5 Ways To Create Your Ideas & Start Making Your Mark On The World

Create a business you love and believe in.

Invent something completely new.

Improve something that already exists.

Start a movement or a revolution.

Travel the world for a year.

Believe in your ideas, as crazy as they may seem.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success

Look around you. Everything you see, at some point, started off as an idea.

The chair or sofa you’re sitting on. The car you’re driving. The book you’re reading. The very device you’re reading this blog post on right now.

It’s our ideas, thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and imagination, that’s the beginning of all achievement.

We all have ideas. They are the foundation of all that is possible.


It’s Possible Your Idea Is Already The Next Best Thing

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was great and the next big thing? An idea that didn’t exist yet or maybe it did, but you had an idea on how to make it better? An idea you thought could and would be the next big thing? An idea you never acted upon, only to find out a few years later someone else had the same idea, acted upon it, and was successful?

It’s happened to me several times and my response is always the same… “I knew it, I shouldn’t acted on it.”

There’s a good chance that the person who acted on “my idea” wasn’t anymore qualified to do so than I was. They only difference was that one of us took action and the other one didn’t. 

What ideas are currently consuming your thoughts? What are you currently thinking about often that you believe is the next best thing? Why haven’t you acted upon your idea yet? 

These are the same questions I’ve asked myself  in the past when looking for answers as to why I didn’t take action on an idea I had that ended up being created by someone else and successful.

What’s stopping you from making your mark on the world?


Five reasons why you probably haven’t taken any action yet:

1) Not Sure Where To Start

You have an idea for a new design, product, or service, but you have no idea where or how to begin to take action on your idea. 

2) Fear

You’re afraid you aren’t smart, skilled, or qualified enough to act on such an idea or you’re afraid that if you do take action, it’ll be a failure.

3) You’ll Start Tomorrow

You know it’s a great idea, you’re excited about it, and you want to start it, but you keep putting it off and it never happens.

4) There’s Already Lots Of Similar Ideas Out There

You’re idea isn’t new in the sense that something similar already exists. You’re idea consists of doing it differently.

5) Why Me

With so many ideas already out there and so many people taking action everyday and many of them failing, what makes you think you’ll be the one who makes it and is successful?

Do any or all of these sound familiar? I personally can relate to several of these reasons.


Believe In Yourself

Your ideas may or may not work. You’ll never know unless you give it a shot. Regardless of whether or not others believe in you and your ideas, what matter is that you keep believing in yourself and in your ideas. I know that feeling all too well and even wrote a blog post about it a while back, I’m a Nobody, So I’ve Been Told. Keep Believing In Yourself Even If Others Don’t.


“Acting On A Good Idea Is Better Than Just Having A Good Idea.”

~ Robert Half ~


Stop Being Selfish, The World Needs You

Our ideas are exactly that, their ours and no one else. Fair enough.

Their also ideas that could potentially make a difference in the lives of others. Ideas that could change the way we do things, the way we act, the way we think, the way we live, all for the better. Ideas with the potential to make our lives better, easier, happier, healthier. 

Ideas with the potential of putting a dent in the universe.

Aside from the possibility of making a difference in the lives of others and potentially leaving your mark on the world, you’ll also be improving your own life in the process, by taking action on your ideas, what you believe in, what motivates, inspires, and brings you happiness and fulfillment. 

There is no better feeling than waking up every day, inspired and energized, doing what you love, what you’ve created and believe in, that’s also helping to make a difference in the lives of others and contributing to the world.

When you are not acting on your ideas, you are depriving yourself and others of all that could be.


Les Brown, a wonderful motivational speaker, put it best in one of his best and most memorable speeches:

“The wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard. In the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never exposed to, ideas and dreams that never became reality, and hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon. Most people take their greatness and their ideas to the grave yard with them.”


Promise yourself right here and now that you will not take your ideas, dreams, hopes, and aspirations with you to the graveyard.

Promise yourself that you will act on your ideas, that you’ll take action, take that first step, regardless of how big or small that first step is, you will take action.

You and your ideas are bigger, better, and more important than you realize.


Here’s five steps you can use to begin creating your ideas and make your mark on the world…


1) Write It Down

Any idea that isn’t written down it’s real, it’s just a thought. It becomes real when you physically take the time to write it down. Once you do that, it’s real, it written down, it’s no longer just a thought. There’s been several times I’ve been at a bar with friends, got an idea, and immediately asked the bartender for a pen and napkin to write down the idea. It’s a powerful exercise, don’t underestimate it. Write it down.

2) Tell Someone About It

Tell someone your idea and that you plan on acting upon it. Tell your family, friends, colleagues, your readers if you have a blog, whoever it may be. Put it out there into the world, make it real. Make your idea and intention to act on it known to others.

3) Create A Back-Of-The-Napkin Plan

“Back of a napkin” is a phrase used to mean casually creating a plan with little study or thought. Don’t focus or think too much about everything you need to do to get your idea off the ground. Sketch out a plan with a few bullet points on steps you can take immediately to get your idea in motion.

4) Take The First Step

Once you’ve sketched out your casually back-of-the-napkin plan, take action immediately on one of the few bullet points you have written down. It’s irrelevant what the actual step is. What matters is that you’re taking action.

5) Celebrate The Launch Of Your Idea

You’ve just completed four out of the five steps necessary to begin creating an idea so yes, it’s time to celebrate. Take the time to recognize and celebrate all of your successes, from your first step to your millionth step. Have a glass of champagne and celebrate the beginning of making your mark on the world.


“The Power Of A Single Idea, Acted Upon, Can Change People’s Lives.”

~ Blake Mycoskie ~


So, what are your ideas? What’s on your mind to create, to start, or design? What are you waiting for? 

The world needs you.

I welcome and encourage you to take the very first step right here, right now, in the notes below. Get step one and two done (write it down & tell someone) right here, right now. This could be your defining moment where all you want begins to happen and take shape. One decision, one small action, could change your future, our future, for the better, forever. Start right now!

You’re awesome and better than you think!


Featured Image Credit: Travel Adventures Through Greece

  • Great follow up to Tuesday’s post! My idea is to create an ebook directed towards travelers in organizing their plans and goals! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Kristen! I love your idea and I for one, know that it’s a resource I would definitely use. I can’t wait to see what you create, I have no question it’ll be awesome! 🙂 Cheers!

  • Great post Mike.

    I definitely let fear get the better of me. Sometimes I don’t always see it as fear, I procrastinate and push it all down. The low hum of anxiety starts to buzz a little louder though and then I know its time to take stock and find the root cause and face that fear front and center.

    I did this actually just this week, when I posted video online for the first time. I felt a little sick sure, but I took action and that’s a win for me.

    I love the Robert Half quote as well. I worked for Robert Half at the start of my career for 5 years, it brought serendipity to your post and its timely message to me. Thank you.

    • Thanks Sarah, and thanks for being here. What’s I’ve come to realize and what’s helped me overcome my fear and become more comfortable pursuing my ideas is that everyone, every single one of us, has our own fears and insecurities, whether your ultra successful or not. We all continue to do our best and in doing so, we not only get more comfortable in the process, but we also begin to give others who may be watching, hope that they too can do it. That thought alone always inspires me and motivates me past any fear I may be feeling. You’re awesome Sarah, congrats on posting your video too… a big win indeed! 🙂

  • Great post Mike, as always.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about #4 and believe that the step is more important than the direction. Even if your first step is backwards. As long as you keep adjusting and keep stepping.

    We’re looking for the marriage of action and idea.


    • Hey John! Thanks for your comment and as always, thanks for being here. No question that action, any action whatsoever is better than no action. It’s all about taking that very first step, whether a right one, bad one, good one, wrong one, forwards or backwards, just take that first step, take action, get in the area because that where all the fun happens and opportunity resides. It’s not and never will be about being perfect, it’s about making progress. The only person capable or marrying your ideas with marriage is you! Make it happen! 🙂 Cheers!

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