Here’s How To Get Yourself Out Of A “I’m Just Not Feeling It” Kind Of Mood And Into A Productive One

I’m curious, what fires you up?

Is it listening to music? Exercising? Inspiring videos or book?

When you’re fired up, what does it feel like?

Do you stand taller? Smile more? Feel like there’s nothing you can’t do?

We’re all unique in terms of what fires us up and how we feel when we’re in that state.


When You’re Just Not “Feeling It”

I often mention the importance of us putting ourselves in a certain physical and mental state, a “feeling it” state, reason being…

In order to give ourselves the best chance at achieving our goals, we must first put ourselves in a winning physical and mental state.

The best weight loss plan, business plan, financial plan, relationship plan, whatever plan.. it matters little if the state we’re in is a negative one and we just aren’t “feeling it“.


What Gets You Into A Winning “State“?

I don’t mean a state in terms of New York, Texas, or California either.

I’m referring to a state in terms of a mental and physical state where you condition your body to be at it’s best, to deliver, achieve, and ultimately succeed.

I just recently identified what gets me into my winning state.

Whenever I want to get myself in a strong state that gives me the best chance at being successful, whether it’s right before training a client, having a coaching call, being interviewed, giving a talk, or hosting a Fitcamp….

I change my state by jumping up and down and repeatedly saying, “come on, you got this!

I usually end up doing this for a good 10-30 seconds depending on how nervous I am or how fired up I’m looking to get myself.

Of course I don’t do this in front of my clients (haha) but right before I see and meet with them.

If I’m driving to see a client, give a talk, or host a Fitcamp where I can’t jump up and down, I’ll instead play music that fires me up, dance, move, whatever it may be in my car seat to the beat of the music while again, repeating the words, “come on, you got this!

I can only image what other people who drive by and see me must be thinking…. “That poor guy must be nuts“.


Crazy Is The New Normal

Yes, of course I’m nutty… but in a good way. 🙂

I use this same state altering technique whenever I’m hesitant or fearful of doing something, whether it’s riding a roller coaster, jump into a freezing cold shower or ocean, or even sky diving.

We all have something we do to alter our state to get us pumped up to do something.

What is that for you?

What do you do to change your state that gets you fired up to do something?

Give some thought to that and identify what that is and if you’re comfortable doing so, share it in the comments below.

Everyone is different and has their own way of getting into “state”.

Here’s a 60 second way you can use to get into “state”

Whenever I’m contemplating whether or not to go for a run (yes I do this as well) or just kick back and have a glass of wine…. my state will always determine which one I do.

If I’m low energy, walking slowly around the house, looking down, saying to myself or to Kristen my girlfriend, “I’m just not feeling it to go for a run“, there’s a 50% chance or less I’ll go for a run.

The reason I’m not “feeling it” is because my state isn’t letting me feel it.

If on the other hand, I change my state by jumping up and down and saying to myself repeatedly, “come on, you got this“, 10 out of 10 times I’ll go for that run.

And by the way, I still end up having that glass of wine, but after the run 🙂


Motion Effects Our Emotion

If we want or need to “feel it” in order for us to do something, it requires that we move.

Moving ourselves physically moves our mindset emotionally.

Movement is the fastest way to change our state that puts us in a position to be successful.

We often look at it through the opposite end of the telescope and say….

If only I felt motivated I would go and exercise.

When actually it’s more like…

If I go exercise I will feel more motivated.

Next time you’re fired up to do something, make a mental note of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it to get fired up.

This is your own specific state-changing routine.

Identify it, own it, and then use it whenever you want to put yourself in a position (a state) to achieve and be successful.

And if you need help identifying or creating a state-changing routine, reach out to me hereI promise to help you.

Thanks for being here.




  • Great post – and I am about the same – as soon as I put my body in motion, it wants to stay in motion. Also, a lot of mental pep talk goes on up there (and you’re right, it sounds like I am a crazy person) 😉

    • Thanks Kristen! 🙂 You’re awesome and I appreciate it. You’re comment about when you’re body is put in motion it tends to want to stay in motion reminds me of Newton’s first law of motion which essentially says the exact same thing 🙂 Great minds think alike… Cheers!

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