How To Determine What Type Of Workout Is Right For You

Weight training.

Long distance running.





Which workout is right for you?


Deciding On A Workout

There are so many different types of workouts available these days that I won’t even begin to attempt to list them all out here.Workouts and how we workout are constantly evolving. I’ve seen some terrific ideas come to market over the years and then I’ve seen some not so terrific ideas come to market as well. Some were actually quite comical.

The world of health, exercise, wellness, and fitness is constantly evolving in an effort to meet the needs and demands of you and I.

It’s important to recognize that just because a certain workout is the hottest and newest one out, doesn’t mean it’s right for you and I.

All the different types of workouts I mentioned above are all legitimate ways of exercising, of getting fit and healthy. Personally, I have never tried PX90, Insanity, or Crossfit. Not because I don’t like them or believe in them, I just don’t have an interest in that type of training. I know me, I know my body, I know my goals, I know what I want, and what I don’t want.

The type of workouts that work for me, and that I like, may not necessarily be the same that work for you and/or be what you like. It’s not a one size fits all when it comes to a workout or exercise.


What Workout Is Right For You?

#1 What Is Your Goal

If your goal is to lose weight, first focus on nutrition and what you’re eating and then, the workout of choice here is weight training. This is a winning combination that’s proven. I’ve seen numerous success stories with clients I’ve worked with over the years using this combo.

If you’re training for a marathon, then distance training followed by weight training would be the perfect combo.

If your goal is overall health and wellness, then PX90 or Insanity may be the way to go.

If you’re battling an injury and are limited to what you can do, Pilates may be just the solution for you.

Your goal will dictate which workout is right for you.


#2 What Do You Like

If running just isn’t your thing but you want to increase your overall health and endurance, that’s completely fine too. PX90 would be the way to go here.

If you want more strength, more muscle tone and definition, then weight training and crossfit would be the best choices here.

If working on core and overall posture excites you, then Pilates would most certainly be the way to go here.

If intense, high level, high intensity workouts are what you’re looking for, then Insanity would be just right.

Decide what you want, what you like, select a workout, and then do it well and do it consistently.


#3 How Do You Feel

I don’t know about you, but everyday brings about a different way of how my body is feeling. I may have planned to do a weight training workout the night before, although, if I wake up in the morning and I notice my muscles are still sore from a previous workout a day or two before, I’ll change my plans and get in a run instead.

If I just got back from a long weekend and am feeling like I need a good push, I’ll get in a quick one mile run followed by a high intensity weight training workout.

If my body is feeling tired and tight from a week of working at my desk and hard, intense workouts I’ve completed throughout the week, I’ll take a yoga class.

Pick your workout based on how you’re body is feeling.


People Change, Workouts Change.


What interests us today won’t necessarily be what interests us in the future, and that’s OK.

I use to be strictly into weight training and getting my body to be as lean as possible, mainly because one of my goals was to develop a six pack. I trained, and I trained hard. I was 22 at the time.

Years past by and 8 years later, I developed an interest and a passion for running. I began running 4 to 5 times per week and doing less and less weight training.

As I approached my mid 30’s, my body began telling me that running the amount I was running and weight training the way I use to weight train, just wasn’t going to cut it. I know because I tried and injury told me to slow down and reminded me I wasn’t 22 years old anymore.

We are not by any means limited by our age nor should we stop activity due to age for that matter. In fact, just the opposite. In order to avoid injury, we must remain active, remain healthy, and strong at all times. As the years build up, maintaining bone density, muscle strength, stability, agility, and proper posture becomes much more important than ever.

I may not be training the way I use to train in my early to late twenties, and that’s just fine.

As our body changes, so must we and how we do things.


I no longer try to lift as much weight as I can with every set of weight training that I do. Instead, I now aim for three sets of 15 repetitions where the last few reps of each set are challenging me but not to the point where I can’t complete them.

I’m no longer aiming to increase my speed during my 4 mile runs. Instead, I’m happy with maintaining a 7:30 per mile pace. It still challenges and pushes me and so that is how I workout these days.

I always use to think Yoga was too slow and mellow for me and now, I thoroughly enjoy my Saturday morning yoga classes where I get to focus on my breathing, relax, relieve stress and tension from my muscles while working on my overall flexibility, strength, and stability.

No one know your body better than you do.

Listen to your body, listen to yourself.


There’s not a right workout or a wrong workout. The only wrong workout I know of is one that causes pain or discomfort (not sure why you’d even be doing this in the first place), one that increasing your chance of injury, or one that is of no interest to you whatsoever.

The right workout for you is the one you enjoy doing, the one you choose to do, the one you commit to because it’s in line with your goals and how your body is feeling.

The Only Bad Workout Is The One You Didn’t Do


What’s your go-to workout? Which workouts do you like best and which do you like least? I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share them with me in the comments below.



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