How To Create A Healthy Business Plan That Stands Out & Gets Noticed

Writing out a business plans is serious business.

You ever completed one? 

If you have, huge congrats to you.

I remember my first time, staring at a stack of papers wondering where to begin.

Executive summary, company description, market analysis, financial plan and projections, and a bunch of other sections.

All important data I guess if you’re an investor who’s considering dumping hundreds upon thousands of dollars into a business idea.


Something’s Missing

What surprised me most though was that no where in the business plan did I see a section on health and fitness.

Health and fitness in terms of commitments from the entrepreneur filling out the business plan showing what they will do to stay physically and mentally prepared for the journey ahead.

Take a look at this Forbes article that talks about the 20 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Know About Angel Investors.

No where in there does it mention or ask about how an entrepreneur plans to remain physically and mentally prepared for the journey ahead.

Considering an idea is only as good as its execution, I find this strange.


Light-Bulb Moment

I also find it to be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to stand out from the rest.

To be noticed in a sea on other entrepreneurs all vying for attention, consideration, and ultimately funding.

Think about it, what message are you sending to potential investors when you not only give them a plan for how you’re going to forge the business forward, but also how you plan to keep yourself in optimal shape, physically and mentally, so that you’re at your best every single day?

Who does that?

Who includes a health and fitness section in their business plan showing their commitment to keeping themselves at the top of their game physically and mentally?

No one, that’s who.

And that’s exactly why you should.


Think Differently

If I’m an investor considering several different business plans to invest in and they’re all equally great opportunities, I’m going to invest in the entrepreneur who not only has a solid business plan, but also a plan to keep themselves in peak condition.

I’ll share a story with you of how I used a similar tactic, not for business funding, but to land a job that allowed me to work remotely, doubled my salary, and paid me additional commissions.

Back in 2011 I was working a sales job that I did’t really care for but it paid the bills.

I got a phone call one day from a friend who worked for a competitor of the company I was working for, letting me know there was a sales job opening at her company and that I should apply for it.

It was a great opportunity but there was no way I thought I’d even get considered for the position, let alone get the job.

Here’s why.

First, I didn’t meet the experience qualifications for the position.

Secondly, the position wasn’t definite, it was something the company was considering if they found the right candidate.

And lastly, even if they did find the right candidate, I got word there wasn’t funding available to pay for the position.


Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain

It was a long shot, but I had nothing to lose so I applied for the position.

I also providing them with lots of additional detailed data, more than they had asked for.

What type of data you ask?

In addition to submitting my resume along with completing their company application, I emailed the hiring manager a detailed plan of what my first 90 days at the company would look like.

Here’s a copy of the detailed plan if you’re interested.

This wasn’t something they asked me or any of the other candidates for, this was something I created on my own and sent over.

The plan had all of my projections… the calls I would make, the leads I would generate, the deals I would close, and the revenue I would bring in for the company in my first 90 days there.

To make a long story short, the hiring manager took my detailed 90 day plan to the company’s Vice President of Sales, showed it to him, and said, “Take a look at this, how can we not hire this guy?

How do I know this?

The hiring manager called me the very same day to let me know about it and that they had decided to fly me in for an interview.

Let me remind you, I did’t have the experience they were looking for, the position wasn’t definite, and worst of all, there wasn’t funding for the position.

So what happened?


You’re Hired!

Can you believe that?

They hired me.

No more cubicle hell for me since I would be now be working remotely.

I also doubled my salary, was paid monthly commissions, and got my phone paid for along with a stipend for internet access and travel.

All of this because of a detailed 90 day plan I provided that was’t required but that I took upon myself to create and submit.

A 90 day plan that none of the other candidates took the time to notice wasn’t a requirement in the application process but what would be the game changer and what made the difference.


When More Is More

Just because a business plan doesn’t ask for what your health and fitness plan will be going forward in order to be at your best, does’t mean you shouldn’t include one.

In fact, you and I would be crazy not to.

Not just for the sake of the investors and putting ourselves in a favorable position to land funding, but for ourselves as well.

To assure that we are at our best physically and mentally every single day.

Successful entrepreneurs know that there is direct correlation between maintaining good health and success, both personally and professionally.

That’s because study after study continues to show us that there is in fact a direct correlation between fitness and success.

We’re talking increased productivity, enhanced ability to solve problems, superior stamina & energy, reduced stress and fatigue, all of which leads to better overall performance.

According to a study out of the University of Georgia, improved fitness levels is directly attributed to better ability to focus, improved confidence, and enhanced ability to follow through.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it, why investors wouldn’t want to see an entrepreneurs health and fitness plan going forward before investing tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t wait to be asked for such information.



Not because you have to (you don’t) or because it’s a required section in your business plan (it’s not) but because you’re serious about yourself, your health, your business, and your success.

It’s just a matter of time before a health & fitness plan become a requirement in all business plans.

But why wait until it’s a requirement to submit such valuable information along with your business plan?

Why not do it now, when it’s not required, when no one else is doing it, when it’ll for sure help to differentiate you from the rest?

It doesn’t have to be complicated either.

In your plan, show details of what exercising 5 days per week, 30-45 minutes each time, will look like.

It could be that on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you head to the gym for strength training and on Tuesday and Thursday, you focus on running for cardiovascular exercise.

Be as detailed as possible too.

Not just to let the investors who are reviewing your business plan know you’re serious and mean business, but for yourself as well.

So that you know exactly what, when, and how much exercise you’re committed to doing each and every day to feel and be at your absolute best.

Break down each of your strength training days showing what exercises you will do, how many sets, reps, and perhaps even weight.

Do the same for your cardiovascular exercise.

Show what exercise you will do for cardiovascular whether it’s running, elliptical, or swimming, whatever it may be and for how long as well.

Take it a step further and include a nutritional plan you will follow showing what and how you will eat.

Here’s a detailed example you can download, change, and use for yourself.


Too Much Maybe?

If you think this may be taking it too far, you ever hear of a fella named Tom Brady?

The quarterback for the New England Patriots?

Love him or hate him, he’s a winner and an incredible case study to consider.

No where in his contract does it state how and what he must eat every single day.

Do you think that stops him from planning out his nutrition, how and what he will eat daily, so that he’s at his best, feeling his best, physically and mentally, so that he’s able to perform at his very best?

That answer to that is no, it doesn’t, but he does it anyways.

It’s no surprise the guy is a 4-time Super Bowl Champion.

When it comes to feeling and being your best and showing investors you’re worth their time and money, there’s no such thing as taking it too far.


Put Yourself In A Position To Win

Put yourself in as position where you have investors asking themselves, “how can I not invest” versus “why should I invest?

Do that and you can forget changing the game.

You’ll own the game.





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