5 Steps To A Happier, Healthier, More Fulfilling Life

Heath, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Three things that are super important to me. 

That I’m constantly looking to improve upon in my life. 

I’m sure that’s the case for many of us. 

I mean, who couldn’t use a little more health, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives? 

I can’t say I’ve ever struggled because of having too much of any one of these in my life. 

If anything, it’s been trying to figure out how to add more health, happiness, and fulfillment to my life. 

Not always an easy thing to do. 

I came up with an approach however that’s helped me big-time. 

 5 specific categories I call my five “Fs”. 

And no, I’m not referring to my 7th grade report card either. 🙂 

The 5 Fs are: Fitness, Family, Finances, Fun, and Faith. 

I pick one thing that I’m committed to doing in each one of these categories. 

One thing I know, that if I do regularly and consistently will provide me with 80% (if not more) of the success I seek in that particular category. 

Taking fitness for example, my one commitment is to exercise for at least 15 minutes, five times per week. 

I know if I do this, it comes pretty close to fully satiating my desire to be healthy and fit. 

I say pretty close because there’s other things I can do as well such as eating healthy foods, stretching, taking my vitamins, etc. 

If however, I do nothing else but exercise five times a week for a minimum of 15 minutes, I’ll feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled with my level of fitness. 

I apply this same concept to all the other categories as well. 

Picking one thing I’m committed to doing in each category.

By doing so regularly and consistently, will provide me with the health, happiness, and fulfillment I desire to have and feel in my life. 

I’ve learned that complexity is the enemy of execution too. 

Therefore the more simple I keep my one thing, the more successful I am, and the happier, healthier, more fulfilled I feel.

More in this episode of my Mornings With Mike podcast.

Thanks for being here.

You’re awesome…


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