Having A Six-Pack For Abs Is Easier Than You May Think If You Focus On This One Thing

I have a confession to make and one I have never admitted to before but feel it’s important to do so now to give credibility to this post. OK, you ready…. here goes. It wasn’t until just recently that I started to actually do crunches and add them to my fitness routine. It’s true. Although I’m embarrassed admitting to this, I’m doing so with the hopes that it will help to drive home the point that there is in fact one thing and one thing only necessary to have six-pack abs.

It’s not a matter of doing 500 crunches a day or buying all difference types of contraptions as seen on TV promising you a six-pack in just 3 weeks by using their product just 7 minutes a day. I think it’s safe to say if it was that easy we would all have six-pack abs. Focus on this one thing, and this one thing only and I guarantee you’ll be proudly showing off your own six-pack abs this summer. The single most important factor for achieving a six-pack is……




Proper nutrition is the key factor to sculpting your own six-pack. You can do abdominal workouts everyday, all day and it will not, I repeat, it will not get you a six-pack. Believe it or not, we all already have a six-pack hiding under our body’s fat layer. Anatomically, we’re all built the same which means, we’re all born with a six-pack, the only distinguishing factor between those whose six-pack is visible and those that it is not it our body’s composition. Body composition meaning what percentage of our body is made up of fat and what percentage is made up of lean muscle. The lower the body fat percentage, the more noticeable our six-pack is. So the question becomes, what’s the secret to decreasing body fat? The answer is simple…..




I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking what the heck is proper nutrition? Well, that’s a great question and I’m glad you asked. Although our bodies are all unique genetically and physiologically and therefore process foods differently, there are many guidelines that hold true regardless. Here’s a few just to get you started:


*   Eliminate All Sugary Drinks

*   Drink Plenty Of Water Daily (64oz)

*   Eat Wheat Bread, Not White Bread

*   Eat Brown Rice, Not White Rice

*   Do Away With Pasta And Potatoes

*   Eat 5-6 Times Per Day


If you take just these six guidelines and put them into practice today, I’m confident saying you will begin to see the initial stages of a six-pack starting to develop and beginning to take shape within weeks. You’ll first notice a “two-pack” start to develop. The “two-pack” (not the rapper either) consists of the first two abs highest and closest to your chest that are the first to begin showing. After several more weeks, a “four pack” will begin to show and then sure enough after all your hard work, being diligent, committed, and persistent with proper nutrition, the most stubborn of the six, the bottom two abs will show themselves, visibly completing the set of 6 abdominal muscles known as a six-pack.


Easy…. No. Possible…. Yes. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. It starts with you first making a commitment to making it happen. You do that, and anything, including having six-pack abs is possible.


Just a final note to clarify that abdominal exercises are now a definite part of my own fitness routines. Aside from the aesthetic value, developing a strong core is essential for overall strength, balance, and injury prevention.

And yes, in case you were wondering….. the featured image above is me.


  • Hey Mike,
    nutrition is the key to abs, agree!
    I’ve recently switched to ketogenic nutrition, eating 70% fat and rest mostly proteines. It works perfectly for me, so far I’ve lots a few % body fat and I’m confident that I get my six pack by the end of 2014 🙂

    Just wanted to share my thoughts 😉


    • Thanks for being here and for your comment Jan, always appreciated. Nutrition is everything, especially when it comes to developing a six pack. We can do all the sit ups we want, but without the proper nutrition in place, they’ll be lots of strength, but no visible six pack. It’s all about the food.

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