to do that since others will gladly do it for us), and begin making statements that further feed our limiting beliefs, beliefs that hold us back such as….

“I can never stick to a damn plan regardless how hard I try.”

“I always fall off track.”

“I just can’t seem to stay motivated and committed.”

“Things always seem to get in the way and prevent me from sticking to my goals.”

Instead of making these useless and worthless statements that do nothing to help us, I suggest we ask ourselves the following question instead?


What Are My Limiting Beliefs?

In case you’re wondering what limiting beliefs are, they’re beliefs we’ve created for ourselves over the years.

Beliefs that have held us back and continue to hold us back from feeling healthy, losing weight, and achieving success.

Beliefs that limit what we believe is possible.

What we believe we can and can’t do.

What we believe works and doesn’t work.

Beliefs that hinder us, not help us.

If you find yourself constantly falling off track, there’s a very good chance it has very little to do with you and your desire to achieve and succeed at your goals and everything to do with your limiting beliefs.


“Money Is Bad News”

I use to have a limiting belief that money was bad news.

Those who were well off with money were either bad people, selfish, or just cared about themselves.

Beliefs I clearly remember taking on from an early age from listening to the conversation family members would have around me.

It’s no surprise that as I got older, regardless of how hard I worked, I always make just enough to live and never enough to be well off.


Because of my limiting beliefs surrounding money.

Someone who’s trying to lose weight and believes they always put the weight right back on, guess what happens?

They put the weight right back on after losing it.


Because that’s their limiting belief, it’s their script, their blueprint on how things work, “how it is“.

The only reason it’s “how it is” is because we tell ourselves that through our limiting beliefs.

But what if we began telling ourselves a new story, following a new script, a new blueprint?


What If We Replaced Limiting Beliefs With Empowering Ones?

What would happen?

How might that change our results going forward?

Going from “money is bad and only selfish people are well off” to “money helps you live comfortably and helps make a difference in the lives of others.

Going from “Whatever weight I lose I always seem to put right back on” to “Whatever weight I lose will stay off because I am committed to doing all I can to make sure of it“.

If you believe you may have limiting beliefs (as many of us do including myself) that are holding you back from staying on track with your goals or attempting to go after them, here’s a remedy.


Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

1) Identify what you believe may be your limiting beliefs and write them down.

It could be one, it could be several, write them all down.

2) Next, ask yourself how these limiting beliefs have effected you in the past, how they’re effecting you presently, and how they’ll effect you in the future if you continue using them as your blueprint for all you do.

Write this all down and look at what your limiting beliefs have cost you, are costing you, and will cost you if you continue to use them to guide you going forward.

3) Create new empowering beliefs to replace your old limiting beliefs.

We can’t eliminate an old blueprint without a new one to follow.

We need guidance, a script, new marching orders otherwise we will continue to follow our old ones.

4) Enforce these new empowering beliefs every single day going forward.


Will This Be Easy To Do?

No, it will not.

Because it’s new, unknown, unfamiliar to us and we don’t recognize it (yet) even if it is for our own benefit and betterment.

New = scary.

Old = familiar (even if it’s toxic for us, it’s familiar)

Be patient, commit to your new beliefs, look at them and repeat them daily, give them time to become familiar, to become your new blueprint, script, and “how it is”.

Because when you do, things will begin to change and move pretty rapidly for you in your favor.

The weight you thought you couldn’t keep off you’ll be shocked at how you’re able to keep it off.

The motivation you thought you couldn’t keep to stay consistent with an exercise routine will seem to come almost effortlessly.

The well off money that always eluded you (in this case it was me) begins showing up in ways you couldn’t fathom or have imagined.


For Things To Change, Our Limiting Beliefs Must Change

Do me a favor and give some thought to what goals you find you’re falling short of time and time again and explore what limiting beliefs you may have around that particular goal.

Follow these four steps I’ve outlined here to identify and replace all limited beliefs with empowering beliefs.

Not because you have to, you don’t.

There’s nothing you or I have to do.

Do it because you want to.

Because you want to feel good, you want to be healthy, happy, confident, energized, and successful.

Who doesn’t?

You deserve that.

Don’t wait for the right time to identify and get rid of your limiting beliefs either.

Now IS the right time.

Do it now, because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll begin feeling healthier, losing weight, and experiencing success like never before.

You’re awesome…





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