Go Ahead And Skip Your Workout… It’s OK. Not Only Is It OK, But I Recommend It – Here’s Why

Yes you read that correctly.

I just encouraged you to skip your workout.

It’s going to happen anyways, so why feel guilty about it?

Especially during this time of year with all the holiday festivities.

There’s a tendency to ease up on our normal exercise commitments and routine.


It’s More Than OK

It happens to me and chances are it happens to you as well.

It’s life, it happens.

And you know what?

I encourage it.


It’s true, I really do.


I Encourage Skipping Out On Workouts (Occasionally)

Key word there is occasionally.

Here’s why:

It’s variety, it’s being a rebel, it’s uncertainty, it’s doing things differently and mixing it up.

And I’m completely cool with that.

It’s like skipping school when we were younger (not that you or I ever did that).

But if we did 🙂 it was different, exciting, and rebellious.

Granted I never had the type of day Ferris Bueller had in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

One could wish, but you get the idea.

The possibilities and uncertainty of what we would do that day was awesome.

It’s cool to skip occasionally, just not regularly.

Because if we skipped regularly, we’d be in a heap of trouble with school and our parents.

It’s not school and parents we need to be concerned with now if and when we skip our workouts, it’s our health and well being.

Not to mention, we don’t want to jeopardize the workout habit we’ve worked so hard to create.

If we begin skipping out on workouts regularly, we risk that chance of that becoming the habit.

And that’s definitely not what we want or what I’m suggesting you do.


Keeping It Balanced

There’s always lots going on this time of year and it’s awesome.

Let’s enjoy it, take it all in, and have fun – that’s what life’s all about right?

And sure, let’s be rebels and skip school (exercise) on occasion.

Because a perfect workout schedule doesn’t exist.

We can maintain a consistent workout schedule and still enjoy the rebellious feeling of skipping out on workout from time to time.

The key is to not make a habit of it.


The Need For Uncertainty

You may or may not be aware of this but did you know that as humans, we all share the same six basic emotional needs?

Crazy right?

And while “certainly“, feeling safe, certain, and stable is our number one emotional need, you know what the second one is?


I know what you’re thinking… “Huh? How does that work?


How Can Someone Want Both Certainly & Uncertainty?

Think of it this way, it’s like a workout routine we’re confident doing and and have always done but at the same time, we’re bored with it.

We like it because we’re certain we can do it, we’re confident in our abilities to complete the workout, and we know what to expect.

It’s for these exact same reasons that we crave uncertainty, because we do know what to expect, there’s nothing new and exciting about it, there’s no doing something different.

One way to add more uncertainly is to change up our workout routine, that’s obvious of course.

Another way to mix it up without having to change up our routine is to skip out on occasion.



But hey, what fun is it being conventional?

It’s no fun, not for me at least.

Skipping out on workouts is going to happen from time to time and that’s OK.

Embrace it, own it, keep it in control, and enjoy it.

You’re awesome…






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