Before I’m Boxed And Buried

This past weekend I went out for a 6 mile run. 

During my run, I listened to a compilation of motivational speeches. 

They always get me fired up and energized. 

During one of the speeches, I heard the phrase…

“Before I’m boxed and buried”. 

It got me thinking about my life, and all it is I dream to do, see, and create before I am boxed and buried. 

My mind went wild. 

There are so many more places I still want to see. 

Businesses I want to start. 

Races I want to run. 

People I want to meet. 

So much to do, so little time. 

Not gonna lie, it kinda got me feeling a bit anxious. 

Not good. 

Instead, I decided to change my thinking to what I would do if I only had 24 hours left to live. 

You would think this approach would stress me even more with even less time to work with. 

Believe it or not, it actually calmed me. 

It got me thinking of the small, simple things I’d focus on. 

Like spending time with my family. 

Looking through family photo albums together. 

Making fun of each other for our clothing choices and hair styles back in the day. 

Laughing together. 

Crying together. 

I’d let them know how much I love them. 

I’d call a handful of close friends to thank them for their love, friendship, and support over the years. 

I’d visit my favorite local church one last time. 

Oh, and I’d ask my mom to make me one of her delicious Portuguese soups that I love so much. 

No trips, no businesses, no races. 

Just family, love, laughter, and peace…. and Portuguese soup 🙂 

It was eye opening for me. 

The fact that everything I want, that’s important to me, that truly matters to me, I already have. 

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…



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