Fastest Way To Health Is To KISS

Kissing can be described in a variety of ways; romantic, loving, intense, and passionate. It can also be described as awkward, boring, and gross. Hopefully for you it’s more along the lines of the first set of descriptions.

The kiss I am referring to for better health is not the actual act of kissing itself but instead, a principle that first came into existence in 1960….. the KISS Principle.




KISS is an acronym for keep it simple stupid.

The acronym is used by many in the United States Air Force.

No implication of stupidity; just the opposite.

Intelligent and effective systems so simple they are misconstrued as stupid.

Simplicity should be a key goal in design, unnecessary complexity should be avoided.


The KISS principle has been the key to huge successes over the years for many software engineers and developers. A common problem in both of these professions is their tendency to over complicate problems. The KISS principle has them take a problem, break it down into smaller pieces that they can understand, and then implement a solution.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

~ Albert Einstein


When it comes to weight loss, getting rid of unwanted body fat, toning up, feeling better and healthier, and looking our best, we have a tendency to over complicate the process.

With so much information available and at our finger tips through online resources, magazines, television shows, clinics, and recommendations we receive from family and friends, it’s information overload.

Don’t eat after 5pm, eat for your blood type, count your calories, cut out carbs from your diet, take multiple supplements for weight loss, energy, and increasing muscle tone. The list goes on and on.


[box] LESS IS MORE[/box]


To successfully achieve any of your health and wellness goals, implement the following equation:




Simple steps completed consistently over time is the recipe for success whether it’s to lose weight, increase muscle tone, increase your energy, or overall happiness and fulfillment.


 Consistency, not complexity.


If you want to begin to see real results for your efforts, ditch all the numerous ideas, theories, processes, and systems you’re currently using and just keep it simple.



* Drink more water

* Eat fresh foods, not frozen or packaged

* Eat more fruits and veggies

* Stop eating white bread, rice, pasta and potatoes

* Exercise 30 minutes a day



* Do weight training 4 times per week

* Eat more protein

* Eat less sweets

* Sleep 6-8 hours per night



* Exercise regularly

* Be grateful. Focus on what you have versus what you don’t have

* Forgive others, no one is perfect

* Give more than your receive


Stop over complicating it. Keep it simple, be consistent, give it time, and you will have all it is you want.


  • I love the simple weight loss plan Mike. It makes a lot of sense for the core. But what about the non-conventional plan for guys who still wanna bulk up like me?! 🙂

    • Thanks Bryan. The KISS principle can definitely be applied to bulking up as well. 1) Eat regularly (5-6 times per day). 2) Never skip meals. 3) Eat foods high in protein, low in fat. 4) Weight train 4-5 times per week (more weight, less reps). 5) Get 8 hours of sleep per night. Follow these 5 basic principles and you will bulk up. Reach out to me anytime Bryan if you need more specific instruction, I’m happy to help.

  • Mike, I think I need to remind myself of this everyday. It’s funny how, I for one, start things off kiss style, see some results and then start adding and over-complicating the very thing that brought results! I’m sure you see this all the time.

    For my happiness, in addition to those you’ve listed, as simple as it sounds, I need to get outside!


    • Thanks John. I think it’s important that we all remind ourselves of this daily. We all have a tendency to over-complicate things which is understanding considering the plethora of information we have at our disposal. There’s preparation and then there’s taking action. Once we’ve entered the action phase, it’s important we keep our focus there and not get distracted by other ideas, concepts, strategies otherwise we’re moving backwards instead of forward. I too love being outside and it’s definitely on my list as well for happiness.

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