How I Surrounded Myself With People Who Refuse To Let Me Fail

Are you unhappy?

Not feeling fulfilled?

Seeking motivation?

Craving encouragement?

Looking for a change?

Unfortunately, I use to feel like this until I came across an online course that changed it all for me.


Live Your Legend

It’s rare for me to come across an online product or service that I think is worth paying for and that I believe can actually make a difference and deliver on the claims it makes. Although an optimist, I’m also a skeptic when it comes to different products and services offered online, designed and intended to help you. I can’t help but think that it’s probably just someone out to make a quick buck with no real concern or desire to genuinely help those purchasing their product or service.


How I Discovered Live Your Legend & Connect With Anyone

After making a move across country from San Diego to Boston and leaving behind a health and fitness business I built from the ground up and successfully operated for 10 years, I decided that my physical location would never again jeopardize my ability to help and serve others as I had done for the previous 10 years. In my mind there was only one way to make that happen, and that was to take my business online.

After several months of researching, reading, comparing, and deliberating on how and where I should start, I wasn’t getting anywhere. The online world of doing business and serving others was foreign to me. I was clueless of where to begin and didn’t know anyone that was in that space either. Frustrating as you can imagine.

By a stroke of luck, I somehow came across Scott Dinsmore’s website and the Connect With Anyone Course.


An Online Course Like No Other

After discovering Scott’s website, I was immediately interested and intrigued with his message, his views, his ideas, his willingness to share his own stories and experiences. This wasn’t one of many courses I had previously come across where my skepticism was through the roof. There was something different about Scott, his approach, his message, and his willingness to help. His blog posts always contained valuable material, messages, and takeaways.

Before I ever even considering taking the Connect with Anyone course, I developed a strong sense of trust for Scott and what he stood for, what he believed, and how he was helping others to find and do the work that matters to them, that makes them happy, and connecting them with others who shared the same values and beliefs who could help one another.


My Experience With The Course

connect-pre-launch-bannerSigning up and completing the course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was a game changer for me. It helped me identify what I wanted, want I needed to do, and the surroundings I needed to make it happen. It put me in the right environment, with the right people, and the right mindset necessary go after and create real genuine connections. It provided me with a group of other amazing individuals also pursuing their own dreams, goals, and passions.

It provided me with guidance and a highly productive framework to follow, steps to take, and weekly action items all geared towards getting me one step closer to surrounding myself with the right people so that I could begin doing the work that I love.


How It Helped Me

Connect With Anyone helped me realize by making it abundantly clear that our surroundings, our environment, the people who we choose to spend our time with, play a huge role in what we believe and therefore what we achieve. Environment is everything.


“The quickest way to do something you think can’t be done is to spend time around the people already doing it.”

~ Scott Disnmore ~


As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t know anyone personally that was helping and working with people online and therefore no one to ask questions to, lean on, or go to for advise. I had no one to help me take the first step into a world that was unknown to me. Connect With Anyone changed all of that. It wasn’t long before I started connecting with people who were part of the online space I too wanted to become a part of. People who were serving others with their talents and services online, who were making a difference doing work they loved and that mattered to them.

I went from not having a clue where to begin, to being surrounded by people ready and willing to tell me what, where, and when to do it. I went from thinking this new world of helping and serving others online may not be possible or for me, to thinking this world is completely possible and absolutely for me. Amazing what our surrounding can do for us.


Is Connect With Anyone For You?

  • If you’re looking to make real genuine connections with others including some of your dream connections, this course is for you.
  • If you’re an introvert looking to meet others and belong to a community where you are welcomed and supported, this course is for you.
  • If you’re serious about creating long lasting friendships, this course is for you.
  • If you’re ready to surround yourself with those who are all ready and willing to help you succeed, this course is for you.
  • If you’re serious about doing work that matters to you and that makes you happy, this course is for you.


What The Course Is Not

  • If you’re looking for a get rich quick solution, this course isn’t for you.
  • If you’re looking to network with others, this course isn’t for you. (it’s about connecting, not networking).
  • If you’re looking to pitch or sell your products or services to others in the forums and within your mastermind group, this course isn’t for you.
  • If you aren’t disciplined enough to follow and complete course material, this course isn’t for you.
  • If you’re mindset is “what can others do for me”, this course isn’t for you.



All members start at the same time to review the material and complete weekly action items.

Member Forums to report the results from your actions so that everyone continues to learn from each other.

Mastermind Groups providing weekly support and accountability.

Course modules that are spaced out weekly given you enough time to complete each weeks action items.

Weekly motivational and instructional videos.

Applicable course material you can start using immediately in real life.

Several video interviews that alone, could be a course in itself.

Templates and drafts readily available for your own personal use.

Readily accessible Connection Crew to help with any question or concern.

Live coaching calls with Scott himself.

Lifetime membership and access.



The course is expensive (but worth every penny).

Navigating through the forums can be a bit confusing at first.

Not all members participate in the forums.

Certain material can seem and feel like it’s just common sense (no such thing as too much common sense).


Would I take the course again? YES

Would I recommend this course? ABSOLUTELY


My Results

This course did more for me than I can explain in a single blog post but I will do my best to summarize.

I had an idea for an online wellness community I wanted to build but no idea where to even begin.

I started the course and immediately began to connect with others within the member forums who were also out to do work that mattered to them. I finally realized I wasn’t alone and had all the support I would need.

Within this community, I asked questions, shared my ideas and stories, provided insight into other member questions as well as received insight in return from others. Most importantly, I began to create real, genuine connections and friendships.

The course material gave me the confidence and direction I needed in terms of where to direct my energy.

It helped me understand how adding value to the lives of everyone, not just family, friends, and clients, but everyone would pay me back in ways I could never have imagined.

I began connecting with others who I use to think I had no shot at connecting with whose work I admired and respected.

I began to believe in all that was possible and all I could do and create with my new found friends and their encouragement, their guidance, and support.

It led me to create this awesome community we’re all a part of today, The Wellness Bucket.


Additional Insights

Just like anything else, you get what you put into it.

The material, the message, the videos, the modules, the course content, everything is designed to help you meet and connect with others, to make real genuine connections that begin to open up new doors of opportunity that you may never have thought existed.

CWAOut of the 8 Dream Connections I identified early off in the course as part of an action item, I have connected with 5 of them. Not just connecting through Twitter and Facebook either, I’m talking real live in person connections and friendships.

As many of you know, I’m a stronger believe that Impossible is Nothing.


When you surround yourself with the right people, genuine people, those who believe what you believe, who share the same values, who support you, motivate you, encourage you, and simply refuse to let you fail…. Once you find these people, these connections, your tribe, it’s inevitable that you too will begin to think and believe that….




To read more about Scott Dinsmore and his Connect With Anyone course, please visit his website here.


Important Disclaimer / Please Read

I am in no way financially benefiting by endorsing Scott Dinsmore and his Connect With Anyone course. I’m doing so because of the difference and impact it’s made in my life. Maybe it can do the same for you too.

 Image Credit: Live Your Legend

  • Mike, thanks for another great post and your positive energy. Will definitely take a look at the course and will come up if I have any questions;)

    Also, thanks for reminding us of the fact that “impossible is nothing”!


    • Thanks for your words Tracy and awesome comments, I appreciate it. Definitely do take a look at the course and don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime if I can help answer any questions or address any concerns. Don’t worry, I promise I will keep reminding you and all of us that, Impossible Is Nothing! Cheers!

  • Another great post, Mike! I love your enthusiasm here. I love Scott’s message as well but haven’t taken his course. Now I’m intrigued and have to check it out!

    • You’re awesome Anne, thank you! Scott’s message is indeed a great and positive one and I highly recommend you giving it a look. It’s amazing what we begin to think is possible when we surround ourselves with people who are doing what we once thought was impossible…powerful stuff.

  • Mike,

    I’m with you 100% with this article. You can never do it all by yourself. You need people, the right people around to push you forward to accomplish your goals!

  • What an amazing post to read Mike. And seeing what you’ve done with CWA has been surreal. Thanks for laying it all out there. Means more than you realize. Loved hanging with you at WDS and so cool to see your community really taking shape. I know this is just the beginning!


    • Thanks for your comments and words Scott, I really do appreciate it. It was a pleasure to write this post. Your Connect With Anyone course has made such an impact in my life that it only made sense to share it and get the word out to others so that they too can hopefully experience what I experienced. It was awesome getting the opportunity to meet up at WDS as well, I had a blast! Thanks again. There is no question that the best has is to come. Cheers!

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