Failure, Fear, Focus (A Recipe For Paralysis)

Given the amount of failures I’ve experienced to date, I’d said I’m a bit of a failure expert at this point. 

Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing (haha)! 

We’re talking failures of all kinds too. 

Failed tests, relationships, investments, businesses, you name it. 

And with each of these failures came the fear to try again. 

That’s to be expected though right? 

I know that failing is part of the recipe to being successful. 

I know that fear is part of the recipe as well. 

Continuing to focus on the fear however, that is not part of the recipe for success. 

Any success. 

After a major failed business attempt almost a decade ago now, it wasn’t the failure or the fear of failing again that kept me from trying again. 

It was me continuing to focus on the fear. 

Key word there being “focus”. 

Instead of focusing on how much more I knew now because of the failure and all the reasons I would be successful this time around, I continued to focus on the fear. 

Fear of how I’d feel if I failed again. 

That paralyzed me for almost two years from taking action, from trying again. 

Can you believe that? 

Almost two freakin years? 

That’s a long time! 

I’ve also experienced a failed marriage. 

The fear of experiencing that same pain again, that same heart break, kept me sidelined from giving any relationship a try for a while. 

It wasn’t the failure. 

It wasn’t the fear. 

It was my constant focus on the fear of how I’d feel if I failed again that kept me from trying again. 

I’m not happy about the fact I’ve failed as much as I have. 

I am however happy that I’ve failed enough now to realize that failure isn’t forever. 

That is unless I make it so by what I decide to focus on. 

And the cool thing is, I get to decide that… what I focus on. 

And that gives me the power to move forward. 

To try again, every single time.

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…


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