How To Become A Morning Person, Increase Your Energy, Double Productivity, & Never Miss Another Workout Again

You ever wonder what makes someone a “morning person“?

Why some people consider themselves “morning people” and others do not?

I use to always wonder that.

I mean, is it a unique trait some are born with?

Being a morning person myself, I’ve often asked myself…


What Makes Me A Morning Person?

The answer I discovered ended up being much simpler than I though it was.

I’m a morning person because I choose to be.

I’d like to think there’s a unique trait I was born with but nope, not the case.

I’m a morning person because that’s who I’ve decided to be.

Those who don’t consider themselves morning people aren’t morning people because that’s who they’ve decided they are not.

It makes sense to me, how about you?

If I tell myself I’m lazy, a procrastinator, and always late… guess what kind of person I’ll be?

I’ll be who I’ve told myself and others I am… A lazy procrastinator who’s always late.

Even though I’m a morning person now, it wasn’t always that way.


Becoming A Morning Person

When I first moved out to San Diego and began training clients, I was training at all different hours of the day.

This including 5am sessions which meant I had to wake up at 4am several times per week.

To say I was miserable during those 4am mornings would be an understatement.

I was miserable because I wasn’t a morning person.

I got to the point where I got sick of starting my day feeling miserable.

I decided I could either stop seeing clients that early in the morning and lose half my client base or, I could change what I believed.


I Began Believing I Was A Morning Person

That I enjoyed getting up early, before the rest of the world was up.

That I was getting a head start on the day.

That I was making a difference in the lives of those I was serving.

That I was building my business, making money, and paying off debt all at the time.

I decided to make it a point to make this my focus going forward versus…

“It’s so early and I’m so tired, why am I up?”

“This is miserable, how did I get so unlucky having to train clients this early in the morning?”

“No one else is up right now, why the heck am I?”

But how though?

How does someone just begin believing they’re a morning person?


I Changed What I Focused On

I made the decision to focus on all the awesome reasons to be up early at 4am versus on all the reasons why it was terrible and how it made me miserable.

When I first got started, I would have done anything to have had the amount of consistent clients I had per week.

Now here I was complaining and miserable about the very thing I use to wish for… more clients, more money, more business.

Because I was focused on it being early, me being tired and not able to sleep in.

I wasn’t focused on the fact I had a great client base that was consistent, reliable, and had my business thriving.

By changing what I focused on, it changed how I felt.

It didn’t take me long to become a morning person after changing what I focused on.

This after telling myself for years that I was not a morning person.

I became a morning person because of what I chose to focus on.


Double Productivity

In addition to me changing my focus and mindset from thinking I wasn’t a morning person to becoming one, my productivity also went through the roof.

Here’s how.

Where I would typically be dragging to see early morning clients a few times a week, I added more early morning clients to my schedule.

I increased the amount of days I was up at 4am training clients from 3 days per week to 6 days.

Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

Because I felt energized, alive, on fire, and unstoppable.

Changing what I focused on changed how I felt about my early morning training sessions.

And it wasn’t only my productivity that exploded as a result of changing what I focused on.

So did my business, my income, and business opportunities.


Less Distractions

There are way less distractions in the early morning hours.

This is a huge advantage that all morning people know and love.

Less distractions allows us to achieve more because of minimal interruptions.

It’s during the early morning hours after a good nights sleep that our brain is at its best.

It’s fully rested, fully charged, and ready to get things done quickly and more efficiently.

There are plenty of studies too that show how morning people tend to be better at making decisions, planning, and effective goal setting as well.

Is waking up early easy to do?

Of course not.

But is it worth it though?

One million percent yes.


Never Miss Another Workout

It’s no surprise that waking up early has been shown time and time again to reduce our chances of missing a workout.

Exercising in the afternoon or evening after work is certainly an option, no question.

However, after a long day of work, meetings, calls, travel, and scheduled social plans, the probability of us going to workout decreases drastically as opposed to exercising first thing in the morning,

If you want to substantially increase your odds of sticking to a regular exercise routine – become a morning person and exercise first thing in the morning.

Yes you’re going to feel sleepy when waking up early.

Yes you’re going to want to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

Yes it’s more comfortable in bed.

Know this is going to happen, expect it, welcome it, and get up regardless.

Do so knowing that it’s well worth it and that by exercising first thing in the morning, you are energizing your body and getting it ready to take on the day.

It doesn’t have to be a long workout either.

Just a quick 10 minute exercise routine will increase your energy, productivity, and have you on a natural high ready to take on the day.

Here’s an example below of a quick 10 minute workout you can complete anywhere.

It requires no equipment and will give you the benefits of cardio, weight training, and stretching all in one.

Perform each exercise (10 total) listed below once for one minute each.

Jogging in place



Alternating Lunges


Single Arm Tricep Press

Abdominal Bicycles

Abdominal Plank

Stretch #1

Stretch #2


Are You A Morning Person?

If you are, what do you focus on when you’re up that early?

If you’re not, what do think about and focus on when you think about getting up that early?

If we asked both individuals, it’s safe to say there would be a distinct difference between what each of them focuses on when it comes to getting up early.

We can apply this to many other aspects of our health and wellness and the decisions we make.

When it comes to eating clean nourishing foods, what do you focus on?

Do you focus on the foods you’re giving up, the foods you can’t eat, how you’re being deprived and missing out on unhealthy delicious foods?

Or do you focus on how great you’ll feel, physically and mentally, after eating a clean healthy meal?

How you’ll feel more confident and energized for the day, proud of what you’re wearing, how you’re wearing it, and how you feel about yourself?

When it comes to running a race such as a 5K or a marathon, what do you focus on?

The pesky weekly training schedule, the sore muscles, the rainy days, the long mileage?

Or do you focus on the runners high you feel after a run, the confidence you develop along the way, the sense of accomplishment that comes with pushing yourself physically and mentally?


What Do You Focus On?

A simply yet very important question.


Because what we focus on, we feel.

Focus on the negative, on all the hard work, energy, effort necessary to succeed, and we’ll never leave the ground to give it a try, whatever it may be.

Focus on all the good, all the positives associated with taken action, whatever action that may be, and you won’t need anyone pushing you.

You’ll naturally be pulled to take action.

You’ll naturally become a morning person.

You’ll naturally eat healthy clean nourishing foods.

You’ll naturally push yourself (physically and mentally) out of your comfort zone.

All because of what you choose to focus on.

Regardless of our circumstances or conditions, it is us who decides who we are by what we choose to focus on. 

Knowing this, let’s focus only on what we want, and nothing else.

You’re awesome…





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