Formal Education vs. Self Education (Which Is Best?)

When it comes to success, which is the bigger contributor…

Formal education or self education? 

I suggest the latter.

Let me remind you I have a graduate degree with several fancy letters after my name. 

And yet, I still believe self education takes the cake. 

Here’s why.

Everything I learned in Anatomy & Physiology taught me nothing about listening to understand versus listening to respond.

A major distinction in order to fully understand my clients so that I may best serve them, regardless of how well I understand the body and its functions. 

Self education taught me this. 

I found this to work exceptionally well in relationships too (listening to understand, not to respond). 

I graduated with honors from grad school.

Although this does little for me if I constantly show up late to appointments or don’t follow through on what I say I’ll do. 

Doing this, slowly but surely my reputation, my brand, and overall integrity begins to erode. 

Not just in the eyes of others either but worst yet, in my own eyes. 

Self education taught me this. 

The importance of respect, integrity, and punctuality. 

Formal education taught me how to add and invest money. 

Self education taught me the discipline necessary to save it so that I have money to add and invest. 

Formal education taught me how to make a living. 

Self education continues to teach me how to make a life.

Lots more in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

You’re awesome…



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