30 Days, 30 Challenges To Help You Feel, Look, & Live Your Best

Here we go again…

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge II is here!

30 challenges in 30 days all designed to help you feel, look, and live your absolute best.

This is a challenge that anyone, regardless of fitness level, can be a part of.

The challenges are challenging but all doable regardless of fitness level.


Start Feeling , Looking, & Living Your Best

I’m so excited to announce that the 30 Day Wellness Challenge II is finally here and I couldn’t be more happy to share it with you!

Many of you have been asking about it and for it and just like everything else we do here at The Wellness Bucket, we listen to what it is YOU want, what you need, and we create it for you.

This community is well aware that it’s more than just health and fitness. It’s about wellness.


The state or condition of being happy. Feeling good about yourself, your body, and your health. Having healthy relationships and a career or business that is fulfilling. Enjoying life by doing more of the things that make you happy. Having and living the life you want, a life of happiness and fulfillment.


Wellness consists of eating healthy foods and portions, fueling our bodies with proper nutrition, having energy to do more of the things we want, the things that make us happiest.

Wellness consists of exercising regularly so that we feel our best both physically and mentally. So that we’re prepared and ready to take on whatever adventures come our way.

Wellness consists of feeling good about ourselves, our relationships, our confidence. It’s about living a happy, fulfilling life. That is how we, together, as a community, define wellness.


A Challenge Like No Other

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge II will not only challenge you physically, but mentally as well. It will test your will and require you to be at your best. It’ll require commitment and hard work, every step of the way.

It will also motivate you, inspire you, and help you believe in yourself and all you are capable of achieving.

You will do more and feel more than you ever thought possible.

Once you complete this 30 day challenge, you will feel happier, healthier, and rejuvenated. You will have a new feeling of confidence and a belief that anything is possible. It’s an incredible feeling that I can’t wait for you to experience after completed all 30 days.

I hope you’re ready because your life’s about to change forever.



30 Day Wellness Challenge II


(Printable 30 Day Wellness Challenge Calendar)


Day 1. Video Intro – Name & Where You’re From

Record a short video letting us know who you are (your name) and where you’re from. If you’re unable to upload a video, use a picture instead along with your name and where you’re from. 


Day 2. Email Me & Copy One Other Your Fitness Goal

Send me an email at mike@thewellnessbucket.com and copy someone else on the email, letting us both know what your current fitness goal is. #accountability


Day 3. Drink One Gallon (128oz) Of Water

You have an entire day (24 hours) to consume an entire gallon of water. In addition to hydrating your body, it’ll also serve to flush out your system.


Day 4. Complete 100 Squats

You have this entire day (24 hours) to complete 100 free-standing squats. You can see an example of what these look like and how to perform them correctly here.


Day 5. Do 10 Minutes Of Stretching

Perform each of the following stretches for a full minute each.

Stretch #1

Stretch #2

Stretch #3

Stretch #4

Stretch #5

Stretch #6

Stretch #7

Stretch #8

Stretch #9

Stretch #10


Day 6. Write Down 5 Accomplishments You’re Proud Of

Let’s celebrate your successes. What are five things that you’ve accomplished that you’re most proud of? Running a marathon? Finishing school? Becoming a mom or dad? Write it down and share it.


Day 7. Complete 100 Push-Ups

Push ups can either be full push ups or push ups from your knees. What matters most here is that your chest touches the ground with every push up you do for proper range of motion and effectiveness. You have an entire day to complete 100 push-ups. If you’re feeling up to it, you can do them all as once too. See example here.


Day 8. Run Or Walk Two Miles

Either run, walk, or use a combination of both for 2 miles. Do this outside although if outside is not an option, doing this on a treadmill will work as well. Outside is preferred though.


Day 9. Focus On Breathing & Silence For 30 Minutes

Sit in silence in a comfortable position with your eyes closed (see example here) and focus only on your breathing and clearing your mind, nothing else. Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, and then fully exhale for 6 seconds.


Day 10. Complete 100 Sit-Ups

You have this entire day (24 hours) to complete 100 sit-ups. It doesn’t matter what abdominal exercises you choose to do, as long as it adds up to 100 sit-ups completed this day.


Day 11. Write Down Everything You Eat Today

Take inventory of all the food you consume this day. Meals, snacks, everything. Write it all down.


Day 12. Eat Three Salads

In addition to eating your regularly planned meals today, add in three servings of salad throughout the day. You can eat the salads by themselves or along with others foods.


Day 13. Take A Hot Bath

Soak up in a hot bath for 30 minutes. Feel free to add some Epsom salts too. If you have access to a Jacuzzi, feel free to use that as well.


Day 14. Complete 100 Burpees

You have this entire day (24 hours) to complete 100 burpees. You can see an example of what these look like and how to perform them correctly here.


Day 15. Take A Cold Bath For 10 Minutes

Take a cold bath. Make sure to stay in the bath for at least 7 minutes too for maximum benefit. This a recovery technique used by many professional athletes to decrease muscle inflammation and stiffness. If you want to take it up a notch, add ice to your bath water. 🙂


Day 16. Workout With A Friend

Partner up with a friend and go to the gym for a workout, a run or a walk. Make it something active and do it with a friend, family, neighbor, or colleague. 


Day 17. Cook Your Favorite Healthy Recipe

Prepare your favorite healthy recipe and then share a picture of what you’ve created before eating it. For extra points, share the recipe too.


Day 18. Go For A One Hour Walk

Take a break at any time throughout the day and go for a 60 minute leisurely walk outdoors.


Day 19. Eat Three Different Fruits

In addition to eating your regularly planned meals today, add in three fruits. It can be all different types of fruit. You can eat the fruit by itself or along with others foods too.


Day 20. Workout First Thing In The Morning

Before doing anything else this day, make it a point to get in your workout first thing in the morning. The earlier the better. It can be a run, walk, a gym workout, or a quick 5 minute routine like this one


Day 21. Complete a 12 Minute HIIT Workout

Complete a High Intensity Interval Training workout at anytime during the day today. Do one set of each exercise below for 1 minute straight and then move onto the next one.

 1. Jogging in Place

 2. Low Laterals

 3. Burpees

 4. Push-Ups

 5. Lunges

 6. Squat / Jab / Punch

 7. Single Arm Tricep Press

 8. Squats

 9. Toe Touches

 10. Abdominal Bicycles

11. Hill Climbers

12. Abdominal Plank


Day 22. Complete A One Day Fruit & Veggie Cleanse

Reset your body with a one day fruit & veggie cleanse. Have all the fruit and raw veggies you want today along with plenty of water and nothing else.


Day 23. Post A Video Or Picture Doing Your Favorite Exercise

Show us what your favorite exercise is by giving us a look at you in action doing the exercise. A video would be great although a picture will do the trick as well. 


Day 24. Swim For 20 Minutes

Whether it’s freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, or a combination of all four, swim for a total of 20 minutes today. It can be in the ocean, lake, or swimming pool.


Day 25. Complete 100 Lunges

You have this entire day (24 hours) to complete 100 lunges. These can be either walking lunges, alternating lunges, or a combination of the two, as long as it adds up to 100 lunges completed this day.


Day 26. Complete 5 Minutes Of An Abdominal Plank

Hold an abdominal plank or bridge for a total time of 5 minutes. You have a whole day to accumulate 5 total minutes of abdominal planking. You can do in increments of it 30 seconds, a minute, whatever you are most comfortable with. See abdominal plank example here.


Day 27. Climb 200 Stairs

Climb a total of 200 stairs today. It can be done all at once or broken up into 50 stairs or so at a time. You have 24 hours to climb a total of 200 stairs. Stairwells, convention center stairs, stair machines, all are perfectly fine methods.


Day 28. Mystery Day

Today’s challenge will remain a mystery until the day before. I will post today’s challenge on both The Wellness Bucket Facebook Page and our Instagram Page so be sure you’re following us on one or both to get today’s challenge. 


Day 29. Have An All Green Veggie Smoothie

Whether you make it at home yourself or go to your nearest health food store or smoothie shop, have an 8oz cup, or more, of an all green, all natural smoothie.



Whether it’s a 5K Race, 10K Race, Half Marathon, Marathon, Triathlon, Bike Ride, Hike, whatever it may be, sign up for an upcoming organized fitness event.


Global Wellness

Check out the video below for a video recap of these incredible 30 days.

People from all over the world committed to feeling and looking their best.


  If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it.


 “Nothing Builds Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Like Accomplishment.”

~ Thomas Carlyle ~


A Look Back

Last years 30 Day Wellness Challenge winner was Jose, one of our members who lives in Kenya.

The 30 Day Wellness Challenge was that start of his amazing 49 pound weight loss success story.

Check out the video below for a glimpse at last years 30 Day Wellness Challenge. People from all over the world; Boston, Texas, San Diego, Canada, Australia, India, Kenya, and more, participating in the challenge.


 If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it.


Why This Challenge Is For You & How It Will Change Your Life!

Being a part of this community makes you a Wellness Leader. You’re the leader when it comes to your health and happiness. You’re in charge when it comes to feeling and looking your best. 

It’s more than just fitness and nutrition; it’s about a life worth living.

If you’re ready to feel your best, look your best, and begin to do more of what makes you happy – then this challenge is for you.

You will never be the same after these 30 days.

The person you’ll become in the process will be your greatest reward.  Your thoughts will change. Your ideas of what’s possible will change. When that happens, and it will happen, your life will forever change.


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

One day, one success at a time and you will begin to build momentum.

Your thinking will change from “I can’t” to “I will“.

Your courage and motivation will encourage others to believe in themselves and think they too can do it.


“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Mariann Williamson


You’re awesome and I’m so happy you’re here.



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