Here’s How To Make Sure You Have A Productive Week (And Validate It Too)

I’ve been asking myself the same question every single week for as long as I can remember.

And that question is…

Did I have a productive week?

Lately though I’ve been wonderful how to even answer that question.

I mean, productive in what? What does productive or being productive even mean?


Does it even matter whether or not we have a productive week?

Everyone has their own definition of what being productive means.

What I view as being productive is most likely different than what you view as being productive and vice versa.

And yes, it actually does matter whether or not we have a productive week and here’s why.

When we have a productive week, chances are we’ve made progress towards whatever it is we’re looking to make progress towards.

Progress towards losing weight.

Progress towards getting your body physically conditioned to run a marathon.

Progress towards starting a new business.

Progress towards finding a new and fulfilling career.

Progress towards better relationships with family and friends.

Regardless of what you’re progressing towards, it’s the progress your’re making (not the actual end result) that’ll bring you happiness.

Achieving anything we set out to achieve will excite us of course – for a brief moment.

The only thing that’ll keep us happy long-term is knowing that we’re making progress towards whatever it is we’re out to achieve.

Joy and fulfillment comes from making progress and not from being perfect, getting it all right, or achieving massive success.


Making Progress = Happiness

Change is automatic, we know that.

Things around us are constantly changing, we are constantly changing.

And while change is automatic – progress is not.

That’s up to us to decide if and how we progress.

So how do you know if you’re making progress?

The best way I know to do that is to create and follow small sustainable daily habits that tie into whatever goals you have.

Here’s some examples…

Goal: Lose weight

Daily Habit: Exercise 20 minutes every day.

Goal: Run a marathon

Daily Habit: Whatever your training plan calls for that day.

Goal: New career

Daily Habit: Practice and learn new skills (photography, public speaking, etc).

Goal: New business

Daily Habit: Read or connect to others already in that space.

Goal: Better relationships with family and friends

Daily Habit: Reach out to one person every day just to say hello and see how they’re doing.


Pick Your Daily Habits

The only way to know what daily habits to make your own it to first know what your goals are.

Once you’ve decided on what your goals are, pick one small sustainable daily habit that will feed each one of your goal every single day.

When you do that and are completing all of your small sustainable habits daily, you’ll no longer have to worry or wonder whether or not you had a productive week.

You’ll know it was productive and best of all, you’ll feel it too.

​​​​​​​​​Thanks for being here.




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