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Doing The Impossible

This week I’m celebrating doing the impossible. Well, my impossible that it. 4 years ago, I had a goal, a dream. To travel all around the world. A dream at the time I thought was impossible. How will I pay for it? How will I be able to take all the time off? How will I figure out where to go,...


What If?

You ever find yourself asking, “What if? questions?” What if you hadn’t gone to college? What if you had? What if you hadn’t had kids? What if you had? What if you hadn’t taken that job? What if you had? What if you hadn’t gone on that second date? What if you had...


My Biggest Fear

Greeting from New Zealand! I’ve been here for a little over a month now with 11 more days to go and then it’s off to Fiji. During my time in New Zealand, I’ve come face to face with a major fear of mine. And get this.. it was by choice! You’re probably wondering what the fear...