10 Things I Do For My Online Business That Makes Me No Money But Makes Me Happy

There’s more to running an online business than just making money.

I know, what a crazy thought right?

It’s true though, at least for me it is.

Especially when it comes to doing business online.

Making money is one thing, making a difference is another.


It’s All About The Money

There’s so much hype these days about monetizing and making money.

People are paying boat loads of money to find out what and how to do it too.

We seem to be getting away from the basic benefits that running an online business can provide.

The fun and excitement of something new.

The dreaming, planning, and creating.

The difference we’re making, not just in the lives of others, but in our own lives as well.

Becoming better people in the process.

Perhaps it’s time to shift our focus from making a dollar, to making a difference.


Defining Success

“Success isn’t something we pursue, it’s something we attract by the person we become.”

Powerful words from the late Jim Rohn whose work, messages, and philosophies I love and respect.

Success (money) isn’t to be pursued but instead, attracted by the work we do, the difference we make, and the type of person we become in the process.

The character we build, confidence we produce, and courage we increase within ourselves.

Call me crazy (many do) but to me, this is the true definition of success.

“The person you become is what brings good things to your life.”

More valuable words from my mentor Jim Rohn.


To Have More We Must Become More

By no means am I disregarding the need and desire to have more money.

I need money to pay for my rent, food, a car, utilities, student loans, credit card debt. Trust me, I need money.

I also want to make more money to be continue bettering myself through courses and workshops on personal development which will give me even more tools to think, plan, and create with for the greater good of others and the entire world we live in.

I know, it sounds crazy and I may be thinking way too big – but is there any other way?

“Most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to low and hit.”

I don’t believe in leading a life in which the main purpose is to make money.

I do however believe in leading a life in which our main purpose is to better ourselves and in the process, better the lives of others as well.

I do believe that if and when we do this and do it genuinely, honesty, and consistently, success (money) will follow, not the other way around.

All the money in the world isn’t going to make you a better person.

So why not start there? Bettering ourselves and focusing on more than just financial rewards.


What Matters

I created The Wellness Bucket back in January of 2014… wow. Where on earth has the time gone?

It’s been such an awesome experience so far.

Is it because I’ve made tons of money?

Nope – In fact, I’ve made less than $10K through the services and workshops I’ve offered since starting.

Do I have thousands of subscribers?

I don’t – I have 223 at the moment to be exact.

And for the record, I strongly dislike the word “subscribers“.

Those who I am fortunate enough to have join The Wellness Bucket community I consider family.

That’s no marketing feel-good fluff either, it’s the truth.

That’s how I roll, that’s how we roll here as a family.


I’m Right Where I Want To Be

The Wellness Bucket isn’t generating me lots of money.

I’m not there yet.

I’m still learning, growing, experimenting, failing, trying again, and learning some more.

I’m figuring out what our community needs most and doing my best to create it versus focusing my time on a fucking lead magnet.

If you’re wondering what a lead magnet is, it’s equivalent to bait when you go fishing… to entice the fish to take a bite, then hook its mouth and reel it in.

I don’t believe in human fishing.

I believe in finding out what people, including our community, needs and then working my tail off to provide them with it.

Through the workshops I offer, the Wellness Coaching I provide, and the numerous interactions I have on a daily basis with people from all over the world, whether it’s in person, through email or social media, I am listening, asking questions, and learning what it is people need.

I’m confident that if I continue to do this, I will begin to clearly understand exactly what it is they want and need when it comes to creating health & happiness in their lives.

And when I understand this, I can begin creating the resources necessary to help them, and not have to rely on what I think they need but on what they’ve told me they need.

It’s a work in progress and that’s exactly how I intend to keep it.


Never Satisfied

I will continue to look for ways to do more, create more, help more, support more, believe more, experience more, and ultimately through it all, become more.

I do believe in taking time to celebrate the successes along the way (I certainly do that) – for a short time though. Then it’s back to the lab to continue doing more, creating more, and becoming more.

Speaking of becoming more, here’s 10 things that I do for The Wellness Bucket that make me absolutely no money, yet I continue to do them because they make me happy and are helping me become more.


1) Creating Resources

As I continue to learn what people and our community here at The Wellness Bucket need and want most to help them create more health & happiness in their lives,  I am continuously creating new resources to provide them with.

By doing this, I am constantly learning of new ways and programs to use and help me create and deliver these resources.

Everything from Canva, Aweber, Vimeo, Skype, YouTube, and lots more.

Here’s two examples of what resources I’ve created:

15 Minute Entrepreneur Workout

Planning For Success Worksheet


2) Blogging

My weekly writing schedule it to have one blog post created and posted on The Wellness Bucket every Wednesday.

This schedule keeps me writing, creating, thinking, and brainstorming about new and different ideas to talk about and discuss.

I received lots of praise for this blog post I wrote prior to attending World Domination Summit this year from other attendees who told me the post was extremely helpful in preparing for WDS, especially those who had never been before.

I didn’t make a dime on that blog post but the thought that others potentially enjoyed their experience at WDS that much more because of something (a blog post) I created is an incredibly awesome feeling.


3) Motivational Monday Message

I first created my Motivational Monday Message series 17 months ago as a way to get my message and ideas “out there” and improve my speaking and presentation skills.

After watching my first few videos (this is embarrassing) like this one and this one, I knew I needed to improve so I joined Toastmasters International. An incredible global organization that help improve upon your speaking and presentation skills.

I feel good about the progress I’ve made and I continue to create these Monday Messages to hopefully provide value to others through my messages and to continue bettering my speaking skills.


4) Weekly Newsletter

I create and deliver a weekly newsletter to our Wellness Bucket community every Friday.

The newsletter is a summary of all that’s happening at The Wellness Bucket for that particular week including any new resources that are available in case people missed it.

It’s an awesome way for me to connect with our community, reminder them of how much I appreciate them, all that’s available for them to take advantage of, and offer them my help and support anytime.

It also keeps me writing, learning new skills when it comes to creating newsletters, and organized weekly since I’m the one responsible for packaging all of this info and delivering it via a simple email.


5) Connecting With People From All Over The World

This has to be one of my favorites for why I love what I do.

The ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with people from all over the world who are either members of The Wellness Bucket or other entrepreneurs also looking to make their own difference in the world.

Whether it’s an email I receive from a mother in South Africa asking for advice on how to lose weight given her limited resources or people from all over the world taking part in the 30 Day Wellness Challenge I host several times per year, it’s incredible to see.


6) Learning To Respond

I just mentioned that I had a mother reach out to me from South Africa asking me what to do to help her lose weight.

There are many situations, including this one, in which I have no idea of what the local foods are or their nutritional values for that matter.

It’s times like these that I turn to my #1 advisor (Google) to help me understand and figure out what I’m working with so that I am able to make proper suggestions and recommendations.

Am I making any money by taking the time to do this research so that I can respond in a helpful way and hopefully make a difference in this woman’s life?

The answer is no.

Have I learned something new about a culture, their people, how and what they eat and what they do for exercise?


There is no better feeling than helping others and becoming more skilled and knowledgeable in the process.


7) Introducing People To One Another

Because of the work I do for The Wellness Bucket, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people.

And what’s awesome is when I get the opportunity to introduce two people to each other that I know will hit it off and get along great.

Whether it’s from a business or friendship perspective, and in most cases it’s both.

I first learned about the power of introducing people by reading the book “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. An must read for anyone who values relationships and connecting with people.


8) Interviews & Podcasts

I’m flattered and so very grateful anytime I’m asked to be interviewed.

It’s an opportunity for me to provide value to other communities, other people who I might not otherwise have had a chance to reach and connect with.

It requires me to prepare (not all do, but I do) so that I can be at my best during the interview.

It helps me get better at answering questions, thinking on my feet, and articulate all it is I’m thinking and creating with The Wellness Bucket.

I don’t get paid for doing these interviews, but the rewards and benefits for myself and hopefully others that come as a result of doing them is priceless.

Here are two I podcast interviews I did recently:

The Art of Breaking Out with Craig McBreen – Health, Happiness, & A Life Worth Living

Compete For The Best Life with Jake Thompson – Mike Goncalves Shares His Wellness Bucket


9) Promoting Others

There are so many good people out there in the world doing amazing work for the benefit of others and the world as a whole.

I love helping to support these people and their efforts.

People like Kasha & Marla of The Global Sunrise Project, Troy & Dorene of Travel Life Experiences, and the dynamic duo Leah & Naz of RYPL .

Even those who are no longer with us like Scott Dinsmore who created Live Your Legend and Jim Rohn and all of his timeless lessons on personal development. 

I know there’s affiliate links and programs that I can get involved in and get paid for the work I believe in and promote. There’ll be a time an place for that I’m sure at some point, not right now.

I will happily, without the need of compensation, continue to promote these wonderful people I’ve mentioned here and many others because of the amazing work they’re doing and the difference they’re making in the lives of others.


10) Providing Encouragement & Support

Marianne Williamson said it best when she said, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

I love and am grateful for the numerous emails I receive on a weekly basis from others asking for my advice on how they should go about creating their business.

I spend hours per week responding to these emails and offering every ounce of support and encouragement I can because I believe, more than anything, in helping others to shine their own light.

People like Dave Ryan who created Reinventure, DG Gregory who created Heropreneur Project, and even Kristen (my girlfriend) who created KristenRenae.

Incredible people, doing incredible work, for incredible reasons – to help serve others and better themselves in the process.


Serve Others

The world we live in is awesome.

The people around us are awesome.

We all have the ability to make a difference, to make someone else’s life better because we were here.

Money can buy me lots of things, no question.

Although it isn’t money that brings me happiness and fulfillment.

I am happiest when I’m helping and serving others.

I’ll take smiles over dollars.

Family over subscribers.

Serving a human life over defining my fucking avatar.

I’ll continue to chase happiness for myself and for others – doing things that don’t make me money.

I have a strange suspicion the things that make us no money are the things that’ll make us all our money.



  • Love it Mike! And totally agree with you – I find that 80% of what I’m doing makes no money (well, for arguments sake, let’s say 20% of money) – but hell, I love doing it!
    and it is what makes the other 20% of what I do (the bit that makes 80% of the money) all the more enjoyable as it is a essential piece of the puzzle for now.

    And yes, it might not make money from a ‘don’t get paid to do it’ but really it is why people then come and pay for the other stuff hey?

    🙂 Stace

    • Thank you Stacey! I appreciate the fact you’re here and your words -you’re awesome! I love seeing all you’re doing and creating as well – so very cool to see. Thanks for being you and all you do… we need more Stacey’s in the world 🙂 Cheers!

  • Mike, this is a fantastic post and I am again blown away by the amazing amount of things that you do and have achieved through The Wellness Bucket. And considering how much of it is really out of the goodness of your heart and your passion to serve others, makes it all the more phenomenal.

    Making a difference. All these things that you can’t not do! You are an inspiration.

    • Thanks so much Steve, I appreciate it man. Your words and support mean a lot to me, and so do you. I was taught well about doing the work I can’t not do. It’s you and people like out, out to make their own difference in the world, that inspire me. You’re awesome man… Cheers to you!

  • Now, if even 10% of the world could think like this, act like this, can you imagine what incredible changes towards a healthy and equitable planet we might have?! Mike, you’re one amazing human being who walks the talk of serving in the most integral way! Can’t thank you enough for the heart you put into everything you do. May it return to you with many abundant blessings!

    • Thanks so much for your words – you’re awesome! People like you inspire me every single day to keep on and make everything I do worth doing. So thank YOU! 🙂

    • Thanks Troy – you’re awesome man. I appreciate your words and all of the support and encouragement you continue to offer – I’m grateful… Cheers!

    • Thanks Stanton – I appreciate it man and look forward to the opportunity to meeting you soon – cheers!

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