Here’s 13 Of My Favorite Blog Posts & Wellness Resources From 2015

At the end of each year, I always enjoy taking some time to look back and reflect on the year.

It provides me not only with the information I need to write my annual review, but also a look at all I did and created throughout the year.

I always give my all to everything I create.

Some stuff I’m really proud of and still get excited about and there’s other stuff I feel just OK with.


2015 Blog Posts & Resources

There were several blog posts, as well as guest posts, that I received great feedback from this year.

There were also some health and fitness resources that I created that seemed to resonate with you guys more than others.

Unlike 2014 where I was posting two times per week, in 2015 I changed my posting schedule to once per week, every Wednesday, to give me more time to create other tools and resources.

So far this year, I’ve published 48 posts.

I seem to have lost track of how many health & fitness resources I’ve created this year, resources such as workout plans and nutritional guides.

Whatever the total was, it wasn’t enough.

I believe I can always create something else, something better, more effective and efficient for you guys, to make your lives healthier and happier.


How & Why I Write And Create What I Do

I’m often asked how I come up with the different subjects and ideas to write about.

The answer to that question is simple – you guys.

It’s in communicating and working with you guys that questions come up, obstacles and challenges are identified and discussed, and different solutions are created.

Whether it’s through emails, comments on blog posts, phone calls, or working with my Wellness Coaching clients.

I know that if one person is experiencing a certain challenge, chances are someone else is too.

I also know that if I create a post or health and fitness resource to help one person, chances are that same resource can and will help someone else as well.

Whether it’s through my writing, workshops and courses, coaching services, or speaking engagements – my mission is the same each time…

Serve others.

Whatever it is I do or create, my intention is to make a difference in the lives of others, even if it’s just one person.

Make a difference.

This is what guides me and will continue to guide me as I create more posts, tools, and resources for The Wellness Bucket for years to come.


Here’s My Top 10 Posts & Wellness Resources Of 2015


1) Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Workshop

I created this workshop as a result of listening to the frustrations and challenges many of you expressed with losing weight such as time constraints, lack of resources, motivation, accountability, and hectic schedules.

The workshop teaches you how to effectively and realistically lose 10 pounds in 30 days regardless of your available time and resources.

It’s the same process I use with all of my Wellness Coaching clients and the results continue to exceed expectations.

(Note: Look for a new and improved workshop, version 2.0 coming in 2016)


2) It’s More Than Just Health – The Wellness Bucket Revolution

Whenever I’m asked what The Wellness Bucket is all about, what it is and what I stand for, I often point people in the direction of this blog post.

In this post, I define what The Wellness Bucket is, who we are as a community of wellness leaders, what we believe, and what we stand for.

I even created a Wellness Bucket Creed made up of our values and guiding principles.


3) Training For My First Men’s Physique Competition

According to my website analytics, this post has generated (and continues to generate) the most amount of traffic to The Wellness Bucket website.

My guess is that whether or not you’re out to compete in a men’s physique competition, I lay out a well defined plan that anyone can follow to get their body fit, lean, and in competition shape.


4) Eat These 12 Foods Daily To Help You Lose Fat & Lean Up Quicker

This is probably the one post I shared the most throughout the year.

I’m often asked what foods to eat to lose weight, lean up, and drop unwanted body fat. This post sums up the 12 essential foods to include in any nutritional plan for successful weight loss and overall health.


5) 10 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere In Just 15 Minutes To Help You Burn Fat & Tone Up

Limited time and resources was a common challenge I heard about a lot from many of you this year.

Because of that, I put together this blog post that make limited time and lack of resources a non issue. I also provide access to my 100 exercise video library that I personally created for this community.


6) 100 Exercise Video Library

Having a variety of exercises to do as well as knowing how to properly do each exercise was something I was committed to creating and provide our community.

After several months of working on it, I got it done. 100 videos of different exercises that you can choose and pick from to create all different sorts of exercise routines, with or without equipment.


7) 30 Days, 30 Challenges To Help You Feel, Look, & Live Your Best

30 challenges in 30 days designed for all fitness levels to help you feel and live your absolute best.

Both physically and mentally challenging, this 30 day challenge will motivate, inspire, and help you believe in yourself and all you are capable of achieving.

The really cool part is each time I host the challenge (a few times per year) our global participation continues to increase.


8) 23-Step World Domination Summit Checklist – How To Get The Most Out Of Your WDS Experience

This was one of those posts I created that I wish I had myself my first year attending WDS.

What I didn’t realize by writing it was the amount of gratitude and thank you emails I would receive letting me know how helpful it was. 

With so many meet-ups, academies, and all different sorts of activities to choose from at WDS (which by the way are all awesome), it’s tough to decide on what to do and not do.

It can feel overwhelming (I know it did for me) and that’s why I’ve created this checklist to help attendees plan ahead and be ready to make their WDS experience an awesome one.


9) What Success & Happiness Means To Me And Why I’m Giving Business Marketing The Middle Finger

When it comes to entrepreneurship and running The Wellness Bucket, there’s a sea of people ready to tell me all I’m doing wrong, what I should be doing, not doing, blah, blah, blah.

Marketing, analytics, avatars, launch strategies… I get it, these things are important. I just happen to be more concerned with making a different first, and dealing with all of this other noise second.

This one seems to have struck a cord with other entrepreneurs too since I received numerous emails thanking me for writing it, for taking a stand, and letting me know they felt the same way.


10) You’re Awesome Scott Dinsmore – I’ll Never Forget You

One of the toughest blog posts I’ve written and the only one I’ve ever cried while writing.

The loss of Scott Dinsmore this year during his attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with his wife Chelsea, was by far my lowest point this year.

As hard as it was to write this post, it reaffirmed my faith in what’s possible when I do and care about work that matters to me as Scott so passionately rallied for us to do at Live Your legend.


11) Guest Post: Getting Back To Goodness With Quality Nutrition, Quick HIIT Workouts, & Homemade Salt Scrubs

This is just one of several awesome guest posts by our resident Registered Dietitian, Brooke Benlifer as part of her “Back To Goodness” series that she provided us with once per month.

Her nutritional insights and feedback on different health and exercise gadgets was awesome and this post captures just some of this valuable information Brooke provided us with throughout 2015.


12) The Future Is Now! 3 Things To Do Today To Create The Future You Want Tomorrow

I wrote this post on this famous date thanks to the movie, Back To The Future, and it ended up being one of my favorite blog posts for a few reasons.

One, because of the positive feedback I received from writing it, and two, because of how and what it got me thinking about – the future. And how I am constantly creating my tomorrow with what I do today.


13) Here’s 5943 Words I listened To Consistently Throughout 2015 And Why

Blog posts generally take me anywhere between 8 hours and two days to create.

This particular post took me almost two weeks.

I was determined to transcribe all the words in a 43 minute audio video.

It’s the words contained in these 43 minutes that I listened to almost everyday during 2015 in an effort to create a successful and positive mindset, something that had eluded me for years.


You’re Awesome

Thank you all so much for all of your support, motivation, and encouragement throughout this past year.

It’s because of you, it’s you guys who inspire me to continue to do what I do; to write, create, and do all I can to serve and help make our world a better place while I’m here.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, thanks for all your comments, feedback, and emails… they mean more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words alone.

It’s my hope that these posts and resources were and continue to be helpful and make a difference in your life. I’d love to know which one or ones you enjoyed the most and found most helpful.

I’d also appreciate it big-time if you shared your favorites on Facebook or Twitter too – that would be super awesome!

Speaking of awesome, you’re awesome and I am so grateful you’re here.


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