A Lesson In Not Settling For “Good Enough”… (Always Run The Hills)

Earlier this week I went on a 4 mile run.

It’s a run I’ve probably done now 50 or more times.

It’s safe to say I know the route well at this point.

Especially the dreaded hill at the end of 2 miles where I turn around at the top to begin running back home.

On this particular day, I wasn’t feeling my best on the run.


Our Decisions Shape Our Outcomes

As I approached the dreaded hill, the app I use to track my distance and speed (MapMyRun) told me I was at two miles at the bottom of the hill.

Having done this run as often as I have, I know that the 2 mile marker it at the top of the hill.

“Maybe I started running sooner than I normally do”… I thought to myself.

For whatever the reason, I was at two miles without having to run up the hill that always wipes me out.

Decision time…

1) Run up the hill as I always do as part of my 4 mile training run OR

2) Listen to my app telling me I’m at 2 miles without having to run up the hill.


The Way You Do One Thing Is The Way You Do Everything

I ran up the hill.

More like I huffed and puffed my way up it but I gave it my all and ran to the top.

I could have turned around at the bottom when my GPS told me I was at 2 miles.

I could have said, “that’s good enough” and headed back towards home.

I could have skipped out on having to run that darn hill.

AND, if I had, here’s the incredible view I would have also missed out on that greeted me when I got to the top of the hill.

By the way, here’s the view at the bottom of the hill before turning to run up it.

Just a slight difference in views 🙂

It’s a hard hill, it’s a pain in the butt to run up it, but the view is so much better at the top than it is at the bottom and so worth the energy and effort to run up it.


You Decide What’s Good Enough

I’m sure at some point you’ve either been told or have told yourself, “that’s good enough“.

Or if you’re out to do or create something, you may have told yourself or been told, “that’s good enough, what are you trying to prove by doing more anyways?”


I’m not trying to prove anything.

I just know, we know, that the view is always so much better at the top.

Hard work?


Worth it?

Every time.

Do the work.

Run up the hill.

Don’t settle for “good enough”.

Because you’re worth the hard work and effort.

Plus, the view is so much better at the top.

You’re awesome!




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