Here’s 5943 Words I listened To Consistently Throughout 2015 And Why

I’m a big believer in that we become what we believe, listen to, and focus on most.

There’s truth to the statement we attract what we think about most.

What we think about most becomes our belief system.

It’s our belief system that then forms our guiding principles.


What Are Your Guiding Principles?

We all have our own set of unique guiding principles that have been (and continue to be) shaped by what we see, what we experience, and what we listen to.

Unfortunately for me, I grew up listening to bullshit messages from grade school teachers telling me I wasn’t good enough or smart enough.

Because of these messages, I grew up believing that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough and the effects from these beliefs trickled into all areas of my life.

We’re talking relationships, career, finances, confidence, self-esteem – the whole nine yards.

Crazy right? How what we listen to can impact us in such a big way.


The Impact Of What We Listen To Is Either Positive Or Negative

Unfortunately the messages I was listening to and being fed as kid, about not being good enough or smart enough, impacted me and my life in a negative way.

“You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough.”

With lots of hard work and surrounding myself with the right people over the years, my beliefs and guiding principles are much more positive these days.

I want to keep it that way too.

I constantly reinforce my beliefs and guiding principles through writing, reading, connecting with like minded people, and being very particular and deliberate with what I choose to listen to.

I decide what I listen to.

This includes messages from family and friends, TV, radio shows, podcasts, music, any kind of audio or video message.

I’m cautious because I know ultimately, we become what we believe and our beliefs are largely shaped by what we hear and what we choose to listen to.

Because I believe so strongly in the power of what we listen to, how it shapes our believes, actions, and outcomes, I’ve been very deliberate this year with what I listen to.

So much so that every run, walk, hike, or workout I set out to complete this past year, I’ve listening to the same audio message on my iPod, the same 5943 words, over and over again.

A little crazy? Maybe.


5943 Words

My idea was (and still is) this…. I want the words, the messages, the ideas that exist in these 5943 words to permeate through me, to become who I am, what I am, what I do, how I think, how I act, what I say, how I respond, what I believe, and ultimately, who I become.

I’ll share with you this audio below containing all 5943 words.

It’s a compilation of messages, speeches, interviews, quotes, ideas, and events from several different sources such as motivational speakers, athletes, actors, etc.

The reason I know it’s 5943 words is because I decided to take on the crazy task of transcribing the entire audio message for you in the event you prefer to read it.

Whether you listen to the audio and the associated video (which I suggest since it’s more powerful), or read all 5943 words of it – what matters is that you take it in.


Listen To The Words, Messages, Ideas, And Suggestions

Make it part of your belief system and guiding principles because if and when you do, they’ll be nothing you can’t do or accomplish when you set your mind to doing it.

That is why I committed this entire year to listening to these words and messages, so that my belief system would be such that whatever it is I chose to do, I would do with a conviction that I could not and would not stop until I achieved what I set out to do.

There’s nothing we can’t do when we create a winning mindset and have the necessary guiding principles to help get us there.

Give the video below a listen or read the transcription – once, twice, or the entire year if you have to.

Whatever it takes to create the mindset that’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be.

The video is 43 minutes long.

It’s worth the time because you’re worth it.

Whether you read it, watch it, or listen to it – get comfortable, clear your mind, and just listen…

Listen with your heart, with your mind, with you ears… just listen.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.



Most of us go through life pretending, that we don’t have any special goals, ambitions, or desires, when really deep down inside we do really want more.

We block ourselves and we use these words almost like we are in a trance, like we’re sleep walking through life, that we find ways to cancel out our dreams.

There’s a lot of things that we want to do, a lot of places we would like to go, a lot of things that we would like to experience, and we just stop at, “but”.

“But” will cause you to hide out behind fear, “but” will cause you to come up with all type of excuses that you can validate your inaction and not acting on your dream.

“But” is a dream killer.

But most people, you know what they do? Most people go through life quietly and safely tiptoeing to an early grave.

We’ve been holding back, we have ideas that we don’t act on, things we want to do, we’re afraid to take chances.

See a lot of people say no to things that they don’t even know what they’re saying no to.

Don’t allow “but” to keep you in the corner.

There are a lot of people who say, “but I tried once or twice, and it didn’t work out”.

And so they use that as an excuse not to ever come out again.

Even if things don’t work out, even if I experience defeat or failure, that does not make me a failure.

There’s a difference between failing and being a failure.

If things don’t work out, if you don’t produce the results you want, that’s all.

But don’t confuse who you are with the results that you produce.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have, and never be satisfied.

Yeah don’t get satisfied with yourself. Always know that wherever you are you can enjoy more that you deserve more.

Why don’t you decide now that you’re going to expand your world, that if other people can learn, you can learn too.

See if you’re working on your dream, sure there are gonna be times you want to give up, sure there will be times when life will knock you down and catch you on the blind side, but the challenge is to hold on, and if you hold on tenaciously, I say the universe is on your side.

See if you don’t decide to act on your dream, if you don’t decide to make a decision to live your life, if you don’t decide to step into your fears, if you don’t decide to say yes to your life….

It’ll never work for you.

You’ve got to live what’s in you, life is just too short and unpredictable but what do we say… “but there will always be tomorrow”.

Oh no, there’s no guarantees you’re going to show up tomorrow.

There’s always something there to build a case on why you can’t move on, why you can’t grow to the next level, why you can’t begin to manifest your greatness, why you can’t begin to live life on your terms – that you’re going to say, it’s not worth it?

Yes, that’s going to be right there for you, it’s going to be in your face, telling you to go back, so if you want to do something, if you thought about something you want to do, take it head on… life will never be the same again.

Live your dream.

(New Message)

Is it possible to have all your dreams become a reality in your lifetime?

Yes it is possible, but the real question you should be asking yourself is, have you made the decision?

(New Message)

Before April 1954, the common belief, the universal belief, because it had been tried, again and again and again and people had failed, the belief was that man was not physically capable of breaking the four minute barrier.

That he could not run a mile in less than four minutes.

When something happens to them, they begin to believe that’s the way it is, that’s the way it’s always been, and they can’t see the possibility of it being any different.

Roger Banister came along, and he broke the four minute barrier.

Since that time, up to this day, over 20,000 people have done it including high school kids.

20,000 people!… what changed?

Here’s what happened when they got on the track, they knew it had been done, and because they knew it had been done, there was a new belief. About this barrier that was unreachable.

And those 20,000 people got in a race believing, knowing in the hearts that someone had done it, that it’s possible, that they could do it.

If someone can make their dream become a reality than you can make your dream become a reality.

(New Message)

Eyesight and mind sight.

Eyesight is judging one what you see, judging according to appearances, but mind sight is how you interpret what you see.

One guy said, “it’s not possible, it’s over, I’m finished, I can’t do it, I can’t make it.”

He surrendered.

“I faced rejection again and again and again, I’m not going anymore, they are no jobs out there.”

But this other guy, he felt that in spite of the no’s and rejections, despite of how bad the economy is, in spite of what the newspapers are saying, that it’s possible.

That somebody, somewhere, will give me a job – he just kept going, thinking it was possible.

Guess what ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we have to do with our dreams.

Because things happen to you in life that you can never ever anticipate and many times when those things happen, you wanna give up.

Easy it not an option.

It’s hard living, life is hard.

See it’s hard when you are 49 years old, been working on a job for 17 years and they come in and tell you you’re finished and give you one weeks severance pay, and you gotta start all over again.

It’s hard handling just the tragedies of life. It’s hard when you’re working on something and you put everything you have in it, and it doesn’t work out.

You lose your money and other people’s money.

You know what I’ve discovered? When you’re working at your dream, somebody said the harder the battle the sweeter the victory. It’s good to you, watch.

See what you become in the process, is more important than the dream.

That’s far more important; the kind of person you become, the character that you build, the courage that you develop, the faith that you manifest.

Oh, it’s something that you get up in the morning, you look yourself in the mirror, you’re a different kind of person, you walk with a different kind of spirit.

You’ve got to have that kind of courage, that type of determination.

If you wanna make it happen, it’s you. You’ve got to take personal responsibility to make it happen.

You must have faith, you’ve gotta believe in yourself, you’ve got to believe in your abilities, you’ve got to believe in your service, your company, your ideas, unquestionably.

You gotta have faith, and that faith gives you patience.

That it’s not going to happen as quickly as you want it to happen.

(New Message)

It’s your dream, if you want it to happen, get your butt up and make it happen.

If you want it to happen, rise and grind.

I dare you not to go back to sleep. I dare you to get up, and I dare you to chase your dreams.

(New Message)

It’s possible you could win.

Whatever comes to you, don’t run from it, don’t try and duck it like most people do, step towards it.

You wanna make your dream come true you gotta stay focused, some people rather get even than get ahead. Stay focused on where you want to go.

Where you going with you life.

(New Message)

You heard me tell the story with the lion and the gazelle. If you’re still stuck, you’re a gazelle – you are a gazelle. You need something to motivate you.

What happens to the gazelle when the lion isn’t chasing him? What happens is nothing.

He stops running why? Because he always needs something external to motivate him.

There are a lot of people, you’re not successful in life, not because you don’t have talent, not because you don’t have skills, but your character isn’t right.

And I’ve told you this before, that if you’re not careful, your talent will take you places that your character can’t keep you.

So what’s your motive?

The reason why you can’t get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, the reason why I say get up at 6 and you’re looking at me like I’m crazy, is because you don’t have this thing that’s driving you, that’s pushing you to say no to the alarm clock and wake up. No to the snooze button.

When you get that extra assignment, that extra lap, the reason you can’t do it is because you don’t know how to write through that motive that’s pushing the action.

What’s your why?

Someone came up to me and he said, “E.T. man I’m tired, I’ve put in the work E.T. I’m not seeing the results. I did what you told me to do, I read the book you told me to read.

I put in the hours you told me to put in. E, I’m doing it and not seeing anything.

Listen to me closely…

Why do you do what you do and that’s so important. It’s not enough just to be a doctor. You’ve got doctors who’ve got terrible bedside manners, terrible.

You’ve got lawyers who are skilled but arrogant.

We’re talking about character right now. What’s your motive?

What moves you, what drives you?

And whatever it is sports, life, business, whatever it is, health. Listen to me very closely, you’ve gotta change that mindset.

Even in your action while your action is good, you’ve got to ask – what drives it, what guides it, what moves it, what’s the spirit behind it, what’s the reason behind it, what’s the purpose behind it.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, when you don’t have nothing left in your tank, you’ve got to think about the people in your life that you’re doing it for.

And if you can think about them, you can go one more mile, you can go one more day at work, you can find a scholarship.

Listen to me, when you’re doing it for somebody else, when you like that lion, if I don’t grind I don’t eat.

This is it, I can’t. I wish I could back off but it’s 4th quarter. I wish I could tell you something else, I wish I could tell you you’re tired, go take a break.

I wish I could tell you, you’re tired, rest for a year. I wish I could tell you that it’s going to have easier.

I wish I could tell you it’s going to get easier. I wish I could tell you that if you just keep going, it’s going to get lighter, that the weight is going to get lighter. I wish I could tell you that but that’s not the truth.

The truth is, you got to find something within. You gotta find something within, and that’s got to push you, and that’s got to elevate you, and that’s got to drive you, and that’s got to move you.

And when you find out what your why is, your why’s gotta be deeper than you.

When you find your why, you don’t hit snooze no more. When you find your why, you find a way to make it happen.

(New Message)

It’s time for you to, look within yourself and decide, that I’m in charge of my destiny, I’m in charge here.

It’s time to face yourself, and talk to yourself in the mirror, and I’m not going to allow anyone to turn me around.

I am determined that I’m going to make it.

The time for just wishing has passed, the time for doing, that’s the time right now.

Time for acting on your dream.

Find out what it is you want and go after it like your life depends on it.

We can decide to take charge of our own destiny, and begin to truly live our dreams.

(New Message)

Listen to me closely… when you get to the point where enough is enough, when you get to the point where you’re hurt real bad, when you get to the point you can’t take it no more, when you get to that point…

I’m telling you, I can’t explain it to you – but doors start opening, opportunities start happening, but what you cannot not do, is you cannot quit doing the process.

You cannot give up because it isn’t what you see. You cannot give up.

Champions keep going when they don’t have anything left in their tank.

That’s the difference between the greats, that’s what separates them. When they don’t have no more.

When it’s over. When they’re tired, when they’re frustrated, when they’re ready to give up, when they’ve spent their last dime, that’s when they get started.

Are you hearing me?

It’s when you have nothing left, it’s when you’ve depleted all your money, when all you energy is gone, when you have nothing left, that’s when it’s showtime.

When you find a way out of no way. When you find breath that you don’t have. When you find energy that did not exist.

When you want this thing as bad as you wanna breath.

(New Message)

So I ask you, what do you intend to do now?

(New Message)

When you have a dream, it often doesn’t come at you screaming in your face.

Dreams always come from behind you not right between your eyes, it sneaks up on you.

Sometimes a dream almost whispers, it whispers, it never shouts, very hard to hear.

So you have to every day of your lives be ready to hear what whispers in your ear, it very rarely shouts.

(New Message)

That moment in time was one of the darkest moments I’ve had in my whole life.

My motivation was out to door, I just wanted to give up.

(New Message)

I need you to be who you supposed to be.

Don’t let nobody stop you from being who you supposed to be

Don’t let nobody out talk you.

Don’t let anybody tell you, that doors are shut.

Don’t let anybody tell you, that opportunities don’t exist.

Don’t let anybody tell you that.

I need you to be, who you supposed to be, cause when you are who you supposed to be – you are superhuman.

(New Message)

I don’t wanna to delude you, because this is a career ending injury.

(New Message)

Listen to me, you got fear and you got faith.

And I’ve decided not to walk in fear, but to walk in faith.

There is greatness in you.

Are you hearing me?

There is greatness in you.

And you mean to tell me, you never gonna reach your full potential?

You mean to tell me, you never going to be what you been called to be, that you’re not going to do what you’ve been called to do, because you are afraid?

Some things don’t come, they’re just not gonna come to you, because you just want it as bad as you wanna breath.

You gotta put up the dukes and you got to be willing to fight that thing up.

They are not giving out success, but you can earn it, you can take it, I need you to take it!

Don’t let the distraction distract you.

(New Message)

I would’ve never started skateboarding.

(New Message)

So whatever you do man, don’t give up, don’t quit.

Now listen to me closely.

Just because you failed, doesn’t make you a failure.

And when life hits you, you gotta keep going, just don’t quit.

In order to achieve greatness, you have to go through a lot of pain.

You definitely have setbacks.

But in order to achieve that success, you have to push through.

If you hit the oak tree a thousand times in thousand different spots, what’s gonna happen?

Absolutely nothing.

But if you hit oak tree a thousand times in the exact same spot.

You know what’s gonna happen? You gonna bring it down.

You gonna do the impossible.

You are not only a special person created in a special time, you got some special inside you.

You have to believe, that you can do something that nobody else has done.

And somehow that concept has to become a reality.

You got greatness all inside you.

But your problem is you’re a scaredy cat, you get soft.

And every time it gets hard, you quit and you give up.

And I’m telling you, if you’re willing to fight your way through it, if you’re willing to fight your way through this battle, fight your way through cancer, fight your way through the academic struggle, fight your way through divorce, fight your way through it.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.

You gotta fight your way through it, you gotta fight the fear, because guess what, fear isn’t bigger than you.

If you’re going to win the fight of your life, you can’t be afraid to fight.

(New Message)

What exactly was hurting on your body?

I think my foot is broken and my shoulder and my back, everything feels pretty broke right now.

The doctor tried me to get to not skate, basically I told them, he’s got to have to fight me.

Are you gonna be taking a fourth and fifth run?

I’m taking every run.

How are you able to muster up strength to even come back out here and take another run?

I don’t know what it is… what lives inside me, but it’s a lot of determination, it’s a fire that’s just keep burning.

(New Message)

Fear, you’re not going to stop me.

I’ve got too far, I’ve come to far to give up now.

You gotta believe in yourself, you gotta believe in your dream.

You gotta believe one day is going to be your moment, one day you’re gonna own the moment, listen to me, impossible is just a big word, thrown around by small men.

Many of you right now, life’s got you up against the ropes.

You can’t give up, you can’t give in.

Listen to me, if it was easy everybody would do it.

You got this far, if you just wanna quit, you should’ve quit a long time ago.

You got too far, you’ve come too far to quit now.

Nothing is impossible.

(New Message)

Look, whatever you’re doing, stop doing what you’re doing… I got a question for you?

What do you want?

It’s real simple – what do you want?

Because there’s some things in life you’re not going to get, they’re not coming to you, you got to go take it.

There’s some stuff you can’t even just earn by doing the good things.

It’s not going to happen with you in the bed dreaming about it.

It’s not going to happen with you in the shower thinking about it.

Sometimes you just got to will it.

You can stay where you are, you can.

But you can’t stay where you are and try to go where you’re going.

So what sacrifices this year are you willing to make?

Because there’s somebody out there who wants your spot.

There’s somebody else trying to get a scholarship.

You’re not the only one trying to go to Yale.

You’re not the only one trying to go to the NBA.

You’re not the only one trying to go to the NFL.

I’m asking that the 24 hours of your life be very intentional, very deliberate, that you be very strategic.

I’m asking that the entire week, seven days, you are very deliberate about what time you wake up, you’re very deliberate about what time you got to bed, you’re very deliberate about what you eat, what you don’t eat, why?

Because every day matters, that’s right… every day matters.

So you’ve got to embody excellence every single day, every single day you wake up you’ve got to give it all you’ve got.

You’ve got to give it 120 percent.

And so you’ve got to change your mindset.

We’ve got to stop looking at pain as if it’s something negative.

All roads to success, you’ve got to go through pain.

You travel down success, you got to go down the road of pain.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.

It only takes one extra push up, it only takes one extra mile, it only takes one extra grade, it only takes one extra something to get you to where you’re trying to get to.

And the goal is, you got to go a little farther than the man who’s trying to get what you’re trying to get.

You’ve got to stay up a little longer.

It’s not going to be easy but I want you to feel that pain going through your body.

And as pain leaves your body, guess what’s going to take its place?


You deserve to be a millionaire, you deserve to take trips, you deserve to live the life that you want to live.

(New Message)

An idea, from the human mind, can build cities.

An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.

A single idea can change everything.

(New Message)

If you work through your pain, on the other side is a reward.

And you’re going to prove to everybody that tried to break you, everybody that tried to stop you, everybody that tried to kill your dream, your going to prove all of them wrong.

You’re bigger than your pain, you’re better than that.

I use the pain to push me to greatness.

Don’t give up, I’m telling you right now, don’t give in, get through it.

When you change your mindset, one of the things I want you to do, is I want you to embrace the challenge.

This is the year to do something you’ve never done before.

This is your year to think in a way you’ve never thought before.

This is your year to accomplish what you’ve never accomplished before.

(New Message)

We have as humans, we have something that no animal has and what it’s called is, imagination.

And what imagination allows you to do, it allows you to see it before it actually happens.

What I mean by that is I need you to go ten years into the future, twenty years into the future, and I need you to see yourself actually becoming the person you wanna be.

Lock the whole world out, put some music on, some classical music, the piano if you need to, I don’t know what you need to listen to but I want you to take 30 minutes, go in the closet, go in the basement, go to the library, go into a room alone.

I want you to take 30 minutes and I want you to imagine.

I want you to take 30 minutes and I want you to live in the forward.

See the problem is I’m talking to some of you guys, the problem that you’re having is you’re living in the future and you’re living in the present.

And you keep talking about the mistakes, you keep talking about the past, you keep talking about your trials, you keep talking about your situation, and I want you to know that everyone that’s ever been great, everybody, has had an obstacle to overcome.

They had a barrier they had to climb.

There is no individual who’s ever reached success and he didn’t have to go through and obstacle or a barrier to get there.

I need you to live in the future.

I need you to go in your future every single day.

I need you to go in your future.

I need you to see what you’re going to be.

Listen to me, what you are to be you are now becoming.

And so you got to use your imagination, and your imagination has to take you beyond the pain, your imagination has to take you beyond the trouble, your imagination has to take you to the next level.

We have to see ourselves there long before it happens.

The second tool is, we have to embrace faith.

I have to have faith to believe the thing that I see, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, that one day, that thing is going to be successful.

When I was homeless at 16 I could have quit.

When I homeless I could have given up.

There were many days I thought about committing suicide.

But I said to myself, E – just keep imagining, keep thinking, keep seeing, keep seeing what you’re not now but going to be.

Sometimes it’s going to be hard, sometimes you’re going to look all around you and no where do you see success.

No where do you see anything that remotely looks like success, but you got to embrace number two, you got to embrace the faith.

You got to believe that although it’s not happening right now, if you keep pressing, if you keep pushing, guess what?

One day is going to be your day, that’s right.

I need you to say that with me.

One day is going to be your day.

Embrace the faith.

You’ve got to be able to see it and believe it, when there’s no evidence around you.

When there’s no evidence around you, when you have pain in your life.

When you’re tired, when you feel like giving up, when you feel like quitting

When you look around you and you don’t see anything that looks anything like success, you got to embrace the faith and believe that one day is going to be my day.

But one day can’t be your day if you give up.

If you quit, if you quit, no day will ever be your day.

I want you to fail forward.

That’s right, I said it… fail forward.

I want you to get to a place in your life, that every mistake you make, every set back you get, every obstacle that you don’t overcome, every barrier you can’t climb.

I don’t want you to give up but I want you to fail forward.

You’ve got to learn from your mistakes.

Every mistake you make – you fail a class, get back up and try again.

You lose a job, get back up and try again.

You put all your money in an investment, get back up and try again.

If you start a business and it don’t work, don’t stop, don’t quit.

Fail forward.

Learn from each and ever one of your mistakes.

Don’t quit, don’t give up.

Listen to me, don’t quit, don’t give up, if it gets hard, you tie a knot around yourself, you double tie it if you have to, but you hold on.

But I want you to know that you will never reach your goal, you will never reach your dreams if you don’t use your imagination.

So when you fail that class, don’t drop it.

When you fail that class, don’t just stop going.

You go until the end of that class, you go until the end of that class, and you go until the end of that class, and you go until the end of that class.

Because I want you to know something….

When you start that class over the next semester, you won’t be starting from scratch, you won’t be starting from the bottom.

Because you were all the way up here when you quit and now all you have to do is go a little further, and a little further so keep reaching, keep climbing.

But it started with a vision.

(New Message)

Fear, is not real.

The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.

We’re just a product of our imagination.

Causing us to fear thing that are not present and may not ever exist.

Fear is a choice.

(New Message)

Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go.

I want your dream to be so clear that when you wake up in the morning all you got to do is step in your dream.

And the first step for me, was seeing something I was before I was not.

You can do it – where you are is temporary. You will not be there for the rest of your life.

I don’t care what happens in your life, I don’t care what it looks like, I don’t care where you are.

Every single day you wake up, if you’re going to have energy, if you’re going to have passion, if you’re going to have pride… everyday you wake up, you have to start with that vision.

Just as a mentality – you got to live this, you got to eat this, every single thing you do – it’s not a cute saying, it is a way of life.

It’s got to possess everything you do. It’s got to own you.

There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.

I want to see how far I can go, I want to see how much I can accomplish, I want to see what I can do, what I can be, what I can have, I want to see.

I don’t want to see what I think I can do, I don’t want to see what I think is possible.

I want to see what my live would look like if I didn’t count the cost and if I was willing to go further than anybody else was willing to do.

(Scene from America’s Got Talent)

One problem – the violin.

Because to do what you do, you’ve got to be a world class violinist.

Because if you don’t, when you’re moving around and being thrown around, and still trying to play, you end up doing what you did and that’s missing loads of notes.

And there were times when it sounded to me like a bunch of rats being strangled – seriously, that bad.

But you’re not good enough, I don’t think, to get away with flying through the air and try to play the violin at the same time.

I don’t think what you’re doing right now is enough to fill a theater in Vegas.

That much movement, made you not as great as you were.

Made you not as great as you were.

(New Message)

Anytime there’s a change to be made, you have to realize that, there’s somewhere else you want to be, and I wanted basically to be happy.

(New Message)

You can’t do anything without faith.

It is impossible to accomplish anything without faith.

So I need you to believe that there is still time, as long as there is breathe in your nostrils, as long as you can wake up in the morning.

The first step, before anybody else in the world believes it, is you have to believe it.

So I need you to believe.

(New Message)

Because if you’re willing to go through all of the battling you got to go through to where you want to get, who’s got the right to stop you?

I mean maybe some of you guys got something you never finished, something you really want to do, something you never said to someone, something…

And you’re told no even after you’ve pay your dues.

Who’s got the right to tell you that, who?


(New Message)

It’s your right to listen to your gut, and it ain’t no ones right to say no, after you’ve earned the right to be where you want to be and do what you want to do.

You got to do what you were called to do, you got to do what you were born to do, you got to do what works for you because if you do what works for you, you’re going to blow up.

It’s in your DNA. It’s who you are.

Even when you get knocked down, you get back up, you get back up, you get back up, and you continue on.

You have a vision but listen to me, you are where you are because of who you are.

And if you’re going to get somewhere else, you’re going to have to change something.

So you thought is was the end of the story.

You though that one single event, that one single moment was enough for him to stand amongst the greats.

Sleep, I don’t sleep, you thought that was it?

So you thought is was over, well it’s just getting started.

This is the part where you reinvent yourself.

It’s time to get tested, test your will, your endurance, it’s time to test your heart, to test your limits.

It’s about no days off. No weekends, no holidays, no birthdays, listen to me – no days off.

It’s about getting the competative edge.

You can’t afford to make excuses, no excuses, no pain, trust me – you’ll feel it.

When all you want to do is give up, when all you want to do is give in, when you feel like you’ve given all you’ve got, you’ve got to take one more step.

You’ve got to run one more lap, you’ve got to throw one more punch, until you reach the top.

What do you fear?

You know this is your beginning but this doesn’t have to be your end.

You can’t do nothing without faith.

You are still special.

It’s just beyond our reach.

You can’t give in.

Behind every fear is a person you want to be. Fear is self imposed.

It doesn’t exist. You create it, you can destroy it, face your fears, and become the person you want to be.

If you run from your fears, you’re living, but you’re not alive.

You’re not running the day, they day is running you.

We all fall down in life, question is… who gets back up?

You don’t owe these people any more, you’ve given them everything.

Not everything, not yet.

I see now what I have to become to stop men like him.

If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, if they cannot stop you, then you become something else entirely.


You go after it, you give it all you have. If you lose as least you tried.

“I failed” is 10 times more of of a man than someone who says “what if”?

Because “what if” never went to the arena.

That’s called courage, now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of.

You think something is wrong maybe it’s time to stop, no it’s time to move in reverse mentally.

You must believe that before you physically get started.

I choose to rise not fall.

I choose to live, not die.

Today will be that day. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here.

History will remember me, I will define myself.

I will never give up, not knowing I’ve given everything I’ve got.

Because who am I?! I am the champion.

I choose to fight back.

All you need now is a little imagination.



Be Deliberate With What You Choose To Listen To

Whether it’s these videos, other videos, messages, podcasts; whatever it may, make a conscience effort to be deliberate with what you listen to.

If you’re told you’re not good enough or smart enough long enough, you’ll start to believe it.

I know, because it happened to me.

If you’re told you’re awesome and have unique skill and talents that no one else has but you.

That you have what it takes to do and create all it is you want for yourself and your life… you start to believe that too.

I know this too, because it’s what I choose to listen to now and what I now believe.


When We Change Our Thoughts, We Change Our Lives

And the best way to change our thoughts and what we think, is to change what we listen to.

What do you listen to and what does it have you believing?

Who do you listen to and what do they have you believing?

Move away from what suppresses you, your thoughts, dreams, and ideas, and move towards the people, places, and things that support you.

It’s you who decides who and what you listen to, no one else.

You’re awesome!




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