Guest Post: 8 Tips To Beat Anxiety

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Alexis Meads, creator of the popular blog Crazy Wild Love.

It turns out, we have a good mutual friend in common, we’re both fellow Bostonian’s, and we’re both on our own personal mission to make a positive different in people’s lives.

I’m thankful to have met her and a pleasure having her do a guest post on The Wellness Bucket.



It’s all yours Alexis!


For so many years, I learned to accept the knot in my stomach that came with anxiety.

Of course, I never thought that I had a problem. I just accepted that “short-of-breath” feeling that came with a to-do list a mile long, allowing my self-care to go out the window and worrying about every little thing.

Thoughts would race through my head such as “oh my God I wish I hadn’t said that” to waking up in the middle of the night thinking “did I remember to send my boss an email?”

All of these are symptoms of anxiety. And as women try to do more, be more, earn more and love more – anxiety seems almost unavoidable.

The irony is that only when we’re feeling calm, happy and grounded can we truly be productive without diminishing our quality of life. And I want that for you – to be a peaceful and alive creator of your own life.

It’s a process, but we can only do this through conscious awareness and a solid practice of self-love.


Here are my Top 8 Tips for Managing Anxiety:


1. Sleep: Seems too simple, right? But honestly you cannot underestimate its benefits and how it can make you feel calmer and generally more in control of your life.


2. Daily Exercise: Get your body moving! Yoga is powerful at taming anxiety mentally and physically, but any exercise that feels fun for you is A-OK.


3. Meditation: Like yoga, meditation is brilliant at detaching from anxious trains of thought. Just sitting still and remembering that in the present moment there is nothing to fear is key.


4. Acceptance: Accepting a situation (and yourself) can be enormously liberating. It is also giving you the best chance of healing.


5. Drop the coffee: Stimulants are one of the biggest no-no’s for those who suffer from anxiety. Try to reduce all caffeine from your daily diet until you can get a feel for what life is like without it.


6. This too shall pass: Saying this phrase helps me a lot. A bout of anxiety does not last for long. If you have the presence of mind to recognize anxiety for what it is when it’s happening and know that “this too shall pass”.


7. Talk to others: Talking it out with someone, either a coach or someone who understands what you are going through is so important. Know that you are not alone or have to do it all by yourself. It’s OK to ask for help.


8. Connect to yourself: Above all be really kind and patient with yourself. Frustration as well as pushing yourself are your worst enemies and may bring on old feelings of anxiety. Treat yourself as you would someone you love. Compassion for yourself is the hardest of all but the most deserved of all.




Alexis Meads has a Masters Degree from Harvard University.IMG_4422[1]edit

She is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, the founder of and creator of The Crazy Wild Love Academy.

A self-proclaimed Self-Love Maven, Alexis shows women how to create a mind-blowing relationship, amazing body and super fun life.

Click here to get your free copy of her Self-Love Manifesto



  • Great post, Alexis & Mike! I agree with 100% of what you listed here for anxiety – same exact things I do to manage my own anxiety. I’ve also learned that all anxiety (any problem any of us have, really) all boils down to fear (fear of experiencing pain seems to be at the root!), and catching fear in the moment and noticing how it’s blocking me has also been super helpful!

    • Thanks Meg! Great point as well that fear is typically the root of all anxiety and being aware of that in the moment is also helpful to overcoming it. Great feedback Meg, thanks again.

    • Hi Meg,

      Glad you enjoyed the post! That’s a great observation – that at the root of all anxiety is some sort of fear. Thanks for the additional insight!


    • Hi Anne! Thanks so much for your comment and feedback. Couldn’t agree with you more that #8, connecting to yourself, is so often overlooked yet so very important to be patient and kind to ourselves. I know it can be difficult to do but certainly necessary in order to be at our best.

    • Thanks Anne! Glad you enjoyed the post!

      It’s true – #8 is usually the most overlooked and that’s why all my work is focused around self-love 🙂


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